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“Glen Campbell – American Treasure” – Limited Edition Box Set



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“Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me” Now Available for Purchase on DVD!

The documentary that chronicles Glen Campbell’s battle with Alzheimer’s throughout Surfdog’s historical Ghost On The Canvas campaign and tour, titled “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me,” is now available for purchase on DVD and digital download! Click here for purchase info!… Read the rest

“Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me” Now Available for Purchase on DVD!

The documentary that chronicles Glen Campbell’s battle with Alzheimer’s throughout Surfdog’s historical Ghost On The Canvas campaign and tour, titled “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me,” is now available for purchase on DVD and digital download! Click here for purchase info!


Outpouring Of Love For The Campbells After “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me”

We are very pleased to see the amazing outpouring of love for the Campbells as a result of “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me” film, which documented Surfdog’s “Ghost On The Canvas” campaign and tour, and Glen and his family’s candor and bravery in dealing with his disease. 


“Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me” sets CNN record!

The documentary detailing Glen’s battle with Alzheimer’s touched the hearts of over 2.76 million viewers on Sunday, which makes it the most-watched CNN Films broadcast in the franchise’s history! Read more HERE. If you didn’t catch it, watch on Friday, July 3rd at 9 pm ET/6 PT on HLN or Saturday, July 4th at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT on CNN. 


A Touching Update on Glen From a Campbell Family Friend

I visited my friend Glen Campbell Wednesday in Nashville. Laura and Kim Campbell were there as well. You may be aware that Glen has bravely been living with Alzheimer’s Disease. Along with his strong and courageous wife, they have changed the face of Alzheimer’s forever. The world watched as Glen traveled from city to city, to continue doing what he loves to do: perform and share his music. Doctors were amazed at how the music and activity appeared to slow the pace of the disease for awhile. With his family, they showed the world that you don’t have to hide when you become ill. They raised awareness, and in turn, funds for Alzheimer’s research.

Glen is currently residing in a memory support community—it reminded me of one of the nice hotels he would stay at while on tour. Kim has found this place for Glen that is safe, where he is cared for 24 hours a day. The ratio of caregivers to residents astounded me–he is never alone. And there are only 17 other residents; his neighbors are former lawyers, doctors, teachers and others who are living with the same challenges that dementia brings. Glen has been my friend for a long time and I love him like a brother. I am sure that Kim has made the right choices for and with my friend of 50 years.

Glen has his private room and bathroom, all decorated by Kim with custom paint, lots of photos murals and framed memorabilia. The place is bright and clean. He loves color and still wears his blue suede shoes from time to time! The memory center has elaborate arrangements for activities. There are many different rooms and spaces for him to experience each day, each furnished tastefully and safely.

There is an airy screened-in porch where Glen likes to sit and where we visited with him. He has a full time care-er, Brody. Brody is in his early twenties with long blond hair–he looks like a surfer! Brody is patient and kind. He plays the guitar with and for Glen. They sing, they walk around the grounds and converse almost constantly. We instantly fell for Brody and thanked him for the care he gives to Glen and the important breaks he gives Kim so she can rest and work. 

Glen has always been a happy guy and a jokester. He still is. For longer than I’d like to remember, he has imitated Donald Duck and during the visit, he did his Donald voice for us. He sings in a low register all the way to high clear notes that are reminiscent of the performances we are all familiar with. He seems almost to go from song to song, under his breath at times. He looked at me after singing one song and said, “that was a good song wasn’t it?” Music is still at the very center of who he is. It is almost as though he is giving a never-ending performance.

The last thing he said to me when it was time for us to go was, “Was it a good one?” like he used to say to me at the end of a concert. That phrase made me think that he recognized me, that and the fact that he said my name to Kim and Laura when I left the room briefly. 

He sees his family all of the time; Kim and two of his younger children live just a few minutes away. And his oldest daughter Debby was visiting just the day before. 

He is loved. He is cared for. He is respected. And most of all, he has his dignity. We can all be comforted by that.

Yours very truly,

Jimmy L. Webb


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“Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me” Documentary Airing on CNN June 28th!

The documentary that chronicles Glen Campbell’s battle with Alzheimer’s during his 2012 “Goodbye Tour,” titled “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me,” will be airing on CNN on Sunday, June 28th at 9pm ET.

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Rhinestone Cowboy 40th Anniversary reissue!

The 40th anniversary reissue of Glen Campbell’s album “Rhinestone Cowboy” features five bonus tracks, one of them is a never-before-released track titled “Quits.” The other four bonus tracks are “Record Collector’s Dream,” “Coming Home,” and remixes of “Rhinestone Cowboy” and “Country Boy.”
The 40th anniversary edition, as well as a remastered vinyl version of the original 10-track album, will be released on March 31st!

Check out Shannon Campbell’s rendition of Glen’s “I’m Not Gonna Miss You”!

Glen Campbell’s son, Shannon Campbell, pays tribute to his father Glen Campbell in this beautiful rendition of Glen’s “I’m Not Gonna Miss You.” The video was filmed in the attic of Campbell’s home in Nashville. Watch below!


Congratulations to Glen Campbell on his Grammy win!

Glen Campbell won the Grammy for Best Country Song with his song “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” at the 57th Grammy Awards!


Tim McGraw to honor Glen Campbell at the Oscars!

Tim McGraw will be honoring Glen Campbell at the Oscars by performing Glen’s “I’m Not Gonna Miss You,” which has been nominated for best original song. The Oscars will air February 22nd at 4pm on ABC.


Congratulations to Glen Campbell on his Oscar nomination!

Big news for Glen Campbell who recently received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song for “I’m Not Gonna Miss You.” The 2014 single was featured in his documentary, Glen Campbell…I’ll Be Me which chronicles his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease during his ‘Goodbye Tour,’ in support of his album “Ghost On The Canvas.”

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Think you know Glen Campbell?!

  • A Life of Hits: Glen Campbell has had 81 songs on the charts. That averages out to one for every year of his life plus six before he was born.
  • Forget Kevin Bacon: Within one degree of Glen Campbell you get: Elvis, John Wayne, Sinatra, the Beach Boys, Bobby Darin, Wayne Newton, Leon Russell, Merle Haggard, the Mamas & Papas, Dean Martin, Bobbie Gentry, Steve Martin, Rob Reiner, the Highwaymen, Tanya Tucker, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Steve McQueen, Joe Namath, Alan Jackson, Anne Murray, Mel Tillis, Robert Culp, Olivia Newton-John, Leif Garrett, Paul Westerberg, Billy Corgan, Bob Pollard, Jakob Dylan, Quincy Jones, Phil Spector, Clint Eastwood, Steve Wariner, Chris Isaak, Dick Dale, Nat King Cole, Rick Nelson, the Dillards, Dick Dale, Jeff Bridges, Allen Toussaint, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Rita Coolidge, Brian Setzer and Jimmy Webb. Most people at any point in history would have settled for Elvis and John Wayne.
  • Holy Moly: Glen’s a religious person so I won’t blaspheme here, but the Beatles famously claimed (in a quote admittedly taken out of context) to be bigger than Jesus. Um, Glen Campbell outsold the Beatles in 1969.
  • God Only Knows: Glen played guitar on the Beach Boys’ opus Pet Sounds, and when Brian Wilson was in his, let’s say “difficult period,” they invited him to join the band. He subbed in for a tour and then went off to make a several dozen of his own hits.
  • A Good Time, All the Time: From 1969 to 1972, Campbell was the charismatic host of the aptly named The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour. Tens of millions people a week watched it, with up to 50 million a week tuning in. (Think about it, today’s biggest non-Super Bowl TV event, is 30 million people watching American Idol finals.)
  • Changing Lanes: Campbell has gotten hits and/or awards in the country, pop and gospel genres. He’s won Grammys, AMAs, CMAs, was up for an Oscar, and did a covers album that included a Green Day song. Crazy!
  • Forget Horatio Alger: Campbell grew up in severe poverty as the 7th son of an Arkansas sharecropper. He came to Hollywood in 1960 with $300 and a lot of hope. He scratched by on a meager publishing deal. Then came the sessions, then came the albums, then came the hits, then came the TV shows, etc., etc., and this was all back when the music industry paid for this stuff. The American Dream, man.
  • Albums For Everyone: Glen Campbell has sold over 45 million albums.
  • Unfinished Big Business: The version of “Gentle On My Mind” that was such a smash? A demo!!! Most demos sound like wet napkins on cardboard. Few reach radio. Fewer still do THAT.
  • On the Map: Born in Arkansas, a regional radio star in New Mexico, a hit session artist in Hollywood, ran a theater in Branson. With plenty of time in Nashville, England and more or less the rest of the world.
  • Saddle Up, Pilgrim: Glen Campbell was featured in the original version of True Grit alongside John Wayne (and recorded an Oscar-nominated song for the movie).
  • Stranger Things Have Happened: The guitar on Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night?” Glen Campbell. Doobie doobie doo.
  • Hope He Owns A Tux: Campbell’s played the White House four times and two private shows for the UK’s royal family.
  • When Do You Practice?: Glen Campbell is a scratch golfer. Lots of famous guys play golf. Few are that good. Fewer still host the Glen Campbell Los Angeles open.
  • Going Out With a Roar: Glen’s last album, the forthcoming Ghost on The Canvas, features songs from Paul Westerberg, Bob Pollard and Jakob Dylan and appearances by Chris Isaak, Dick Dale, Brian Setzer, Billy Corgan and many more… Crazy (again)!
  • Oh, yeah, that song “Rhinestone Cowboy”? Yeah, that’s Glen Campbell.