​​​​Yamaha P125 Digital Piano Review

The Yamaha P125 weighted action digital piano is a dream for anyone who spends more than fifteen minutes a day on a piano. It is not expensive and yet performs like a professional piano. All this is possible because of the GHS weighted key action that basically mimics the keys of an acoustic piano, which tend to be lighter on the low end and heavier as you move up to the higher end. Couple this with the fact that the piano sounds of this keyboard are a faithful reproduction of a Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano and you can understand why the P125 is well regarded in the musician’s community.

Last Updated May 15, 2020

Yamaha P125 Introduction

Worthwhile mentions about this particular Yamaha masterpiece include the addition of a Controller App that lets you do many things remotely without evening touching the piano provided you are connected to your iPad or iPhone using the USB to HOST port. As for amplifying the built-in speakers, the good news is that they don’t need much amplification if you intend to use it at home but when you do need an extra push you can always connect speakers with the AUX OUT or a headphone to the AUX headphone 1/4th jack, which does not cut out the speakers. Yamaha has always managed to astound us with their instruments and the P125 Weighted Action Digital Piano is no different.

YAMAHA P125 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano with...
  • A fully weighted digital piano with 88 full sized piano...
  • GHS weighted action is heavier in the low keys and lighter...
  • The pure CF sound engine faithfully reproduces the tone of...

Our Review & Experience

Right off the bat, you start noticing the Graded Hammer Standard action of the keys. Now, this mechanism is Yamaha’s introduction level in its complete set of full-weighted systems but by no means is it inferior to the others. In fact, compared with a real piano, the feel of each and every single one of the 88 keys are perfectly articulated right down to the resistance and weight. Press any of the lower keys and you get that light springy action but the farther you move to the higher notes, the heavier they become. For those who aren’t as of yet used to such realistic keys, it can take a day or a week but once you get acquainted, you will start belting out numbers that a cheaper digital keyboard can never manage.

Coming to the actual notes, we felt the piano kind of lost it towards the higher end if you tend to hit repetitions above 120 but then again, 90% of all pianos below the $1000 range tend to falter here. Besides, the need for that high a note is rare and when it does arise, it is often never alone. As for the sound quality, you can’t really ask for much more. Turn the volume up to max and put the touch sensitivity to normal and you reproduce an acoustic piano on the spot. With headphones, you may want to reduce the volume by quite a good amount unless you want to pierce your eardrums. There are a sufficient number of voices and effects on the Yamaha P125 but don’t get your hopes high expecting a Casio ensemble. Yamaha is more concerned with quality than quantity and if you need the quality plus the quantity from this brand considering upgrading to the higher DGX650 and above series (and spending a lot more money too).

Summing up this review, it is evident that this digital piano is best suited to intermediate learners or beginners with a need for an actual piano but the unwillingness to shell out more for an acoustic version. It does a pretty good job of getting close to the sound and feel of an acoustic piano plus a few bangs and frills. The good thing is that if you have $500 lying around, you simply can’t regret spending it on this Yamaha creation. Though please keep in mind that this is a heavy instrument and by no means small either so do yourself a favor and get a piano stand or make sure you have a permanent spot on a table or something.


  • While the construction is mostly plastic, it is heavy and solid so no worries there.
  • Auxiliary connections for speakers and headphones are a welcome addition with the ability to use headphones and built-in speakers simultaneously.
  • Keys are amazing though it takes a little getting used to if you have never used a fully weighted digital piano before.
  • The sound signature of this piano is top-notch and falls in the bracket of performance grand stage pianos though if you really want to perform then we suggest getting a good pair of speakers to amplify the sounds properly.
  • 3 long years of complete warranty coverage on the complete package is more than enough for us.


  • The sheet music holder is kind of hard to attach.
  • It would have been nice to have 3.5mm headphone jacks instead of the 6.5mm ones.
  • The included USB to HOST port is obsolete since newer generation iPods and iPads really don’t connect with it and if you happen to have an older model lying around then the connector can come with a hefty price tag!
  • The speakers on this beauty are impressive but only if you aren’t planning to conduct an orchestra.
  • Now we won’t say this is an affordable beginner’s piano but it certainly is an affordable intermediate digital piano.


  • Pure CF Sound Engine is Yamaha’s personal reproduction of a concerned grand piano, to be more specific – the CFIIIS 9 Grand Piano is the specific piano that is replicated with the P125 model.
  • GHS or Graded Hammer Standard is Yamaha’s proprietary key action mechanism that mimics real piano keys with the variable weight of each key as you move from the low to the high end. This is vital if you really want to learn to play an acoustic piano without having to spend thousands on one.
  • Tweeters are positioned such that the performer hears every single sound signature as naturally as possible on both sides. The end result is a proper stereo experience from the built-in speakers.
  • Digital Piano Controller lets you perform a lot of functions using your iPad or iPhone such as rhythms, voices, and more.
  • There are several built-in rhythms to choose from such as swing beats, rock shuffles, and drum rhythms.
  • Exclusive 3 Year Labor and Part warranty but only if purchased from authorized sources, of which Amazon.com is one.
  • Ability to connect powerful speakers or amplifiers to the piano thanks to AUX ports but without disabling the speakers if in case you decide to use a headphone instead. As for computer connections and tablet connections you get the USB to HOST port.
  • Pianist Styles helps convert your piano into a complete music production system by allowing for melodies and chords on the right side.


Some say that the Yamaha P125 88 key weighted digital piano is an advanced beginner’s learning instrument but not really a performance grade device. That is all very subjective and in the few weeks we have spent with this beauty, it is our opinion that this piano can do pretty well on stage provided you put together a good set of speakers for it. As for the keys, action, sound quality, and every single feature of this piano – it is done the Yamaha way, which is to always excel. At this price point, the P125 is an amazing deal that you can get yourself right now on Amazon.com and receive cool three-year parts and labor warranty.