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Where Are Eastman Guitars Made?


Where Are Eastman Guitars Made?

Eastman Guitars are made in China, with some US-made parts. The company has its own factories in China, and also uses other factories.

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Eastman Guitars

Eastman Guitars are a US guitar manufacturer, founded in 1992 by archetectural luthier Qian Ni. Eastman Guitars are made in Beijing, China, and the company has a second factory in Hangzhou. Eastman Guitars are distributed by many different companies, including Fender, Gibson, and Music Man.


Eastman Guitars is a guitar manufacturer based in Beijing, China, and Hollywood, California. The company produces archtop, hollow body, solid body electric guitars and acoustic guitars.

The company was founded in 1992 by Hans Mause and Qian Ni, two former employees of the American guitar company Gibson. The pair started Eastman with the goal of producing high-quality instruments that would be affordable to working musicians.

Today, Eastman Guitars offers a wide range of products from entry-level instruments to hand-crafted custom guitars. The company has a team of experienced luthiers who work in their state-of-the-art facility in Beijing to create each guitar.

Eastman Guitars has become one of the most respected names in the guitar industry thanks to their commitment to quality and their willingness to take on established brands like Gibson. If you’re looking for a well-made guitar that won’t break the bank, an Eastman is a great option.


Acoustic Guitars

Electric Guitars

Where Are Eastman Guitars Made?

Eastman Guitars are made in China. The company has a factory in Beijing where they make all of their guitars. Eastman also has a US office in California. The US office handles sales, marketing, and customer service.

United States

Eastman Guitars are made in Benicia, California, USA. Their U.S. production is overseen by Master Luthier Kurt Prange, who has been with Eastman for over 20 years. All of their wood is sourced from the United States as well, with the majority coming from the Appalachian region.


Eastman Guitars are made in China. The company has a small factory in Beijing, where a team of highly skilled luthiers create each guitar by hand. The company also has a U.S. headquarters in Los Angeles, where it oversees operations and provides customer support.

Eastman Guitars was founded in 1992 by former Gibson executive Bob Petroski. The company’s mission is to provide high-quality instruments at an affordable price. To that end, Eastman Guitars sources its wood from the same suppliers as Gibson and other high-end guitar makers, and its guitars are built to the same standards as their more expensive counterparts.

While most Eastman Guitars are made in China, the company does have a small team of luthiers based in the United States who build custom orders and handle repairs. Whether your guitar is made in China or the United States, you can be confident that it will be a high-quality instrument that will provide years of enjoyment.

The Future of Eastman Guitars

Eastman Guitars is a company that manufactures guitars. The company was founded in 1992 by Steve Eastman. The company is based in Beijing, China. Eastman Guitars has a wide range of guitar models that are suitable for different kinds of music. Eastman Guitars also has a wide range of prices, which makes it a good option for beginner and experienced guitarists alike.


Eastman Guitars is a US company that makes high quality, hand-crafted acoustic and electric guitars. The company is based in Rochester, New York and has a team of highly skilled luthiers who create each guitar with great attention to detail.

Eastman Guitars offers a wide range of different models to suit all budgets and playing styles, from the simple and affordable Eastman E10P Parlour Guitar to the high-end Eastman AR910 Archtop Guitar. All of their guitars are made using only the finest materials, and each one is individually setup and inspected before it leaves the factory.

So where are Eastman Guitars made? All of their guitars are made in their own state-of-the-art facility in Beijing, China. This allows them to keep costs down while still maintaining a high level of quality control.

The Future of Eastman Guitars
Eastman Guitars is continuing to go from strength to strength, with new models being released all the time. They have recently expanded their range of electric guitars with the addition of the Eastman T64 Thunderbird and T52 Telecaster models, both of which have been very well received by players and critics alike.

It looks like the future is bright for this innovative company, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

New Models

Eastman Guitars has been quietly revolutionizing the guitar industry for the last few years. It all started with their handcrafted, vintage-inspired acoustic guitars, which quickly became favorites among discerning players. Now, Eastman is expanding their range with a series of new models that build on their established strengths while also branching out into new territory.

One of the most exciting aspects of Eastman’s recent output is their increasing focus on electric guitars. They’ve already made a big splash with their take on the iconic T-type, and they’re not stopping there. Rumor has it that they’re working on several new models that will cater to a wide range of players, from those looking for budget-friendly options to those who want something truly unique.

Whatever the future holds for Eastman Guitars, one thing is certain: they’re a company to watch. With their combination of traditional values and forward-thinking designs, they’re poised to take the guitar world by storm in the years to come.

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