Alzheimer’s Association Honors Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell will be the recipient of the inaugural Glen Campbell Courage Award at the Alzheimer’s Association’s “A Night at Sardi’s.” The star-studded event will take place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Wednesday, March 26th. Read more here.

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  1. guitarsub4u
    15 October 14, 1:25am

    I just purchased Glens new song I’m Not Gonna Miss You. I am a 61 year guitar player in the Seattle area and lost my father to Alzheimer’s in 2007 after several years of living the experience with my mother and some siblings. Glens last song brought tears to my eyes. I always thought that the pain was being felt by everyone but him. I will always believe the feelings in this song were being felt by my father. I am grateful that Glen was able to get this song done as it is one that will touch me and I’m sure many others for years to come.

    thank you

  2. lesterwoodyard
    14 October 14, 3:50pm

    This is Lester Woodyard I would like to see Glen, I’m now 90 years old. Glen and I use to teach guitar lessons at R&S Music Studio back in the late 50s. I use my friends email address I’m headed that way the end of Oct. 2014. I presently live in Kentucky. I’m going to Arizona for the winter. I lost my wife Ruth she battled Alzheimer’s. Sure would like to visit Glen.
    Sincerely Lester Woodyard

  3. Sharon
    17 April 14, 8:59pm

    There is a song on youtube called.. “I Don’t Remember You” by Black Baccara. It’s a song about Alzheimer’s. Just wanted to pass this along to Mr. Glen Campbell and his group. Prayers are with you.
    God Bless

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