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VocoPro JamCube 2 Review


VocoPro JamCube 2 Review

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Table Of Contents

Features  • Portability  •  Versatility  •  Durability  •  Information  •  Conclusion


If you’ve ever felt that key moments in your life were missing spontaneous bouts of karaoke, the VocoPro JamCube 2 portable P.A. System will never let you miss another chance to let those lungs roar. VocoPro’s new JamCube 2 is the perfect companion for enthusiast singers, from those yet to break their late night bar stage debut, to the more practiced karaoke celebrities among us.

With superb microphone and sound quality, this lightweight machine will hijack any party, wedding, work function, or what ‘was to be’ a quiet night at home. A high-tech system at a great value, the JamCube 2 provides entertainment through most common formats, including CD, CD + G, DVD, MP3, Photo CD, USB, and SD card. You can also connect the unit to your TV or monitor and watch song lyrics in sync with your top karaoke playlists.

VocoPro All-in- One System Karaoke, JAMCUBE-2, 21.00 x...
  • Four 1/4" Microphone/Instrument Inputs for Maximum...
  • Built-in Multi-Format Player & USB Port/SD Card Reader
  • Supports DVD, CD, CD+G, Mp3 & Photo CD Formats.

VocoPro JamCube 2 Features

As a self-glorified karaoke star myself, I was amazed by the power relative to the size of this machine. With built in VP-PV-802 400 watt professional speakers and a four-channel mixer that supports both microphones and instruments, this full-featured platform needs no additional devices to fill a room with high quality audio. This breaks down to two 200 watt self-powered speakers and one non-powered speaker, meaning it can directly support just about any audio device for instant playability.

The JamCube 2 includes various automatic control features such as echo, repeat and delay controls, volume control, pitch control, treble controla, and bass control, all of which contribute to giving you a rich karaoke experience. The JamCube 2 has a 1/8” audio input ideal for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC, and a 1/4" headphone input for those late night solo sessions. A wireless remote lets you change tracks on any format in the disc or media player. With dual 120/240V capacity, the JamCube 2 is suitable for worldwide use.

VocoPro JamCube 2 Portability

Weighing in at only 33 pounds and featuring an ergonomic shoulder strap, the JamCube 2 is ready to go wherever you are. With durable nylon shock absorbers and coverings, this unit will not take damage on the chin. So whether you’re rushing your cargo through the city, or on your way to the beach, the JamCube 2 highly portable nature means that it adapts to your lifestyle. Once in place, the JamCube 2 can easily be moved to any other position within the room.

Whereas many karaoke units require additional connections such as speakers and external wiring, the JamCube 2 is a compact, wireless device that won’t have you fumbling over its configuration or your guests tripping over cables. With a hassle free set up, you can easily break out the system for a spontaneous karaoke night. At the end of the night, once you have exhausted the air out of your lungs, you can fold it right back up for quick, easy storage.

VocoPro JamCube 2 Versatility

It’s no wonder the VocoPro’s karaoke system is rated so highly on versatility - with its wealth of options, it is fit for nearly any occasion. Accommodating up to four instruments and microphones with VHF dual mic mode, you can get your own band started, sing soulful duets, fly solo, or sing in sync to any background chorus. The sky is the limit when it comes to your options for entertainment, providing endless hours of fun and memories.

The JamCube 2 is also more than just a Karaoke system. It can act as your own portable P.A. system and is a key professional tool for managers, directors, fitness instructors, and public figures. This machine’s versatility makes it ideal for conferences and it can power most average sized public announcements.

Given the professional quality of the JamCube 2, there is no reason why it cannot be used as a stereo system too. Just connect it to your device, and instantly play your favorite tracks through a high quality audio system. Alternatively, with its surround sound, high projection, and capability to fill a crowded room, set your device to shuffle and let the JamCube 2 be your personal DJ all night long.

VocoPro JamCube 2 Durability

Users have reported extensive use of the JamCube 2 for hours on end. This karaoke system is built to withstand a considerable amount of handling and transportation. Having used the JamCube 2 for a while now, I can say that there is no noticeable distortion or technical malfunctions despite my excessive use of the product. Even through use outdoors, at parties, and drunken nights at home, VocoPro’s device has taken everything I've thrown at it and never failed to perform.

Additional Buyer Information

Considering the extensive range of options and controls the JamCube 2 offers, setting things up for the first time can be a daunting process. Fortunately, the detailed instructions will guide you through this step by step. It is important to note however that this can be complicated. Careful attention must be paid to how each control will affect the sound. While there is a learning curve, you should have your JamCube 2 running with ease and comfort in a short matter of time.

I've sometimes noticed some static during certain tracks while played at particular volumes or settings, but solved that minor glitch by placing the system against a solid object such as a sofa or counter top.

VocoPro JamCube 2 Conclusion

The JamCube 2 has been revolutionizing nights in and taking households by storm. You’ll never want to leave your house for another night, though if you do, you can always bring JamCube 2 with you. With powerful sound from such a compact system, the JamCube 2 is fit for most occasions and locations, from small to large venues. Its four channel mixer makes it the perfect party puller and it can serve a fully equipped instrumental band of four, the three singing amigos, the ‘lost in your eyes’ duet or a rocking soloist with ease.

No longer will you need to sit through another dull night. Family board game night? Why not add karaoke into the mix? Are guests slipping into food comas after a brilliantly hosted feast? Top them up with a karaoke grand finale. Feeling a slump at a party? Spice things up with some impromptu singing. With VocoPro’s JamCube 2, the night's opportunities are endless.

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