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Sound Colour Vibration


Sound Colour Vibration

Prior to launching The Box Tiger Music, I was the founder and creator of Sound Colour Vibration -  a music, art, film, photography and culture blog. I presented interviews, album and film reviews, online art gallery, a 24 hour streaming online radio and so much more. Sound Colour Vibration effectively bridged the worlds of art in a way rarely seen, with modern hardcore sitting right beside genres as diverse and different as dub and jazz. The vision I had set in place was transforming and molding into new frontiers and possibilities I had never dreamed were possible. Unfortunately, it didn't take off - but I have kept some of the old content for archive purposes.

Sound Colour Vibration was best known for:

  • Creator Wave:  SCV curated art series from artists in many different types of mediums. Creator Waves release in groups of 5 and the first batch is already out! The first 5 artists include Jeff Jordan, Chor Boogie, Japan, irie5 and Sonny Kay.
  • Past 2 The Present: This is a dedication series to all the musicians who have been sampled by hip hop producers to create the anthems that have dominated hip hop since its inception. This details and lists video of the songs sampled by producers for their albums to showcase the source behind most of the last 30 years of hip hop beats.
  • Album Releases: A constant look at new albums from this year with no emphasis on genre, just what we feel you should check out.
  • Film: Co-owner and writer for SCV Pouya Asadi breaks down some of the newest independent and special major releases. There is also the sub series Moveument Nu which covers various films of the past that we love.
  • SCV Podcast/Radio Show: A bi weekly 40 minute mix that will feature songs from the SCV archives. There will be many themes and many eclectic mixes. All of our latest mixes are uploaded into Mixcloud which pays royalties for artists under copyright.
  • Color in Motion: A detailed look at many of the emerging art that can be found on the web. Included will be some incredible finds that go beyond the normal convention and standards of art. Art has continually pushed the boundaries of what it has meant and this generation is no different and this series documents some of these moments of creation in history and the artists behind them.
  • Blast From The Past: This is an extensive look into the past world of music, we cover such a wide variety that to sum up what this section of our site means would be pointless. It’s something you need to experience first hand.
  • Interviews: SCV has many interviews being conducted and being prepared for release. There wil be in depth interviews that will define how we want to present artists. There will be no negative orientated questions as we believe that this type of publication demeans the value of art as a whole. We will provide knowledge and information, not gossip.
  • Reviews: Sound Colour Vibration had a long list of reviews that have now moved over to The Box Tiger, such as: Karaoke Machines, Digital Pianos and Electric Guitars.

Some of my best received interviews:

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