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Q&A with The Thangs from Data Garden


Q&A with The Thangs from Data Garden

Not much is known about The Thangs, but there are a few things I do: they are amazingly talented musicians and they are definitely from a place far from here. This elusive group has been creating some far-out music recently and I am a huge fan of everything they have had their name attached to. Their sound can be described as futuristic beat-music trapped in a time-warp. The amazing combination of progressive beats are very refreshing and the sound is made infinitely smooth by outstanding elemental transitions and outstanding tonal control. The Thangs have such a wonderfully unique approach to sonic architecture and their music is a true testament to that statement. The mysterious group is going to be releasing a new album via Data Garden, who have quickly become one of my favorite record labels – check out more about their plantable music concept here. Data Garden has also been on the cutting edge of research pertaining to The Thangs for some time now, and they have been more than helpful in tracking down the illusive group. I was fortunate enough to set some time aside with the amazing creative forces behind Wedodo and we had the chance to talk about some of their musical inspirations, their favorite films and what we can expect from their debut LP – set to release October 22nd via Data Garden. Check out the most recent findings pertaining to The Thangs below and enjoy Sound Colour Vibration’s official interview with The Thangs.

Most recent findings on The Thangs via Data Garden:

Current theories related to the existence of The Thangs suggest that they are hand-crafted manifestations of creative energy. These are described as being generated from fragments of experience transmitted by pen, paper, audio samples, memories and the rhythms of life. It seems that The Thangs can not be defined by the names of those whose hands produce them. They are therefore best understood through direct sensory experience as oscillations of pressure transmitted through air and patterns of ink committed to paper.

Nick: The Wedodo LP droops October 22nd via Data Garden, what can the world expect?

The Thangs: The rapture… the alpha and the omega, it’s written in a book, a real revelation… A star falls from the sky to earth. It is given the key and opens the abyss. Smoke pours out. Out of smoke comes locusts as powerful as scorpions in their stings. They are commanded not to harm plants or any living things except those who do not have the seal of THANGS on their foreheads. I mean, that’s what we heard, we haven’t read it.

Nick: What kind of atmosphere was present when working on Wedodo?

The Thangs: It’s more of a troposphere, much denser and hotter than Redman’s basement. It’s thick, billowing with sulphuric laughter, in a state of vigorous circulation and super-rotation and there’s an ionized layer, meant to induce polar vortices. It’s pretty cool.

Nick: How would you personify The Thangs’ sound?

The Thangs: Bill Murray, RZA and GZA.

Nick: Data Garden has a pretty interesting approach to distributing music. Can you tell our readers how they can order the new album and what they get with it?

The Thangs: Who data in my garden? Planted media.

Nick: The first release Correct had a brilliant blend of funky sounds laced with elegant grooves and beautiful percussion, can you talk a bit about the production process?

The Thangs: You said it man. Thank you. Our process is a secret cosmic food blender – bending color and sound. A soundtrack to the movie playing in your head.


Nick: Profuse 73, Tobacco, and Dilla are some of the acts that your music has been related to. Who were some of your inspirations and who are maybe some acts that you look up to?

The Thangs: We take inspiration from a great many THANGS. Time and taste are relative. It’s how you put them together.

Nick: Are there any projects you are actively involved in at the moment?

The Thangs: Have you ever dug a grave? It’s kinda like that. But much deeper.

Nick: What is a normal day like in the studio and can you talk about what the initial workflow of a track usually like?

The Thangs: There’s a lot of manual labor to be done at first. You gotta feel the hot power of the weird beard. But much deeper.

Nick: We love film here at SCV, what is the single most important movie from your perspective and why?

The Thangs: John Cage & Roland Kirk: Sound (1966). “Is music, music…is it supersonic…. when is it coming, will it ever stop, why won’t it, is sound enough, what more do i need?” - John Cage

Nick: Who are some producers that you are watching really closely right now?

The Thangs: We didn’t really like the Producers, Blazing Saddles, however, is hilarious.

Nick: I heard there is new information Data Garden is releasing about the existence of The Thangs, are there any new findings you can share with us?

The Thangs: Be prepared for some digital/audiovisual THANGS via in the coming weeks.

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