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Q&A with Boardwalk of Stones Throw


Q&A with Boardwalk of Stones Throw

Boardwalk are one of the latest bands to sign with the long standing Stones Throw, scheduled to release their debut psych LP with the imprint next month. The Los Angeles based duo consists of multi-instrumentalists Mike Edge and Amber Quintero and their sound is infectiously soothing with miles of exotic tones to accompany. A brightly lit psych sound that reaches far into the past era’s of the 60′s and 70′s, Boardwalk are among many artists who are creating a very special movement together. It’s a very gorgeous sound that we really believe in and hope finds as much of a placer here as the most pivotal psyche groups in music history. Their self titled debut puts us into the most relaxing and peaceful of moods and we are deeply impacted by their arrival on the music scene in this era. They have a perfect home with Stones Throw Records, releasing content alongside some of the most forward thinking artists of our age and notching out yet another pathway for the label. Check out the latest interview release at SCV with Amber of Boardwalk and take a dive into their official music video release “High Water” below.

Erik: Hello Boardwalk, I just want to say that I really love the sound you two produced on the self titled album. Picking out a favorite song on the record is impossible and I really feel a deep connection with the entire album. The notes we were sent mentioned that analog recording was utilized. Can you run us through some of the analog based recording gear you used to record the album and how important was this to shaping the overall sound?

Amber: We used mic-pres, mics and a console built by Mike himself. Mike also made custom reverbs, delays, keyboards and amps for the record. Analog tape was used as well.

Erik: How did the staff at Stones Throw Records respond when they first heard the album? Anything that was said that really resonated and stuck with you?

Amber: They were excited. They asked us to come by the office and we ended up signing with them that day.

Erik: How much of the music on the album was created from the ground up together and how much of it was brought in from before the time the group started?

Amber: Mike had the music to a few songs already recorded before we met. I came in and started messing around with vocal parts.

Erik: How did the group get signed with Stones Throw?

Amber: We sent them an email through their website.

Erik: The music of your band is very special to me. Can you talk a little about some of the instruments you use along with their model types and anything else about what’s going into making the textures?

Amber: We used lots of organs, mellotrons, vintage guitars, vintage amps, and guitar pedals.

Erik: For the conceptual side of the self titled album, there is a deeply embedded trail of memories from the both of you that feels like it really soaks itself into the music. Did you both know immediately after having your trip that would be the catalyst to your album or did that realization take awhile to formulate?

Amber: I think we knew right away.

Erik: If you had to choose three colors that represent your album the most, what would they be and for what reason?

Amber: We talk a lot about light and dark songs. For example “I’m Not Myself” is light while “What’s Love” is dark, but we haven’t thought about colors. I’d be curious what you think.

Erik: We’ll definitely have to discuss that more in person. You have the release of the self titled coming up next month. What plans do you have for the release along with the months that will follow?

Amber: We have another video coming out, we’re filming a live studio session, we’re playing lots of shows.

Erik: When we interviewed Linda Perhacs, we were very thrilled how she paralleled the Laurel Canyon 60′s and 70′s era to many of the pockets of eclectic people residing in Los Angeles that she is now encountering and befriending on very meaningful levels. Who are some of the members of your community that have really made a large impact on you musically and in every other way?

Amber: Mark Noseworthy, Dave Pearson, Bram Inscore, Caitlin Cortz, Amanda Charchian, Jimmy Marble.

Erik: I have to ask you about one of my favorite tracks on Boardwalk, “Some Things.” It has one of the most sublime and refreshing sounds I have heard in some time. It has a sound that really makes me feel at peace and rides into the speakers with the most gentle and calm flow. What does the song make you feel or think of when you hear it?

Amber: We feel the same way.

Erik: On a very serious note, would you be interested in creating an old school and modern psych mix with us for our online radio station at Mixcloud? If not, that’s perfectly okay, just had to ask!

Amber: Sure, we’d like that.

Erik: Great. we’ll have to set that up soon. Thank you so much for your time, we hope the world loves Boardwalk as much as we do.

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