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Gibson USA M2 Review


Gibson USA M2 Review

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With its amazing array of colors, lush nitrocellulose finish and innovative design, the Gibson M2 Solid Body Electric Guitar definitely packs a punch in a single glance. A complete overhaul above the dozens of inferior ‘Made in China’ guitars that reek of mass-produced inferiority, this Gibson marvel is wholly made in America and boasts of superior craftsmanship. As you observe, the exquisite Mahogany neck is glued on to the Solid Poplar Mahogany Body for minimizing wolf tones and unwanted feedback. From the one-piece, extra-smooth rosewood fretboard and the characteristic Gibson Pro-Bucker humbuckers, it is evident that this electric guitar has been designed keeping the requirements of new and intermediate learners in mind.

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Backed by 2 years holistic warranty from Gibson, the Gibson M2 Solid Body Guitar comes along with a free S Series gig bag, which also acts as a protective case for the guitar. Given that the total weight of the instrument is only around 8 pounds, you can conveniently carry it around for lessons, gigs and so on. In the realm of controls, this guitar doesn’t confound novices with multiple unfathomable knobs; Gibson keeps it straight and simple with a single master control for tone and volume each, one toggle switch for pickup choice and of course the blacktop hat knobs minimize the strain on your fingers, so that you can concentrate on the finer elements of your music!

Gibson USA 2017 M2 Solid Body Electric Guitar, Ebony,...
  • The M2 features a nitrocellulose finish, with our new Nitro...
  • The neck is glued in and made of one piece solid maple, with...
  • Solid wood for the body and classic sounding Gibson...

Review and Experience

Coming across many positive reviews of the Gibson USA 2022 M2 Solid Body Guitar on the internet, it was inevitable that I review it. For one thing, there are a lot of fake reviews that are being posted online, by people who have never, ever played an electric guitar in their entire life. So I urge all you music aspirants to trust reviews only written by authentic players who have real experience of having used the instrument.

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Ok, so coming back to my review and experience with this suave Gibson guitar, I was enamored by the choice of colors available-Ebony, Teal, Bright Cherry, Citron Green, Phantom Grey and Strawberry Milk. I decided to go ahead with the Teal option to enhance my already colorful electric guitar collection. So I had my shipment arriving before time (Amazon never ceases to surprise you)and very well-packaged as expected. As expected, the Gibson M2 Electric Guitar looked as ravishing as it did in the pictures that I’d seen online, and the credit goes to its characteristic glossy nitro satin finish.

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The very first thing I’d like to point out here is that when you look at this guitar, you will instantly spot out the difference between a made-in-China and made-in-America model. Not only does the Gibson M2 look and feel notches above its cheaper competitors, it also sounds incredibly good. Despite having a Les-Paul like shape, the weight is very well-balanced and you will never experience fatigue holding this beauty in your arms!

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The fact that the neck is glued on, and not bolted adds on to the bass response of this electric guitar, thereby enhancing the genres that you can fiddle around with. Another point is that the wood used is high quality maple for the solid body and neck, which is not the case in many ‘budget guitars’ that use very soft basswood which hinders your overall experience. Also given the glossy finish, the chances of smudges or fingerprints showing is highly reduced, although rough handling will scratch the finish.

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No matter how well strung, every electric guitar needs to be eventually strung again. And that’s where Gibson makes it quite easy for even the most novice musicians, with the Stop Tail Bridge System. This is basically a hard-tailed bridge, and provides the dual benefits of a tune-o-matic and a stop-bar tailpiece. Only thing, while changing the gauge, you cannot go too high as you might end up breaking the strings, and going too low would imply that the strings are not as taut as you require. So there is evidently a learning curve that needs to be transgressed for every learner to attain that perfect balance in stringing. Still, with this kind of bridge, it is far easier to bend the strings as compared to others. Overall, this is a slim, lightweight electric guitar that sounds great and boasts of a very attractive finish.

Beware though, being a slim instrument, this is probably not the most comfortable guitar for large-statured players!

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  •  Special Nitro Finish not only looks attractive but also feels satin-smooth, thereby enhancing playability
  • Guitar Electronics are on the lines of the Gibson Quick Connect System with advanced 5-Pin Fitting and allows easy upgrade to higher versions like Gibson 500T Super Ceramic or Dirty Fingers
  • Front-Panel Jack allows hassle-free connection with L-connector cable; coupled with simple controls adding on to the innate user-friendly experience
  • High Ratio, Smooth Tuners and Unfettered Pick-guard for convenient attachment of electronics (other than the pickup ones)
  • 6 different color choices and lovely gig bag add on to the overall value for money received
  • Solid Poplar Maple Body, Slim-tapering, glued-in maple neck made of a single piece of rosewood, ensures high resonance and durability


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  •  Priced higher as compared to many of its competitors in the ‘beginner’s zone’
  • Amplifier and Cable need to be bought additionally
  • Thin neck might not feel comfortable for long-fingered players
  • Glossy finish is somewhat delicate and prone to scratches


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  •  Solid Maple Construction with Glued-in Neck and New Light Glossy Nitro Finish for enhanced resonance and durability
  • Signature Gibson Pro-bucker Humbucker Pickups for premium tone quality
  • High playability to well-finished rosewood fretboard (22 frets), ergonomic mini button tuners (one each)for volume, tone and pickup
  • Measures 42 x 5 x 15 inches, weighs 8 pounds; purchase includes a free gig bag and 2 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Easy and accurate intonation with Wrap-Around Bridge and self-lubricating, high quality Tektoid Nut
  • Slim Taper Neck with 24.75” scale length, Trapezoid Inlays and well balanced Les Paul Design for ease of holding


Well, it’s certainly time to throw cheap, mass-produced knockoffs out of the window! Primarily because the Gibson M2 Solid Body Guitar gives you the authentic look and feel of an electric guitar that welcomes and inspires budding musicians to channelize their profound creativity. Be it the legendary Gibson Humbucker tones or the unique self-lubricating Tektoid Nuts to sustain the right pitch, this is one magnificent-looking guitar that sounds equally amazing. A tad bit higher priced as compared to its competitors, this Gibson Electric Guitar still makes the mark for its impressive design, impeccable intonation and delightful playability!

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