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Epiphone Les Paul-100 Review


Epiphone Les Paul-100 Review

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Promising a breezy playing experience coupled with robust, classic tones, the Epiphone Les Paul-100 Electric Guitar offers everything that an earnest, budding musician aspires for. The much-hailed, classic Les Paul electric guitar design in brilliant reddish golden-brown shade, brings about great inspiration, all the while being a very affordable purchase vis-à-vis its varietal features. The open-coil humbucker pickups ensure top-notch sound, along with the easy-to-ply, well-finished rosewood fret board, mahogany body and neck with a glossy maple overlay. Touted as the ‘cost-effective version’ of the classic Gibson Les Paul, the Epiphone Les Paul-100 shares several similarities with its higher-priced, upscale counterpart in terms of dual tone control and volume knobs, as well as dual humbucker pickups.

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The slim-tapered, bolted mahogany neck has 22 frets over a scale length of 24.75” inches which is relatively easier to play and tune as compared to a full-sized guitar. As opposed to the old wrap-over bridge design found in many budget guitars till date, the presence of Tune-o-matic bridge allows you to adjust all strings at once for better tuning. In this regard, the 1.6” nut width and deluxe sealed tuners play a key role in keeping the strings well-fastened at all times. In fact, the overall construction of the Epiphone Les Paul-100 Electric Guitar has been carried out keeping in mind the ergonomic requirements of fresh and intermediate learners. With responsive control knobs, rich tones and ergonomic finish, this instrument is truly alluring.

By the way, if you’re not very fond of this chirpy color, there are more subtle color options as well!

Epiphone Les Paul-100, Heritage Cherryburst
  • Mahogany Body with Maple Top
  • Epiphone 650R & 700T Humbuckers
  • Okoume Neck

Review and Experience

As I uncovered the packaging at the very outset, the chic appearance of the Epiphone Les Paul-100 Electric Guitar had me smitten. Crafted beautifully from a single block of mahogany and finished with a beautiful maple top, this one really stood apart from the dozens of ‘low-cost beginner electric guitars’ that I had tried and tested. But I knew for a fact that looks could be deceptive, especially since I’ve waded my way through so many great-looking electric guitars that sound incredibly bad despite constant tuning. I couldn’t wait to hold this beauty and run my fingers through the fret to see if she could sound as good as she looked!

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To start with, I would definitely rank the Epiphone Les Paul-100 Electric Guitar high on playability. The foremost reason of course is that it is very lightweight and slim, so you can easily hold on to it without a strap for long hours of practice without tiring your hands. Even the tapering neck enables seamless movement of your fingers across the frets and strings, without so much as a glitch. Trust me, with my longstanding experience involving a series of hi-tech but bulky guitars that simply tire you out more than anything else, this one literally calls you out to hold it and play! Lest I forget, another point I’d like to make is that owing to its mostly slim design and short scale as compared to longer and wider electric guitar models; the Epiphone Les Paul-100 Electric Guitar is best suited for users with a medium or small build. If you have large hands and long fingers, you might find it a wee bit uncomfortable to wrap your fingers around the tapering neck.

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Now moving over to the aspect of controls and tuning. The knobs for volume and tone adjustments are neither too loose nor too tight, rather just enough to get the exact range of sound you want the instrument to emanate. And don’t get me wrong, but your choice of amplifier matters quite a lot. No matter how well you’ve tuned up this beauty, the humbucker pickups will pick up the correct tones but it will sound all wrong if the amplifier is a cheap or makeshift one.

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Just so you know, the die-cast tuners located in the headstock work well, but there is a definite learning curve to become a pro at tuning the Epiphone Les Paul-100. So while you’re on the lookout for guitar lessons either online, or in person from an expert, please make sure that you dedicate good time for learning how to tune this particular electric guitar. Once you get the hang of it, it’s as smooth as butter and you don’t even need to tune that frequently, just once a week or so.

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Finally, upon evaluation of this Epiphone Electric Guitar purely in the ‘sound zone’, there is a rich variation of tones that this delightful instrument allows you to experiment with. Since this is a solid body guitar (I mentioned earlier that the body is constituted of a single block of mahogany), the sound range of this instrument is best suited for the heavy metal genre. If you are more of a fan of high resonance, acoustic tones, then this is probably not the right electric guitar for you, and you should check out a hollow body or semi hollow body electric guitar.

Having said that, no matter which heavy or mid-level genre you want to play- classic rock, blues, hard rock or metal, this machine works well with all styles. The fact that the string length is 24.75” makes it easier for beginners to master their first guitar notes faster. It’s a known fact that there are much cheaper electric guitars out there for beginners. So this is certainly not the thriftiest model. But it sure as heck offers a complete package of ease, sound and feel-good factor that’s missing in many cheap competitors.

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  •  Ideal for beginners and intermediary players, being equally easy and fun to play
  • Sturdy Construction with assured lifetime warranty from Epiphone
  • Pair of 700T Humbucker Pickups ensures minimal humming
  • Cost-Effective Model with appealing color and reasonably good pickup
  • Bolt-on Neck is easy to repair/replace in case of damage
  • Lightweight Electric Guitar with wide-ranged tonal variations for versatility


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  •  Amplifier, Cable and Guitar Case/Stand need to be purchased separately
  • First-timers might find it a bit difficult to tune
  • Slim design more suited towards players with short or medium stature and hand size
  • Short Scale length might not be apt for seasoned players


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  •  6-stringed Electric Guitar with dimensions of 17 x 45 x 7 inches, weighing 10 pounds
  • Tapering Bolt-On Mahogany Neck and Mahogany Body with Cherry-Sunburst Hues
  • Maple Top and ultra-smooth, dot inlayed Rosewood fingerboard for easy playing
  • Scale length of 24.75” accentuated by 2 Alcino humbucker pickups (700T) for rich tones
  • Signature Les Paul build with Tune-O-Matic Bridge System
  • High Quality Die-Cast Machine Head with Nickel Fittings


A high quality electronic guitar that not only looks all gleaming and dapper, but perpetually sounds great, the Epiphones Les Paul-100 Electric Guitar has several features to boast of. The fact that it’s well within your pricing constraints, adds on to the allure! If you are serious about evolving your guitar skills with a reliable and responsive electric guitar that will last you for years, this is the right purchase for you. Yes, you will need to purchase all your electric guitar accessories separately, but the overall value for money offered in this Epiphones model definitely exceeds your expectations. Overall, a stylish and well-built musical instrument that will nurture your inner musical genius!

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