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Casio SA76 Review


Casio SA76 Review

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Casio SA76 Introduction

Children with no prior piano playing abilities will find the Casio SA-76 rather easy to learn on and even fun at times too. Yes, it has only 44-keys but because it targets a really specific age group, it does pack a whole lot of extra music after effects and voices. Total of 50 rhythms, 100 tones and 10 integrated songs ought to keep any kid preoccupied for months, maybe even years. The sheer variety of what a child can produce with basic piano knowledge is just staggering. Casio relies on 8-note polyphony and LSI sound source for its sound quality and a LC display handles all the music mix and match options.

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This 44-key digital keyboard from Casio makes switching between voices easy as it can quickly cycle between organ and piano modes. Rhythms range from salsa, waltz to slower tracks and more meaningful background connotations. Together the organ/piano quick switch button and the rhythms can help create some unique masterpieces. Who says your kid has to learn playing a Bach composition to have fun? Why can’t they make their own tracks even before they learnt to read a music sheet?

Adding more fun to the mix is the LC Display that packs in five drum pads for the perfect beat combination, the option to switch between drum sounds and a Melody Cut Rehearsal System to train the right hand. With this system a child can easily play along with 10 rehearsal songs built into the piano.

Casio SA-76 44-Key Mini Personal Keyboard
  • 44 mini-sized keys and 5 percussion pads , Amp Output -...
  • 100 sounds and 50 rhythm patterns. Dimension: 23.8 inch W x...
  • Simple tone selection with PIANO, ORGAN tone button and...

Casio SA76 Review & Experience

Got teenagers at home or children with an ear for music? If so, then you better get them hooked early on to a keyboard. Playing instruments, making music is known to develop the brain better as opposed to playing RPG and shooter games on a big screen. What are they learning then? With a keyboard at least they are creative, learn something and most importantly begin to develop a liking for music. The biggest concern for any parent though is whether to spend high on a more professional keyboard or go cheap and start with a Casio. Well, if you have decided to begin with a cheaper keyboard then the Casio SA-76 is a decent choice. It is highly rated, comes recommended from several vloggers and music teachers online. Naturally, we had to get our hands on this baby and give it a thorough break-in.

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Up first, the design. 44-keys obviously means it is half the size of a full-fledged digital keyboard. However, just because it is half-sized does not mean it is half the fun. We had a blast playing this keyboard and while the speakers are not going to drown out the blender noise in the background, they are certainly sufficient to enjoy a good jamming session in the quite of your room. As for the layout, there’s nothing that is confusing. Every single option, button or feature is clearly labeled on the keyboard and the central LCD screen is how you configure whatever you wish. For kids, today smartphones are easy to use, this piano won’t be any different though as an adult we were lost for a while trying to figure out how to use the percussions. It is just that there’s so much on offer in such a tiny device that you can go for months without even realizing all the fun stuffs it has hidden in its memory.

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Next up the playability. 44-keys with absolutely no weight or sensitivity doesn’t bode well for a professional but for a kid the lack of these intricate factors makes it easier to play. Pick a tune, match some beats and start pelting whatever your heart desires. That’s what the Casio SA-76 digital keyboard is all about. It isn’t meant to recreate a piece of art but rather make your own art on-the-fly. By the way, because of its size, don’t be astonished if your children lug it around everywhere, including on road trips so you better get them a tutor if you don’t want to go deaf and suicidal in the car. This brings us to the next point of concern – the lack of power adapters. For us, it is fine considering this is a light piece of equipment meant to be carried along. Batteries last long enough and for its size, intended audience, power adapters just seem dumb.

One final point we want to make is that there are two models in the market at present. One is the SA-76 and the other is the SA-77. Now both models are exactly the same, in fact they are the same except for one minor difference. The SA-77 is geared towards the Indian subcontinent so its voices, pre-recorded demo tracks and rhythms are more Indian obviously. You be the judge of what rhythms you want and get the right model but for those with no inclination towards either, the SA-76 model should do just fine. Did we mention yet that this Casio super fun piano is one of the most affordable models out there? Kind of begs the question, why would you not get it with all the bundled goodies when the entire ensemble will still cost you less than some other base models alone?

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Casio SA76 Pros

  •  Great beginner friendly keyboard that kids should find fun and entertaining for hours or maybe even months.
  • 44-keys does reduce the footprint significantly and puts this in the portable bracket.
  • So many tunes, rhythms and voices to choose from, including percussions – you can easily get lost in the music you make on this little beauty.
  • Comes with demo tracks or as we like to call them tutorial tracks that kids can immediately start replicating on their own without the presence of a tutor.
  • Cost is very affordable so even if your kids lose interest in the piano, it isn’t like a huge investment is lost.
  • Everything the piano provides is detailed right on top with a central LCD screen giving you details of what you have and have not selected.


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Casio SA76 Cons

  •  Not something a piano teacher would ever recommend to children especially considering the lack of another 44 keys!
  • Is it loud enough? In our opinion it wasn’t loud enough unless you are playing in a quiet environment.
  • The keys have no realistic feel at all. They are just keys that press and pop right back up. Kids who turn serious on a keyboard will instantly want an upgrade.
  • Does not ship with a power adapter so that might be a huge concern for many, though to us it is a portable digital keyboard so doesn’t really need one.


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Casio SA76 Features

  •  Children are the Casio SA-76 digital keyboard’s obvious choice. While available with add-on bundles, the keyboard alone comes as standard.
  • Total of 50 rhythms and 100 prerecorded voices to mix and match. Should provide sufficient hours of playing time.
  • Easy to switch between Organ and Piano tunes with the touch of a button.
  • Comes with a central LCD console that tracks, displays and changes any setting.
  • The keyboard does not ship with a power adapter; it has to be purchased separately or as part of a bundle.
  • Compact sized, perfect for children. It offers 44 keys in total.


Casio SA76 Conclusion

Casio instruments have always been known to be fun items. No one ever buys a Casio because they want to go professional. It is the preferred device with children and parents alike for the price and the fun factor involved. The Casio SA-76 is indeed a fun little instrument with half the keys but twice the entertainment factor. If you have kids and they want something to play, instead of getting them an Xbox, get them a Casio SA-76. Remember it is for kids so judge it as such – don’t go all Bach on it.

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