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5 Best Shower Radios (2022 Buying Guide)


5 Best Shower Radios (2022 Buying Guide)

"The thought of a shower radio most likely conjures up images of the large, bulky products from the 1990's and early 2000's that only had a radio feature; shower radios are not the same anymore. The majority of shower radios take batteries or are rechargeable, and this allows a user to avoid dangerous and time-consuming wires. Current shower radios can receive radio stations more effectively, and many have a Bluetooth feature that allows a phone - or other electronic device - to stream wirelessly; this would enable the user to choose the songs they hear. Others even have an element to allow the radio to be used to make phone calls or continue a conversation once they are in the bathtub. "

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1. Pyle PSR7 Splash Proof Water Resistant Mini AM/FM Radio

Pyle PSR7 Splash Proof Water Resistant Mini AM/FM Radio...
  • Marine Grade IP44 Water Resistant Housing - AM/FM Manual...
  • Built-in Speaker - Hanging Strap Design - Rotary Volume...
  • Built-in Analog Tuner with Antenna

2. Sony ICF-S80 Splash Proof Shower Radio with Speaker

Sony ICF-S80 Splash Proof Shower Radio with Speaker
  • Splash proof - Enjoy listening to your favorite radio...
  • Comes with detachable rubber strap for ease of hanging in...
  • Great sound, loud enough for the shower

3. Sangean H201 AM/FM/Weather, Digital tuned Waterproof/Shower Radio

Sangean H201 Portable AM/FM/Weather Alert Digital...
  • 25 Memory Presets (10 FM, 5 AM and 5 WX) with Auto Seek...
  • Public Alert Certified Weather Radio, Receives all 7 NOAA...
  • Waterproof up to JIS7 Standard with a Water-Resistant...

4. Sangean H202 AM/FM/Weather, Digital tuned Waterproof/Shower Radio with Bluetooth

Sangean H202 Portable AM/FM/Weather Alert/ Bluetooth...
  • 25 Memory Presets (10 FM, 5 AM and 5 WX) with Auto Seek...
  • Built-In Bluetooth for Wireless Audio Streaming
  • Public Alert Certified Weather Radio, Receives all 7 NOAA...

5. Hydro-Beat Illumination

No products found.

Buying Guide (2022)

The world runs on technology, and humans are continually doing something related to it. They are talking on the phone, listening to music, and catching up on news throughout the day. Showers and baths provide time to relax, but this does not mean someone has to always ignore the world to enjoy one. A shower radio would allow them to stay connected while they relax!

Why Purchase a Shower Radio?

A radio can allow someone to be entertained while they take a shower or bath. This is especially useful for small children who may become fussy when it is bath time; the product will help children enjoy the time, and a parent will be able to encourage them to sing and dance while they scrub in the bathtub! A radio can be entertaining for adults, as well. Countless people sing while they are in the shower, and a radio would allow them to sing along with their favorite songs.

Shower radios can allow a person to listen for traffic and weather updates. This is vital when planning a trip, preparing for work, or arranging another event; it is helpful to be aware of delays so a person can plan their route and day accordingly. The product would be useful if an area was experiencing severe weather; a person would be prepared, and they would be knowledgeable of any significant weather that may be in their area.

If the radio is enabled with Bluetooth and a calling feature, a shower radio would allow a user to call others while showering. With busy lives, it is sometimes difficult to find time to connect with others. A person can use a shower radio to chat with friends and family. They will be able to continue important conversations, and they will be able to be reached in emergency situations.

A radio with Bluetooth will, also, allow a user to talk on the phone much easier. They will not have difficulty hearing the person they are talking to - like they would if the phone were on speaker-phone. They, also, would not have to worry about damaging their phone or device with water from the shower or bath.

What to Consider when Purchasing a Shower Radio

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a shower radio is the sound output of the speaker. The maximum volume of some radios is difficult to hear, or certain radios negatively affect the way the content sounds. A speaker should have crisp, clear, and loud sound. The radio should be able to minimize static, as well. There are several factors to contemplate when it pertains to the output. For example, the flat audio frequency would need to have the ability to match the frequency of the input, or the output will sound strange. If a buyer chooses a radio with a calling feature, the product should have clear voice output; this allows the user to easily hear the person they are speaking with.

>The design and durability of the radio are significant. Shower radios and water-resistant speakers are not only limited to the restroom or locker room. A shower radio can be used for numerous outdoor activities. They could be used for swimming, hiking, and camping. They can even be used to host a beach party! A consumer would need to deliberate on their needs for the shower radio, and purchase a product that fits their desires.

The Difference Between Water-Resistant and Waterproof Radios

The most substantial aspect of a shower radio is its ability to function when it comes in contact with water, which should go without saying. Electronics can be waterproof or merely water-resistant. These two terms may sound like they mean the same thing, but they are very different.

Shower radio and speakers - much like smartphones - have water-resistant levels. They are rated through the Ingress Protection rating system. This rating systems specifies the water and dust resistance level of a product. In this classification, a product is rated from 0-6; the higher the rating, the more water-resistant the product is.

Water-resistant radios can endure rain or water splashes. The radio can be placed near, or under, the spray of water while an operator enjoys their shower. A waterproof radio can be immersed in water within certain conditions; this could be mean a certain depth or for a specific amount of time. A waterproof product could survive multiple water mishaps, like falling in the bathtub or other bodies of water, and be unscathed. However, waterproof products are usually more expensive than water-resistant ones, but they may be more cost effective over the course of time. However, it is impossible to recommend which type is better because they both have their positives and negatives; it would depend on the user and their needs.

If you're looking for a rugged radio for outdoor use, perhaps whilst on a camping or fishing trip, you'll want something fit for purpose; take a look at this list courtesy of Outdoor Empire for the best outdoor radio.

Final Thoughts

Showers radios are a wonderful way for someone to entertain themselves, or others, as they shower. They can be used in multiple places, and it is important to take the design and durability into consideration when choosing a radio or speaker. Shower radios can be purchased in various shapes, sizes, and colors; they can have different features, like Bluetooth and calling capabilities, as well. Whatever the purpose for a shower radio, there are many products with great functionality at reasonable prices.

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