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5 Best Cassette To Mp3 Converters 2022


5 Best Cassette To Mp3 Converters 2022

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There's a mounting case for converting your old recordings into MP3 format - you don't want to permanently lose those years of personal and/or professional history, do you? If you're looking for the best cassette to mp3 converter in 2022, you're in the right place. I've compiled a comprehensive list and buying guide that will help you narrow down your choices, especially if you are new to the world of audio conversion.

1. Reshow Cassette Player

The Reshow Cassette player comes complete with a headphone, USB cable, and software installation. Its design choice is the main selling point as it emulates the classic “Walkman” look. The device is simple to use and set up making it ideal for inexperienced individuals looking to convert their cassette tapes into MP3 format. This is a user-friendly MP3 converter that you might want to check out if you are planning on backing up your classic cassette tape collection.


  • User-friendly
  • The “Walkman” aesthetic is a nice little inclusion for those looking for some nostalgia
  • Comes with a complete set of accessories and an easy to follow installation manual


  • The audio quality once converted does seem slightly lower

2. Feir Cassette Tape Converter

The Feir Cassette Tape Converter is a multipurpose converter that you can also use as a player. It converts tapes internally so all you need is a flash drive. This also makes it another great choice for beginners who are not well-versed in operating complex programs and converters. The compact design allows it to be stored in your backpack or pocket while you listen or convert your favorite cassette tapes. This cassette tape converter requires 2 AA batteries to operate.


  • Compact design makes it easy to bring anywhere
  • Plug and play feature is designed for easy operation
  • Nigh exact audio quality upon conversion


  • Requires AA batteries
  • You must format your flash drive to FAT, FAT32, and exFAT format first as it is not compatible with NTFS format flash drives

3. ION Audio Tape 2 Converter

If you need something that covers the basics as well as other elements of cassette tape conversion, you might want to take a look at the ION Audio Tape 2 Converter. It features dual tape decks and is compatible with both CrO2 and metal cassette tapes. If you have a wide range of cassette tapes you want to convert into digital form, the ION Audio Tape 2 has you covered on all fronts.


  • Compatible with almost all operating systems
  • Comes with a built-in noise reduction for higher quality conversions
  • The product comes with USB and RCA cables


  • I highly recommend you tweak the options before starting the conversion as its default setting is not optimized.
  • The software uses automatically exports all files to iTunes. There is a PC workaround, however,

4. Reshow Converter and Player

I couldn’t even begin to describe how retro looking the Reshow Cassette to MP3 Converter Player is. This is another easy to operate converter designed for those who prefer the plug and play approach. It converts internally so all you need is to attach a flash drive to save the converted music. The affordable price tag of the Reshow makes it a great gift for your retro-loving friends and family. However, you must be aware that it goes through the whole cassette continuously. If you wish to separate each track you will need to do it manually.


  • The retro design perfectly accommodates this cassette tape converter and player.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • Plug and play feature makes it easy to set up and use.


  • It does not auto-stop converting when the tape ends.
  • It does not separate tracks.

5. WiKooWeaKoo Super USB Cassette Capture

Another affordable and easy to use cassette tape converter, the WiKooWeaKoo Super USB Cassette Capture is a great choice for beginners. It comes with its own headphones so that you can listen while you convert your tapes to MP3. It comes with a software CD installer and a manual. It is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Mac. The installer also comes with Audacity for a more in-depth conversion.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Bargain price with solid performance.
  • Default settings during conversion are good.


  • Some issues when trying to operate it on Windows 10. You will need to use Audacity to fix this problem which is not stated in the manual.

2022 Buying Guide


The digital age has arrived and is here to stay. It is amazing how far technology has come within the span of a couple decades. Nowadays, you will be hard-pressed to find cassette tapes and cassette players. Actually, it is downright impossible in most places. Let’s say you have tons of cassette tapes at home. Some contain personal recordings that you would like to listen to once again, or simply save into a modern format. How would you do that? The answer to your conundrum is a cassette to MP3 converter.

What is a Cassette to MP3 Converter?

As the name implies, it takes recordings from a cassette tape and converts it into the digital MP3 format. Before you head out to your local tech store to buy an MP3 converter, there are several factors that you first need to consider. First and foremost is your technological knowledge. Are you well-versed in modern technology? Or are you still learning to grasp gadgets like smartphones and operating applications on your computer?

People who are “technologically impaired” should go for the simplest and most basic converter. Yes, there are several types of MP3 converters out there and some of the more advanced ones can be quite a doozy to operate for beginners. If you are experienced enough with modern technology then you can probably use most of the converters you can find at the store.

A Cassette to MP3 converter can also be used as a cassette tape player, which is a simple yet good idea to include in this gadget. This allows you to listen to your tapes as well during the conversion process. A lot of these converters are reasonably priced so it won’t mess up your budget if that is something you are worried about. Also, I would suggest you go for a converter that comes with a headphone.

Beginners also have no need to fret as there are models in the market that are “plug and play”. These user-friendly cassette tape converters do not require any drivers or other forms of installation. They convert files internally with the only thing you need to do is transfer the converted files to a new drive. Most converters in the market require minimal set up with requirements being a PC and a USB cable. Basically, converters are extremely easy to operate so don’t feel intimidated.

Cassette Tape Recordings and the MP3 Format

The technology used in creating cassette tapes were invented way back in the 1920’s. While the introduction of magnetic cassette tapes was made almost a decade later in 1928. The first-generation cassette tapes were large and cumbersome, not to mention expensive. This lead to it is often used by researchers. The public first embraced it a couple decades later thanks to advancements in technology which transformed the cumbersome first-gen cassette tapes into smaller and more affordable versions known as compact cassettes or what we call the cassette tapes.

Cassette tapes were made available to the public in the 60’s but quickly became a prominent household fixture once the 70’s rolled in. They were used for entertainment and for recording important audio. It held the top spot until the compact disc came along but even the compact disc did not hold onto its position for long as it was supplanted by the digital and far more convenient MP3 format.

Nowadays, MP3 format is the norm when it comes to our audio listening and recording needs. It is convenient, audio retains its top quality, a tiny memory card can contain dozens to hundreds of MP3 files making storage a non-issue. With the internet becoming a part of everyday life, the MP3 format has also become an essential commodity. Now we have hundreds of thousands of music and recordings available at any time thanks to streaming.

Advantages of a Cassette Conversion Device

If you have a collection of cassette tapes in your home I suggest it is high time for you to think about converting it into a more modern format. The reason? Most cassette tapes have a shelf life of 1 decade, 3 decades max. After that, chances are the audio quality will start to deteriorate. There is also the instance of the cassette tape taking a beating from natural elements or simply getting cracks and tears.

Once the tape itself gets damaged, the chance of the recording being lost forever is a likely scenario. Regularly playing the cassette tape will also shorten its lifespan due to being overused. If you have an important recording in there you should think about having a backup for it, correct? Another danger to your cassette tapes is its exposure to powerful magnets. Sure, it might be a rare incident but if somehow a powerful magnet is placed near your cassette tape collection, kiss those recordings goodbye as the magnet can delete the recordings.

 This is where caseate to MP3 converters come into play. Taking the physical recording and converting it into digital format basically eliminates the shelf life problem completely. Make several copies of the MP3 format if you want and save it to a cloud storage. It is all about protecting the recordings and having multiple soft copies means you needn’t have to worry about losing important files ever again.


For audiophiles who have a trove of old cassette tapes in their collection, having a converter is a smart investment to have. This will not only update your music library it will also help preserve your collection in a more stable and long-lasting format. Hope this list helped you find the best converter for you.

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