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Best Choice Products Electric Guitar Review


Best Choice Products Electric Guitar Review

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With its aim to provide high value musical kits, Best Choice Products literally gives you the ‘best choice' to take your first musical leap, with the Full Size Electric Guitar Beginner Starter Package. And it gets even better when you discover that the guitar is not just functionally adept for new learners, but sleek and super-stylish. Brace yourself for the smooth, chirpy tunes of the classic Single Coil Pickups, coupled with the warm, trebly effect of hardwood, for a wide range of tones. So whether you are more of a ‘Rock and Roll' Aspirant or a ‘Blues' kind of person, or any other electrical guitar genre for that matter, this full-scale 39" guitar provides you with the conducive learning grounds. If you are confident that you're going to start playing guitar then take a look at the coupons on Getyourcouponcodes so you can start your new hobby without breaking the bank.

The hard tail bridge once set, warrants minimal attention so that you can focus on your lessons, whilst the headphones/microphone jack on the amplifier enables you to adapt your practice sessions based on the environment. Not only do the Dual Tone Control Knob, Single Volume Knob and Pickup Toggle Switch feel easy on your fingers, but the whammy bar, treble/base variation and distortion switches on the amplifier give you complete freedom to explore a wide range of tones and sound effects. Finally, an admirable glance at the add-ons like the zipper nylon gig bag, guitar, strap, pick and strings is a must, given that these are not frivolous additions but necessities that make the package totally worth it!

Best Choice Products 39in Full Size Beginner Electric...
  • COMPLETE ALL-IN-ONE GUITAR KIT: No need to purchase any...
  • CUSTOM DESIGN: New model features a quality paint finish,...

Review and Experience

With the kind of pricing that Best Choice Products offers for this entire Electric Guitar Beginner Starter Pack, it is kind of futile to expect anything outright fancy or upwardly. But having said that, you cannot really dismiss this particular full-scale model as a cheap junk; and that's the key premise on which I have based this entire review. After all, it's always worthwhile to appreciate a product for the specific market needs that it addresses. If you are thrifty guitar-newbie looking to grasp just the fundamentals, this Best Choice Electric Guitar + Amp Set, is perfect for you. But if you aspire to specialize in a particular genre, you should probably stop reading this review now and look for a higher end instrument. If you are already in possession of an instrument that is less advanced than what you need, you may be interested in some musical instrument pricing options that could see you make your money back on your current electric guitar or other musical instrument.

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OK, so I've already given you a brief about the features, build, finish and add-ons. Now I'd like to talk at length about the guitar pickup. There are 3 of them in total, one each situated on the neck, middle and bridge. There is a 5-way toggle switch that lets you alternate between each of them, or even chose two of them (neck and middle, or middle and bottom) together. Therefore as a beginner, you learn to appreciate the subtle differences in sound, which many similarly priced guitars with one single coil pickup do not offer. Then you have the tremolo which assists you in alternating the tension of the strings, particularly at the tail piece. And finally the overdrive option in the amplifier, is a big boost towards helping your experiment and improvise on your sound. So for a beginner's electric guitar, this beauty sounds really good, provided you are comfortable with the crispness and twang of the single coil pickup. Although I must warn you that there is a light hum that you definitely cannot avoid while playing on high volume.

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Now that we have clarity on the sound quality, let me tell you my experience and observation with the playability of this Full Size Electric Guitar Beginner's Pack from Best Choice Products. As I've mentioned, it is fairly easy for even pre teens to manage the guitar and amp, with the simple, compact design. Unlike many other similar beginner guitars with tune-o-matic and stop-bar bridge systems, the presence of a Hard-Tail Bridge makes this electric guitar all the more user-friendly for newbies. In my opinion, the Hardtail bridge is a fantastic option for beginners because all the maintenance hassles are largely avoided. It stays in tune for a long time once set, and requires very little intervention or regular adjustments.

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Finally moving over to the construction, I would urge you to understand here that there is a difference between sturdy construction and meticulous detailing of any electric guitar, which only an expert eye can detect. On the whole, this full scale guitar has quite a solid build, and all knobs, controls and strings incredibly well. But when you seek finesse of a legendary musical instrument in this model, you will be left dissatisfied. Even the amplifier, gig bag, pick, strap etc are of very basic quality and purely utility oriented. So it is important to analyze your own priorities before you narrow down on purchasing this guitar and add-ons bundle. [intense_content_box background="#f2f2f2" icon="ok" icon_stack_color="#2f8a3d"]


  • One of the most inexpensive beginner packs for new electric guitar learners, encompassing all novice requirements in one go
  • Both the guitar as well as amplifier are extremely lightweight, compact and easy to manage
  • Apart from the 39" electric guitar and 10W Amp, the fact that you get a top-notch shoulder strap, gig bag, strings, tremolo and a pick for under 100 bucks, has made this an outright bestseller
  • Despite being a basic amplifier, there are multiple controls options such as base and treble control, as well as a kill switch for amazing overdrive
  • Bolt-on Neck allows easy repair and maintenance in the long run, while extra strings come in really handy during emergencies
  • Beautiful Laminated Body doesn't for once resonate a ‘cheap feel'; available in four attractive colors of blue, black, green and sunburst

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  • Given that the electric guitar has been manufactured in China, you cannot expect the finesse of higher priced models
  • Not the best choice for those who have already taken guitar lessons in the past and wish to fine tune their skills
  • Presence of three Single coil pickup invariably ends up creating a slight buzz on high volume
  • Higher String Tension offers a more challenging learning curve as compared to that of a 24.75"guitar or a 25.5" guitar

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  • 39" Electric Guitar with Solid Hardwood Body, Bolt-On Maple Neck and Rosewood Fretboard
  • Beginner Starter Pack also includes a portable 10W Amplifier and Cord, Nylon Gig Bag, a Guitar Pick, Whammy Bar, Shoulder Strap and Replacement Strings
  • 6 high quality steel strings with Triple Single Coil Pickups and Hard-tail Bridge, and overall laminated, glossy finish
  • Dual Tone Control Knobs, Single Volume Knob, Pickup Toggle Bar and Tremolo
  • Well-equipped Amplifier has been provided with separate jacks for guitar and microphone/headphones + Treble and Base Control + Drive Button for Distortions
  • Estimated dimensions of full size guitar around 40" x 10.5" x 2" and weighs about 5 pounds



Idealistic guitarists might want to shun off this Best Choice Electric Guitar Beginner Starter Package as a not worthy, cheap China import. But for absolute beginners and even small bands on a budget, this is absolutely noteworthy. That's precisely the reason for this Full Size Electric Guitar and Accessories Bundle to be able to sell like hot cakes. Despite the ‘cost-effective' construction, you get more than a fair deal with an easy to play, non-bulky, great looking and great sounding electric guitar, replete with all the accessories you require in one stretch!

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