USA Today August 13th article!

The country legend revives his hits in poignant reinterpretations on ‘See You There’


See the online article HERE!


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  1. Loretta Gail Clemons
    05 June 14, 8:42am

    Dear Glen Campbell your are a blessing in more ways then one. May God grant you a miracle! Mom dear momma is with the Lord now but the memories live in us. You have done so much with your talent and have blessed so many with your music. You are in our hearts and prayers. God Bless the family as well for I know how devastating this journey can be.

  2. Teddie
    23 March 14, 11:44am

    My heart and prayers go out to you and your family! My mother in-law and brother in-law both had this horrible disease. And both we’re affected entirely different. I worked in the medical field for many years and have seen how time has progressed. Hopefully, since the medicine and sounds like the great Dr.’s you have, yours will keep you here with us for a long time to come. Please take care!!

  3. steven adams
    22 March 14, 3:48pm

    glen you’re the best and my continued prayers for you and your family your’e a rhinestone cowboy that will never..ever fade

  4. Tallpines
    23 December 13, 8:27am

    Glen, Kim and Family,

    No one, should ever have to deal with having to say a thousand goodbyes. This is a cruel disease. Know that your life has touched many people on many levels….often in ways they or you will never know.

    As for touching my life, I started off being a member of your fan club in the early 60’s…. I wrote asking you to attend my birthday in the late 60’s/early 70’s…..
    you of course weren’t able to come, but a friend of ours ran into your son in an elevator at a hotel in hawaii (he wasn’t able to reach the floor buttons very well) . Your son introduced her to you and you were gracious enough to allow a photo of you and her to be taken for her to give to me on my birthday that same year… I thought I was in heaven, because of your simple act of kindness.

    Over the years your music converted many of my friends and family to appreciate country music, and understanding that even those who never did convert, some how always loved at least the one’s you sang, wrote or played on…..regardless of the style.

    I am touched to this day with your strength and that of your families, and how they are protective of you and stand ready for you during this time.

    May you and your family be blessed with the best outcomes possiable during this tough time…and for many decades to come.

  5. rvgrandma
    05 October 13, 12:48am

    Alzheimer’s Disease starts years before diagnosis. Usually symptoms are ignored for a few years. My husband was diagnosed at age 61 and his younger sister at 55 but both had the symptoms at least 5 years before that. This is a horrible disease of which no one survives to tell about it. My heart goes out to Glen and his family cause I know the future.

  6. Donna
    04 October 13, 9:40am

    Glen…. may the Lord bless you and your lovely family each and everyday that you are with us… I grew up listening to you and learned to play my guitar to your songs…Songs that are forever in my memory…Whenever I hear one of your songs….an instant smile comes to my face…I just wish that I would have gone to one of your concerts to see u in person…Please continue to play your guitar as much as you can….I miss seeing you and often go on youtube and enjoy your songs….Much love and lots of hugs!!!

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