Upcoming Glen Campbell Appearances on ABC News

  • World News with Diane Sawyer – Tuesday, August 23 @ 6:30 PM, ET
  • Nightline – Tuesday, August 23 @ 11:35 PM, ET
  • Good Morning America – Wednesday, August 24  @ 7:00 AM, ET (exact time during the 2-hour program TBD)

Don't miss him!

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  1. Harp80233
    03 December 11, 8:21pm

    I truely love Glenn but I will be really surprised if he is able to make all his concert dates. I just saw him in Branson and you can tell he loved playing his guitar and singing I count my blessings that I got to see him. But I think who ever put the tour together they are pushing him too hard I think it is wonderful that he is able to share his gift and the people show their love in return(does him good) but maybe at a gentler pace for Glenns sake…..God Bless you Glenn you have given so many people joy.. Always your true fan
    Stephanie Harp

  2. Dave Kaplan
    06 November 11, 11:10pm

    Hi Glen Campbell,
    I hope you will get better. You are the greatest singer in the world.
    From Dave Kaplan of Los Angeles, CA

  3. Radioman80
    22 October 11, 7:39am

    Got a song of mine signed with Glen back in the early 70’s – was a fan then, and I’m a fan now. If, by chance Glen’s Alzheimers progresses slower than expected, maybe there will be time for an album after this one. Sure would like to hear more. AND hey Glen, if you’re looking for tunes for that next project google: Alzheimers I’m Not Me Anymore
    hugs to you my friend,
    Jerry Lansdowne

  4. Hollybygolly92
    23 September 11, 5:09pm

    My friend and I are going to see you on November 11th in Dublin. We can’t wait! I bought the ticket this summer when I was feeling sorry for myself because I was teaching summer school! 🙂 We are from Houston and would love to have our pics taken with you…I hope we can! 🙂

    • Hollybygolly92
      23 September 11, 5:11pm

      I just now read everyone’s comments about not getting to visit with him…I get that! It is so great just to see him but will TOTALLY understand if we don’t get a meet and greet. Just wishing!

  5. Me & Obi
    16 September 11, 4:44am

    Mr. Campbell – It would be great if you would consider visiting the Northwest – there is a great appreciation for country music here (believe it or not). Just found out about the new album and all on local radio. Please really do consider it! We would love to have an icon like you here !!

  6. JellybeanD2
    11 September 11, 8:50pm

    Cowboy44, please apologize to Glen. We all would have liked to have seen him personally, every person there. Perhaps you were misled into waiting for him, but he deserves nothing but positve comments. Can you imagine how exhausting this tour is for him? Or don’t you understand. Glen’s performance was awesome, heartlifting, an experience I will always remember. T;hank you Glen! God Bless You

    • jhd39
      11 September 11, 11:35pm

      Well said JellybeanD2. Glen could not personally see see everyone at the concert last night. I am in awe of his courage and was so honored to have been there last night for a beautiful performance. It is an experience that this 72 year old woman will never forget!

  7. Scottbfore
    11 September 11, 12:50am

    Please film a LIVE DVD for us that can’t make it to see you in person, I would love to have that in my CD-DVD case. Thanks for all the Good Times.

  8. john
    11 September 11, 12:19am

    Look at this wonderful new voice. Glen you amaze me. Ghost on the canvas……Beautiful, and manly courage in every note. You are my hero. Live on my friend…..you are destined for wonderful things still to come

  9. 28 August 11, 9:25pm

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  10. Anonymous
    28 August 11, 9:04pm


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