The New Album from Glen Campbell “See You There”

Coming August 13, 2013.

Read more about Glen and the new album HERE!


    15 July 13, 9:19pm

    Dear Glen & family ,may god bless all of you and always protect you from any harm I truly feel the world is “a better place” with you. you are always my rhinestone cowboy thanks for being there for me always

    Mr. Steven f. Adams Bakersfield California

  2. MaryDallas
    16 June 13, 2:39pm

    LOve you Glen……I have loved you sense I was a teenager…..I just wish I could have been that girl that you did’nt think you would ever find..:))……..and it wouldnt have been for the fame and fortune,i am as happy as a pig in a mudd hole living in a pretty lil log cabin in the mountains……….I wish you all the best,you have been the best through out the years,and I wish you didnt have this Illness,that will probbaly take you away from us…….god bless you my friend,you are always and will always be in my prayers.

    By the way I knew Tanya when i loved in Phoenix,she was singing anywhere she could ,and so was i…..wish I could have gotten the break she did,but i did’nt ….I have pretty much stayed on top of you and Tanya’s relationship,I love Tanyas music,and I think you and her made beautiful music,great vocal blends,I loved it,but i know she was not and easy person to get along with……will always love you and Miss you.


  3. Bama In Tampa
    16 May 13, 11:54pm

    I first saw Glen Campbell in 1963 at Lagoon Park, outside Salt Lake City, Utah, when he was the opening act for the Beach Boys. I later saw him when he filled in for Brian Wilson, and was lucky enough to be in London for his 1977 concert at the Royal Festival Hall. This was probably his finest concert, and I was fortunate enough to get tickets for all his performances (I couldn’t get enough, and the fans loved him). I have seen Glen 6 times since then, including his final appearance in Clearwater, Florida during his “Goodbye Tour”. I enjoy listening to Glen as much today as I did in the 60’s and 70’s. He will be missed, but his music will live on in our hearts. Thanks for the memories, Rhinestone Cowboy.

  4. In Concert
    26 April 13, 1:58pm

    The first time I saw Glen was in Springfield, Ma. at Symphony Hall. I was in high school and had the pleasure of seeing Glen fill in for Brian Wilson at a Beachboys concert. Vocally and instrumentally I could tell he was a master in his profession. I think he worked with Hal Blaine as part of the wrecking crew. Hal is from Holyoke, Ma. which is 15 minutes from where I live. I’m sorry to hear about his illness and hope he maintains his contact with his family for as long as possible. Glen sang one of the greatest songs of all time as far as I’m concerned-I am the lineman for the county-of course Wichita Lineman. Looking forward to his new CD.
    My prayers are with you.
    Art Rickless

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