1. djaconetta
    31 March 15, 3:40pm

    What was the closing song Glen use to do while the credits rolled ,on the Good Time Hour?

  2. marttellz
    07 June 14, 8:50pm

    Glen, I first heard your music in 1969, when I was 5, while living in Managua , Nicaragua where I was born and raised. I am a proud American now and I have followed you music ever since. I am truly grateful that God gave you the gift of music. Through it, you have reminds us what true Americans are liked. May God blessed you and your family. Thank you Glen from the bottom of my heart, Martin

  3. Bart Lund
    14 May 14, 1:51pm

    Glen, my all time favorite, I implore you to get a complexer containing l-arginine/l-citrulline at 801-769-7800/1428498 called ProArgi-9. A new friend had Alzheimer for 10 years, and now can drive again, call his children, play cards and even tell jokes again – after only 7 months on the product. They visit us often. Glen, you have everything to gain. This complexer brings oxygen to every organ of the body.

  4. SamuraiByrd
    18 February 14, 8:39pm

    To Glen, Friends and Family,

    Some important information about Alzheimer’s by using coconut oil.

  5. tom tunz
    02 February 14, 4:55pm

    Francisco Gonzales Jr wanted to know if you remember him when Y’all recorded “Tequila”in 1957. Frank played percussion and sang as well. He is now 82 and lives in Henderson Neveda

  6. 14 November 13, 1:44am

    I simply want to mention I am just beginner to blogging and site-building and truly loved your web page. Likely I’m planning to bookmark your blog post . You surely have amazing article content. Thanks a lot for sharing your web page.

  7. 10 November 13, 4:59am

    With blogs like this around I don’t even need website anymore.
    I can just visit here and see all the latest happenings in the world.

  8. Gerardine Boyle
    20 September 13, 2:46pm

    Glen and family,

    Watching documentary about your life on BBC4 just now and would like to bring your attention to Dr.Mary Newport, and her findings re a very simple natural method of treating people with Alzheimers. She is also referenced on Her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimers and three years into this condition she discovered that his condition improved after following a very simple regime.

    Wishing you well.


  9. Ron & Laura Matthews
    22 July 13, 3:23pm

    Dear Glen and Family, Laura & I saw you and visited with you at a signing in Deadwood South Dakota. My wife had one of your first albums still in the plastic wrap. You signed it for her. God Bless you! Truly a legend! P.S. We would like to e-mail you some info on treating and reversing Alzheimers. We want to grow Old Together! Txt us @ 719-640-7162 or Prayers for All!

  10. Carleeboy from NJ
    21 June 13, 2:33am

    Hi Glen,
    I hope you are doing well
    When I was very young I bought a album called Sunset Surf on Capitol Records and you were credited for playing on it. There is a song on it called Infinity and the guitar work was beyond belief, it still runs through my mind after 50 years and I just played it again last night. It’s funny because I bought the album because I liked the cover and to my surprise found a song that to this day is unforgettable

  11. Charles Shaver
    25 April 13, 10:49am

    Dad was a nightclub/radio singer; died young, in 1957. Mom sang too; died of Alzheimer’s in 1998. Didn’t learn to play guitar or start writing songs until age 20, in 1964. Usually got a good reception doing your songs in amateur contests, as poorly as I sang and/or played. I still sing your songs (to myself) but stiff fingers (as opposed to memory loss, so far) discourage me from doing more, at age 69. Have a few old practice videos posted on YouTube and my own “ website,” with the Ovation guitar I was inspired to buy and keep by seeing you in Las Vegas. After seeing you and Ashley before Congress last evening am trying to reach you (e.g., to share what I have uniquely learned about my concentration and memory problems. Good to go, for now. Best wishes.

  12. Steven Thauberger
    23 April 13, 3:54am

    I grew up listening to the music of Glen Campbell. Unfortunately, I lost my hearing, and the only time I can “hear” the music is in my head, that is to say, my memory. I am saddened to hear his health has been affected by Alzheimer’s. Thank you Glen Campbell for all the many years I have been privileged and blessed to listen to your songs, your music.

  13. Michelle
    22 April 13, 11:06am

    Glen, My name is Michelle. PLEASE contact me! I have been trying all day to find a contact number for an agent or manager to get this information to you!
    While coconut oil is a great idea, I am having wounderful results with the optimals I have given to some of my friends for this. It’s something that has alot of breakthrough information. Been a fan for many years and my heart went out to you when I heard the news today!
    Please don’t wait contact me ASAP I will be checking my e-mail often for a responce from anyone in your camp.

  14. mark
    19 November 12, 9:40pm

    I lost my Grandfather to Alzheimers 20 years ago. Alzheimers may be a nutritional deficiency disease. The brain needs the fats, all this cutting out the fats is harmful to the body. I see other comments about COCONUT OIL and they are right! Get a jar of “unrefined” from WholeFoods or TraderJoes and mix some of it with Glen’s food everyday. Give him the clock test. Ask him to draw a clock. Then in 2 weeks have him do it again and you will see improvement. God bless him.

  15. 18 November 12, 2:41am

    His Majesty the King has kept the music and personal prayer for Mr. Glen Campbell for many years and wishes him well and personal blessings for all his plans and dreams and prayers of the future. His Majesty is constantly impersonated and likened to other people, but during this brief struggle of life, has kept an open diary/ open letter of notes to those people around the world in many places who have all been contacted by His Majesty and assisted by Him for their lifetimes after they all survived a genocide and worldwide abuses, especially noted in these last two years of 2011/2012 that are not allowed into the public domain of news reporting, whilst others are still being rescued and assisted and cared for. The casual open diary of notes for children/families who survived who are being protected, is at the public internet worldwide site

    His Majesty has the deepest respect for Mr. Glen Campbell and all he lives for and wishes him and his loved ones well always.

    Any enquiry should be made to

    whilst the Royal family are still within the Commonwealth of Australia.

    November 18 2012 9:36 p.m.

  16. angel#2
    21 August 12, 11:29am

    Dear Glen Campbell
    Hi I just found out about your bad time with drugs. I have to write to tell you you are one of my favorite singers growing up. glad you are better from drugs
    your fan too,
    ps I’m praying for you I so want to be your angel too.

  17. Toni Hauser
    25 June 12, 2:00pm

    Glen, don’t say goodbye, add natural coconut oil to your diet and help reverse and stop alzheimers! I wish I knew about it when my Mom had alzheimers. She passed 9 years ago at the young age of 74. There is a dr. in Florida whose husband was diagnosed and she did research and apparently it is caused by the brain not absorbing glucose. I guess it is kind of like diabetes of the brain. Apparently he is doing great and goes jogging, reads and can hold conversations, when he couldn’t do any of that before. I am not selling anything, just passing on info. They use to use coconut oil in products all the time but when the whole cholesterol problem came to light, everyone switched to what was considered healthy oils, although it is now known that coconut is a healthy oil and actually helps good cholesterol. Since the manufactures have stopped using coconut oil the number of people with alzheimers has risen expotentially. And what is the risk? Nothing to lose and everything to gain. God Bless!
    I do agree that Alzheimers is not funny, however, when your Mother looks at you and says “you are a sweet little boy” when I am a 6ft tall woman, a sense of humor does help cope with your Mom slipping away.
    God Bless you Glen!

  18. nancy
    03 May 12, 10:33am

    I am only wanting to share the below email and see if there is any suggestions or contacts that you may be able to assist on. I lost my mother to early onset of Alzheimer’s. It was not funny and I still miss her. There are petitions to get it off the air, but people are reluctant to sign because so little is ever done. I am speaking from my heart along with many others who have walked in these shoes.
    I emailed the Manager of Greg Garcia of Raising Hope. Below is what I sent. Again, any suggestions, assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
    I am not asking for anything other than RESPECT.

    With much appreciation,

    Nancy Coin
    Tampa Florida

    Ms. Reed,

    I called and left you a voice mail message. I am inquiring about the show Raising Hope. Its about MAW MAW and Alzheimer’s. Has anyone in your production crew ever be effected with Alzheimer’s? It is a gut wrenching disease that robs so many people and it is attacking younger and younger people everyday. My mother was a top executive with a major corporation who at an early age was diagnosed. Needless to say this was devastating to all the family and friends involved.

    DO you truly understand that shell that they live in? Do you know what it is like to walk in and say Good Morning Mom and this beautiful woman just stares at you and says “who are you?” Do you know that everyone with Alzheimer’s has a death sentence? I would just like to understand the justification of how you deem this show to be comical and funny when someone is dying and others are hurting knowing they are going to lose that special person. It is so disrespectful, heartbreaking and there are so many that do not understand Mr. Garcia’s decision to create and produce such a damaging show. There are far too many other things that are funny.

    Since when was a life, a human, a mother, father, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, friend, co worker, neighbor… dying funny?

    What next…. have a sitcom about all the soldiers who gave their life to this country….. is that funny too. The thousands who come back missing body parts?

    Alzheimer’s is NOT FUNNY. Is the cost of the care and treatment funny? DO you realize how many are abused by improper knowledge on how to care for Alzheimer patients?

    If this was your mother…….. would you think it was funny. Would you be laughing watching your mother die in front of you and not be able to do anything about it?

    If you were me………… what would you do?

    You and Mr. Garcia should watch the caregiver’s love story video with the song Hiding from the Rain to understand more what losing your love one to Alzheimer’s is like.

    Out of Respect for those suffering and for who lost the battle already, don’t you think it would be appropriate to take this show off the air…………or turn it into an educational show? That would be beneficial to millions and you would still profit off someone’s pain…………… what a shame

    I would greatly appreciate a response back


    Nancy Coin
    daughter of a Mother who died from Alzheimer’s and I didn’t laugh

    Tampa Florida

  19. Dolores
    24 April 12, 8:36pm

    Glen, hope you had a fun day on your Birthday. Love your music.

  20. Neil
    22 April 12, 1:29am

    Happy birthday Glen.

    Born on 22nd April 1936, Glen Campbell, country singer, songwriter, actor, TV presenter. His hits include ‘By the Time I Get to Phoenix’, ‘Wichita Lineman’, and ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’, Campbell has released more than 70 albums selling over 45 million records.

    As a session musician in the 1960s he worked with Bobby Darin, Ricky Nelson, The Monkees, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, The Velvet Underground, Frankie Laine, The Association, Jan & Dean and The Mamas & the Papas. He was a touring member of The Beach Boys, filling in for an ailing Brian Wilson in 1964 and 1965. His guitar playing can be heard on ‘Strangers in the Night’ by Frank Sinatra, ‘You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’‘ by The Righteous Brothers and ‘I’m a Believer’ by The Monkees.


  21. Diane Fritsch
    24 March 12, 11:21am

    Glen, your songs brought me to the Lord. I was lost at 40, but then I heard you singing about Jesus and you were the one I believed was telling the truth.
    I can never thank you enough for the courage to sing for the Lord. I have been serving Him for over 20 years now and He gets sweeter all the time.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Diane Fritsch

  22. Dbendtsen
    21 March 12, 10:33pm

    Damn, Glen –

    I’m getting choked up writing this…you’ve brought so much comfort and joy to my life. I wish you would change your “goodbye” campaign, to the “I’ll see you later” campaign. No goodbye’s…..

    I’ve been a big fan of yours since back in the day, and like millions of others, you’ve made a huge positive impact on our lives. Thanks Glen, I’ll see you later!

    David Bendtsen

  23. Hadassah
    06 March 12, 10:33am

    I am also Messianic. I want you to have this information. Talk to your Holistic Doctor about Ascorbic Acid Chelation for detoxing your brain of metals, especially aluminum. This is an intravenous treatment. It is quick and safe and is on a cutting edge for treating and perhaps curing this disease process. I am praying that you will receive this information and that someone will see to it that you receive this e-mail.
    Shalom and Blessings,

  24. Jmacd1
    24 February 12, 5:21pm

    Any quality pure coconut oil will help treat Alzheimer’s disease. there are many sources available. search youtube and you will be surprised at the info available.

  25. Jazzidonna5 from Wisconsin
    22 February 12, 9:06am

    Do you remember your first album? (yes, I am that old) – mine was Glen Campbell and he was my first celebrity crush. Attending a concert of his was always on my bucket list and when he announced his final tour, I vowed to attend one somewhere. Attended Joilet, IL on Jan 26, my 56th birthday. Best gift ever. I indicated “now I can die since I’ve seen Glen Campbell”. OK, a little dramatic, but seriously I sang every song along with him and helped him out with the lyrics because I know all the words to each one of them. Loved the lifetime achievement award at the Grammys and the recent TV specials highlighting this incidious disease Alzheimers. You go deserve all the allocades and thanks for highlighting the need to find a cure! Your kids and wife are also tops. The love showed through at the concert and on TV.

  26. Linda
    21 February 12, 1:23pm

    Really enjoyed your Goodbye Tour on Fox. Please contact Life Extension supplements for Neuro-Mag which has shown much improvement for Alzheimers. Also try Jarrow Coconut oil – only thing on the coconut oil – it is out of stock at manufacturers. Try Life Extension brand of Neuro-mag first since the coconut oil is out of stock.

  27. J
    19 February 12, 7:28pm

    What a special night. The courage it is taking for Glen and his children is amazing. At the same time, they are able to perform with their Dad on The GoodBye Tour. One of Glen’s solos was very special with Ashley sitting nearby on a platform in the background just in case Dad needed assistance.
    I hope a cd will be offered of the Phoenix show and maybe of all the other appearances. Even though the shows will be the same, each will have those special moments only to that show. The cd could be made on a confirmed order only.

  28. Donwilson2011
    19 February 12, 3:11pm

    Hi everyone. I ordered Glen’s Ghost on the Canvas signed album set and got it Feb 17, 2012. IMO this is Glen’s best album. Don’t get me wrong I love all of Glen’s music but the songs on this album will blow you away.


  29. Susan
    18 February 12, 7:54pm

    There is a product called Prevagen that has proven to me to help my mother. Please check it out. You can find it a My mother’s memory has greatly improved she is remembering more and more daily. It is gradual but clearly something is happening and we are no longer losing ground. I make no money off of this product and have nothing to gain other than to know that it may make a difference in you. It is horrible to watch your love one slip away with Alzheimers. But, I am so thankful to see my mom coming back to us and I hope it will work for you. By the way many of my family members don’t believe in it because a “doctor” did prescribe it to her. But, they can’t explain or understand how she went from not being able to carry on a converstation to not only having a conversation but starting to order people around. ha! Walgreens and Rite-Aid also carry this product. I hope it not only helps Glen Campbell but also anyone else who has this condition or starting to have memory problems. Sincerely…..

  30. MIke
    18 February 12, 4:56pm


    Mr. Campell,
    I recently read about your battle with Alzheimers. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your music has touched the lives of so many over the years. You will be in our hearts for ever.
    God Bless

  31. Rick
    14 February 12, 10:07pm

    I have always been a fan of yours. My dad has one of your songs “The Lord’s Prayer” that was so well done but I can’t find anywhere. For your Alzheimers, contact Dr. Garry Gordon in Payson. Benny Hinn saw him for his health and was so amazed that he had Dr. Gordon on his show.

    • Carrieann
      15 February 12, 12:03am

      Rick — You can find “The Lord’s Prayer” on Glen’s “Favorite Hymns” or on his “Legacy” 4 CD set or on Glen Campbell “Live” — they are all still available on Amazon.

  32. Debbie
    14 February 12, 2:23pm

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless you. You are the best. Been a fan for years .

  33. James Burrous
    13 February 12, 6:17am

    Glen please look into coconut oil as an aid to combating Alzheimer’s.

  34. Supermom Leigh
    12 February 12, 10:36pm

    My dad is has Alzheimer’s. I know it’s to late for my dad, but I pray they find a cure that everyone knows about, or at least something that slows it down. God Bless you Glen Campbell!

    • Lindaellen03
      28 February 12, 6:54pm

      Try coconut oil gel caps and cook with coconut oil!!!

  35. Greenrock1
    12 February 12, 4:16pm

    My father died of Alzheimer’s. This information is the most compelling to try. “What if there was a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease and No one Knew? by Dr. Mary Newport
    Link below

  36. Brian O'Neill
    12 February 12, 8:14am

    I urge the doctor(s) and family of Glen Campbell to seek out the results of Dr. Newport and her husband who she treated with cold-pressed, organic coconut oil in conjunction with other substances. It seems as if the positive effects on the dementia are quantifiable and genuine. I would love to know that Glen Campbell was benefitted by this regime (or any at all), as I have been a fan of his music since about the beginning.

  37. Jimbsp
    12 February 12, 8:07am

    Please study the findings of Dr. John McDougall at

  38. joan
    12 February 12, 8:00am

    Thought you might be interested in the following article relating to Alzheimer’s disease:

    A must WATCH!

    Coconut oil watch to the end – A Real Eye Opener!

    • Brian O'Neill
      12 February 12, 8:44am

      This is a good piece of info for Glen Campbell and many, many others. Amazing that I could come across it on the hateful CBN. Isn’t that the site of Pat Robertson and all those quasi-Christians who forget to mention that Christ was all about the poor and disadvantaged and, try to remember this one, it is harder for a rich man to get to heaven than it is for a camel to get through the eye of a needle? Do you hear that all you rich “Christians?” The bigger the gap between rich and poor becomes in the U.S., the less Jesus, the Good Shepard, likes it. Don’t believe me, go to the New Testament and see what the Boss says. If you can’t relate to the poor, haven’t a clue what they are going through, then you just can’t and will never get it. Are you listening Mitt and all those rich and wannabe rich at the CPAC extravaganza in Washington this weekend. One more thing: Christians do not follow a Saviour who permits racial prejudice to abide anywhere near him. When you allow racial divisiveness and bigotry in your midst you say “go away, Jesus!” This is a fact and no wiggle room is provided. BTW, thanks for the link to the video, Joan.

  39. Dave
    11 February 12, 11:28am

    Two very interesting sites that show testimonies where two gentlemen had severe Alzheimer’s / dementia issues and were greatly helped by taking pure virgin organic coconut oil daily. They saw remarkable improvement within weeks.


    Connellsville PA

  40. Bhandlin
    09 February 12, 3:52pm

    I recommend seeing Dr H Richard Casdorph in Long Beach, CA, the Casdorph Clinic. Dr Casdorph has had excellent results eliminating or reducing Alzheimer’s using Chealtion Therapy. Dr Casdorph is one of the best in the country at this. He writes about this in his book The Toxic Metal Syndrome. Best wishes. Brad Handlin, Strongsville, OH

  41. Steve Sybesma
    09 February 12, 9:20am

    Hello Glen,

    I’m really saddened to hear about Alzheimer’s. My grandmother died from it at 96 years old back in 2007.

    I just turned 50 today.

    My dad used to listen to your music a lot when I was a little kid back in the late ’60s so I got a very strong appreciation of you from back then.

    What your music means to me was the simplicity of life in a world long ago that none of us can really know anymore. That is the way I interpret it. Your lyrics seemed very heartfelt and sincere to me and they were full of emotion.

    I don’t care what mistakes you made in your life, because you overcame them so you are a winner in my book. Look at all you accomplished. It is much greater than what I will ever be able to do.

    I am unemployed as of two days ago (great birthday present). I hope to find work again soon.

    I have struggled with severe depression all my life. I have no children and I really wonder sometimes what my life was for…but I do keep trying to find out what that is. I keep trying to survive and get ahead a little at a time, and knowing I can always listen to your music gives me a way to hold onto something that was real to me.

    Thank you for being a small but significant part of my life and my sentimentality.

    Steve Sybesma
    Lafayette, CO

    • Michael Davis
      11 February 12, 5:06am

      Read my post above. I had such severe depression it led to a loss of everything and homelessness four times over the ten years from 2000 to 2010. I am way past that now with my own business and a happy and fulfilling life. I’m glad God stopped my suicide attempt (I tool 32 sleeping pills with a liter and a half of wine). I urge you to read the article I linked to in my post above.

      Best wishes, Steve

  42. Julene2u
    08 February 12, 3:27am

    I’m listening to “EVERYDAY HOUSEWIFE” and I know what he’s going to be going through. But, I BELIEVE I will see him after I pass through those Pearly Gates!!!!

    I Love You, Glen

    Thanxs for your God given talent!!!

  43. DTuula
    22 January 12, 7:01pm

    Glen, I have grown up on your music and the first songbook I ever bought was a Glen Campbell one. Your guitar playing inspired me to pick up the guitar and learn to play like you. The first real guitar I ever bought was an Ovation because thats what you played. It is hell to get older but we must do as we do but the sounds of the Wichita Lineman will be forever playing in our minds. God Bless and take care. Dave Tuula

  44. Ken and Janice
    06 January 12, 10:58pm

    Dear Mr. Campbell my wife and I have been fans for all of our lives, over 50 years! We will be at your concert in Southern California… at the Pala Casino and Resort. We would be most grateful if you could sing two of our favorites: “If These Walls Could Speak” and “Only One Life”. They are our favorites and would be a fitting tribute to your amazing career.

  45. Davestrain07
    05 January 12, 2:54pm

    glen , love you and you lifetime of music ! thank you! hope to see you in ann arbor,mi, sold out but ill find two tickets somhow. pick and grin! your the man. ptl Dave

  46. Jmu1986
    01 January 12, 2:54am

    You cannot thinknof country music and NOT think of Glen Campbell! Keep hanging in there, God has a plan for you. Just believe in him and you will be fine!

  47. Leah
    25 December 11, 7:58am

    48 or so years ago, a young musician who was staying with his uncle in a trailer park in New Mexico was nice enough to babysit for a young mother. That child was me…been loving your music ever since…You are in our thoughts and prayers

  48. Linda M. Brandt
    20 December 11, 5:21am

    I’m a survivor, Glenn, of a very rare and serious brain tumor whereby nearly 25% of my brain had to be removed. That was nearly 7 years ago and after almost three years of grueling therapy, I am now walking, painting and driving again. I am also now painting on stage again to music. I thought you may like to know that I spoke last month to an audience of encephalitis survivors who have had some very traumatic changes to their everyday lives. ( I also had encephalitis when I was 13 and miraculously survived ten days being in a coma where my parents were not given an encouraging prognosis) God has been so good to me and blessed me. I thought you may want to know that the song I painted to was your “Ghost on the Canvas”…it was perfect as the form emerged through the painting!!! Thank you, thank you for this beautiful song and for your whole life of beautiful music!

  49. Ron Toft, Journalist
    06 November 11, 6:13am

    Saw Glen in Basingstoke recently. Despite his advancing years and illness, he’s still light years ahead of most modern performers. I will cherish his records and his live performances to my dying day. Thank you, Glen, for a thousand lifetimes of magical artistry and for the wonderful legacy you have left us, and future generations.

  50. Stevemyers1980
    29 October 11, 1:18am

    Saw the performance in Nottingham on Wednesday. It was fantastic to see a true entertainer. I have been to several concerts over the last 40 years and can say that your rendition of The Moon’s a Harsh Mistress (one of my favourites) was superb and the standing ovasion we gave you at the end brought a tear to my eyes. Thank you for giving me so much enjoyment listening to all your music.

  51. RealMusicLover
    23 October 11, 4:16pm

    Having just returned from seeing Glen and his young family perform tonight at St Davids Hall – Cardiff… What can I say… Glen your a legend… Thank You for the Music from the tunes on my Dad’s 8 Track in the 70’s to the sounds on my iPod today… God Bless You…. Mike and Moira – Aberdare 🙂

  52. Sue
    23 October 11, 2:46pm

    Saw your show in Cardiff tonight, and it was wonderful. Thank you Glen.

  53. Valerie Leach
    22 October 11, 2:47am

    Took my grandson Jack (aged 5, and a huge fan) to see Glen Campbell last night at the Lowry, Salford. he saw Glen who was kindness itself to him and to say Jack that was beyond excited to meet his hero is an understatement. Thank you for a wonderful night and for an evening Jack will never forget.

  54. Pecate
    17 October 11, 12:06pm
  55. Bernie Cushing
    13 October 11, 9:18am

    I have just posted and it has missed words in the Link! it should read.

    Bernie Cushing

  56. Bernie Cushing
    13 October 11, 9:10am

    Hi Mr Campbell I have read of your illness and I beleave you will want to see this Link! it was sent to me and I thought of you ( ) this is written by a Doctor who’s Husband has Alzheimers Disease, I beleave you are comeing to Scotland soon? that is where I live! and I sore you live in Aberdeen many years ago.

    Best Regards
    Bernie Cushing

  57. Slmanegold
    13 October 11, 6:20am

    I am so happy to see you celebrating your life with Alzheimers disease. I know what you are going through… my father is in his 8th year of the disease!!! I pray that you can enjoy every moment with your family and your beautiful music. God Bless.
    Sandy Manegold

  58. Daniel Miller
    23 September 11, 8:07pm

    Thanks for the beautiful Music over the years, Glen. You’re the Man.

  59. Ros & Fay
    13 September 11, 8:56pm

    Hi Mr Campbell,

    “Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.”

    Thank you for sharing your fantastic gift. Your songs have been there to celebrate my happiest times and have also seen me through lifes challenges. My greatest pleasure will be seeing you in Nottingham England in October with my mum (Fay). Mum is 77 and coming down from Scotland to cheer you on. She has also managed to get the last ticket for your show in Glasgow in November! We cant wait!!

    Lots of love from Ros & Fay (Campbeltown girls)

  60. Lionzman
    13 September 11, 7:45am

    I have loved you since I was a kid and the days of Galveston and Wichita Lineman. Knew those songs before I even knew it was you singing them. Drove around in the summer at night after getting off the swing shift listening to Southern Nights. Of course True Grit!!! Right on through to today. You have been a part of my life. Thank you Glenn. Awesome guitar picking by the way!!!

  61. the young old girl ; )
    13 September 11, 12:32am

    Goodbye tour ? You are never leaving us , All the years of music you Mr Cambell will always live on will never be forgotten , I have such a great affection for you grew up watching your show seeing you in Movies seeing your sense of humor no your not saying goodbye ~ I will not be seeing you in concert all are to far away I,m sorry to say never had the pleasure which makes me very sad . please know that you have been a part of my lifetime or so I feel that way . As a child watching your show each week then of course all the years since that time ~ so many parts of me life I can hear one of your tunes and it brings me to the past some happy some sad memories but you were always a part of my life thru your music ~ I wish you the very best and I will miss you , I admire your choice to go public with having Alzheimers disease my Dad had it I was his caregiver for seven years before him my Moms and yes did it for a living too , having no artistic ability my contribution to the human race was in the field of healthcare and I was excellent too ; ), By your going public with it and determined to still perform in concert I don,t know if you realize how many you are helping by doing this ~ It takes alot of courage I admire you for it and wish you only the very best , Thank you for such great music wish I could see you but its not in the stars for me ~ Thank you again , You,ve made millions of people happy for so many years and are deeply loved ; ) Just remeber tho its not goodbye as your legacy will stand forever in time

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