It’s not just in the U.S.; Glen Campbell reviews are INSANELY AMAZING in the UK as well!

“The Rhinestone Cowboy rides into the sunset, 4 stars” – UNCUT

“Strong and satisfying…4 stars” – Mail On Sunday

“Superb” – Daily Telegraph

“A true great bestows on us his parting words. Glen Campbell’s command of truth-telling songs with empathic weight is undisputed. Echoing his great works of the mid-60’s and 70’s, all the things he did well he’s still doing here. 4 stars” – Q

“…like Cash, he has saved some of his best work for last…magnificent. A fitting valediction to a great career. 4 stars” – Sunday Times

“…a pre-ordained adieu from the golden voice of American song…most notable for the man’s gloriously undiminished tones.” – MOJO

“captivating…after five decades it’s still irresistable, still the kind of voice that turns your insides out” – The Word

“Glen Campbell possesses one of the great American voices…up there with Presley, Cash and Sinatra…a voice assured and undimmed.” – The Sun

“The Rhinestone Cowboy is bowing out on a high…this is a fitting epilogue.” – Daily Mail

“One of the great countrypolitan voices. Words such as dignity, stoicism and class come to mind. What a life…he sounds grateful; we should be, too. 4 stars” – Financial Times

“His voice is rich and clear, the songs intimate reflections on his 75 years” The Independent

“He’s going out on an elegiac high, with a beautifully crafted, stately but emotionally charged ‘musical biography’” – Evening Standard


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  1. Steven Smith71
    24 October 11, 4:24am

    I took my parents to see Glen at the Royal Festival Hall on Saturday night.
    What a fantastic and emotional evening ,hearing such a legend belt out some fantastic songs I grew up with and now also play to my own daughter.
    Thank you for the music Glen and some fantastic memories.
    It was a pleaseure to see you perform and I only wish I had the opportunity to see your show again.

  2. Dpeterson3
    30 September 11, 10:52pm

    I have loved Glen since I first saw him on the Smothers Brothers Show when I was eleven years old. When I was twelve, my dad took me to see him perform at the Tarrant County Convention Center in Fort Worth. I thought he had the most beautiful voice on the face of the earth and I got to hear it LIVE!! Listening to him sing as he stood alone under that spotlight wearing a white turtle neck sweater is one of my most cherished childhood memories. That same weekend both Glen and John Wayne were in the Metroplex to promote True Grit. As he and The Duke stood on top of the snack bar at the Apollo drive-in in Dallas, I was one of the kids who kept running back and forth through it when they turned to face the opposite screen. I live in Southern California now and am really bummed that I will have to miss Glen’s show in LA. Perhaps he can somehow squeeze San Diego into his schedule as I’d really love to see him one last time.

  3. Norma Hyde Patterson
    27 September 11, 11:45pm

    As a young mother, I always insisted that the family watch the Glen Campbell TV show, telling my children that he was my old boyfriend, since I grew up in Arkansas. I don’t think I really learned to appreciate his music for the terrific voice he has, until recently while driving alone across country, listening to one of his CD’s. Though I’ve always enjoyed his music and been a fan, I was truly amazed at how great his voice really is. “Country Boy”, I believe, tells his story, and brings tears to my eyes. I hope that he will always be able to sing and play the guitar. It will help to cope with the future. Don’t be surprised if he lives a very long time. More than anything else, I hope Glen knows how much he is loved.

  4. Melly
    27 September 11, 10:18pm

    I just saw you on Kimmel tonight, and your singing was both warm & haunting. And during the last song I had tears in my eyes. I will be getting & giving this album, just based on the 2 songs I heard. It’ll be the first album by a male country singer I’ve ever bought, for myself or for others. That’s how good you are Glen. But you already knew that. See you on the flip side, sir. God speed.

  5. Ian Millar
    23 September 11, 1:18am

    Ghost On the Canvas – superb stuff. From the title track to the great cover of In My Arms, Holf on Hope and the track that gets me every time I hear it – There’s no me without you – this album just gets better every time I listen to it. The voice, the guitar playing, the arrangements – all perfect. Looking forward to seeing Glen and the band in Aberdeen Music Hall – saw them there last time and they were fantastic then. This promises to be even better!

  6. Mike and Nick Campbell
    11 September 11, 4:56pm

    We just picked up the new album yesterday, Glen. It is very good. But we were sad to think it is the last album. Guess we will have to start over again purchasing all of them a second time. Some of your old albums like “Honey Come Back” and “Hey Little One” and even the soundtrack from “Norwood” is now available at iTunes and we are very happy about that. It’s great to hear some of Mac Davis’ songs you recorded way back when available, like “Me and My Guitar” and “I’ll Paint You A Song.” More to say about the new album later when we have listened to it multiple times. Peace and all, Glen, and thanks for being you!

  7. Susan Gallaher
    11 September 11, 2:59am

    would also love Glen to come to Australia. Glen has many fans here who would love to thank hm for his great music over the years.

  8. Ian Ward
    10 September 11, 9:39pm

    Love Glen Campbell and his music from when I was just a little kid….would love to see him come to Australia for us to show our appreciation….wonderful music over so many years!!!!

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