Glen Campbell’s Ghost On The Canvas In USA Today’s Top 10 Albums Of 2011!

Glen is in the Top 10 again!! USA Today has named Ghost On The Canvas the #6 album in their yearly roundup if the years best music!

Ghost On The Canvas

It also made their critics’s picks for top albums in 2011 as well!

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  1. Marc Irving
    19 March 12, 4:19am

    I had rhe great opportunity to see Glen perform at the Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo in Austin Sunday. it was a great and very memorable show. His music has been around my whole life, and it was inspiring to see how he has his very talented children in the band and touring with him.I hope to hear more from them in the future. Thanks for the memories, and God bless you Glen Cambell.

  2. Denice
    17 March 12, 3:36pm

    I was so proud of Glen on the Grammys and they did a great job of honoring him. When the country music awards did their tribute, I was upset. They had great singers TRY to sing his songs but they just didn’t have it, then he was called up on stage. I couldn’t believe it when he wasn’t allowed to sing! So thanks to the Grammys, it was an awesome tribute to the man whose music has been a part of my life since the 60s. No one will ever be able to replace his sound. I’m also thankful for his beautiful wife who has been a lightning rod in his life. Bless you Glen!

  3. Dlsblue
    19 February 12, 7:05pm

    My degree of respect for Glen Campbell and his family has soared after seeing the program on Fox News about Glen and his “Goodbye Tour.” What a wonderfully educational and inspirational program for everyone as Alzheimers affects virtually all of us, directly or indirectly. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get to one of the performances. Thank you so very much to the Campbell family for sharing their experiences with us. What an amazing man with an incredible family!! My love and prayers go out to all of you!!

  4. Gail Oates
    18 February 12, 6:06am

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  5. Gail Oates
    18 February 12, 6:02am

    Dear Glen, I just received a very interesting story about a doctor in Tampa, FL whose husband was diagnosed with moderate to almost severe Alzheimer’s. Please, please watch this short video about their story. He has improved tremendously! They aired the story on CBN.

    Your music has meant so much to me over the years. “I Will Arise and Go With Jesus” is one I would love to have, but it is not on iTunes. God Bless You, Glen Campbell!

  6. Markjs
    15 February 12, 6:24pm

    As a kid who grew up watching his show every week and listening to his music throughout my
    younger years, I have re-discoved how much i real y enjoy and admire Glen’s music, abilty and talent. He is a giant in the world of music and one one of the top songwriters,musicians and performers of our era. I wish him all the best in his battle with an unforgiving opponent.

    God Bless you Glen!

  7. Alvis
    16 January 12, 11:06am

    We experienced Glen Campbell at the 2009 Calgary Folkfest and man what a treat. As a lad growing up, my folks would spin many GC discs at their dance parties and I came to appreciate the simple pleasure of the tunes in the day. In recent years I have travelled back to hear all those gems and listen to the stories Glen weaves. I do enjoy the nostalgia it brings and I am saddened to hear of his ailment, but not surprised that he is touring at least one last time. I will certainly carry that folkfest eve with me for a long time. legendary really.

  8. Anonymous
    14 January 12, 7:40am

    Someone has more musical knowledge at USA Today than the tone deaf morons that pick nominees for the Grammy Awards. You chose to give him a lifetime achievement award, instead of nominating his current work which is better than any of the albums up now. Guess you you can’t make great music and still be a legend. This album is every bit the match to Robert Plant and Alison Krause a few years back that won everything. Go figure!

  9. Lee Shallenberger
    11 January 12, 6:47pm

    This man deserves more credit for his work…

  10. Sam Johnson
    07 January 12, 4:52pm

    Glen and bagpipes. I saw Glen perform with the South Dakota Symphony for a PBS fund raiser in the late 90s. At the end of the performance he racked his Ovation guitar, picked up his bagpipes, and did a cool version of Amazing Grace. It was beautiful. I have followed Glen’s music my entire life, but never knew he played the pipes. I was so inspired I began taking bagpipe lessons the next week, and have since played sole as well as in three pipe bands over the past 11 years. Thanks Glen for your inspiration. A great example for the influence one can have on another’s life without even knowing it. It was a life changer for me.

    • Anonymous
      12 February 12, 9:05pm

      Have this on DVD and it is a great concert. Glen at his absolute best.

  11. Vicky Johnson
    05 January 12, 11:08pm

    This is so deserved. Glen is such a great singer,entertainer, and person that has always gave his all for the world to enjoy.

  12. Vicki Romine Schaefer
    05 January 12, 2:00pm

    This is an awesome recongnition! Brilliant talent on the part of all involved in the creation of GOTC!Glen’s voice brings it all together!

  13. Johnpercy
    05 January 12, 12:45pm

    Brilliant news !! This is a wonderful album and the recogmition is well deserved !

  14. Lori Bowser
    05 January 12, 12:38pm

    Glen,You have always and are stil so awesome!! I am 50 years old and grew up on your music.My Momma and your Momma were friends and we used to go to Delight to see Wes and Carrie.When we was kids Carrie would put us kids in your bed to take our naps so the grownups could talk.Good memories.God Bless you and your family Glen,Lori Bowser

  15. Keith House
    05 January 12, 12:32pm

    This is a truly terrific album. Of course, it just begs a follow-up. 🙁

  16. Paul
    05 January 12, 12:14pm

    About time Glen got the recognition states side that he so deserves. He has earned and paid dearly for it.

  17. 05 January 12, 11:49am

    I like to hear Glenn Campbell sing.

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