All Beautifully Bound in Hardback Book – This Set Includes:

Glen Campbell – “Ghost On The Canvas”
Limited Edition Deluxe Package Of Glen’s Final Studio Album

All Beautifully Bound in Hardback Book – This Set Includes:
Exclusive Lithograph
5 Bonus Tracks of some of Glen’s All-time Greatest Hits as performed on The Goodtime Hour
…And More!

A Limited Number of Hand-signed Lithograph Editions will be available!!

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  1. 26 August 12, 9:25am

    I live in a city in the interior of Brazil and I am happy to listen to music often Glem Campbell nom moments laser. Great artist and melody of the music world over.

  2. Jgohmann3232
    11 June 12, 11:42am

    Attended the Indianapolis, IN Concert on the 6/10. I was overwhelm’d w/ joy to see Glen. It was a real treat to see him perform in person. I have enjoyed his music throughout my kids growing up, , we know all his music & never missed his TV show. I am loving this new album very much. Especially “A Better Place”, & the title song, “Ghost on the Canvas”, & love, “It’s your Amazing Grace”. Jackpot on this album & genuine Glen Campbell.

  3. katnthehat
    07 June 12, 4:34pm

    I am going to be seeing Glen at the Hollywood Bowl the end of this month. I can hardly wait! I’ve loved his voice for a long time; really like his “older” voice, though.

    • Jgohmann3232
      11 June 12, 11:47am

      I know U will really enjoy.

  4. 18 March 12, 8:59pm

    Glen’s how tonight at the Austin Rodeo was great. I was especially pleased to hear a couple of cuts off the Ghost on the Canvas CD (Better Place and Your Amazing Grace). It was a very emotional show for me and I was so glad I got tickets. I am 52 and Glen’s music has been something I have heard almost my whole life. It was the last chance to see him play live and thank goodness he played a local show.

  5. John
    11 March 12, 3:53pm

    Traveled from Portland,OR to Lewiston, ID to see Mr. Campbell — remember watching him as a child with my family. He performed a great show with his talented and caring family. We were lucky to be waiting at the Spokane airport when he was flying home with his family…we took the time to talk to Glen…it was great to hear about his family growing up…using a “capo” with a guitar…he was a man without a “stars” ego — maybe the effect of his disease. He seemed very happy…did great Donald Duck intimations for a child sitting near him. Feel lucky to have had the experience.

    Special kudos to his care-giving family…all of them must be exhausted but hide it well.

  6. Susan
    11 February 12, 6:44pm

    I remember driving from Ohio to Arizona in 1971 and listening to Glen Campbell along the way. I was only 7, but I’ve loved him and his music ever since. My daughter and I are looking forward to his Phoenix concert next week, as are some other people I know. A sincere “thank you” goes out to Glen for his amazing talent over the years and all the memories his music brings!

  7. Courtneyd
    11 February 12, 6:38pm

    Glen your one of the Great’s I Love all your Music, and I Love your New Song,, I got to get it’ thank you.
    Donna/Phoenix, Az

  8. bob/central NY
    28 January 12, 2:18pm

    Glen and family: love and prayers to you. thanks for all the great songs.

  9. Anonymous
    18 January 12, 6:34am

    Got to love a guy like Glenn Campbell, no matter what your music tastes. What a durable presence. What a career…

  10. Sally
    17 January 12, 7:12pm

    I received from my son for Christmas the “Glen Campbell in Concert” DVD. For many years, Glen has been my idol, a main stay in my life. My son, who is 21, has heard me speak of Glen and how much I love his music. I was not able to see Glen in concert, however, having this wonderful DVD is more than I could have asked for. My admiration for Glen is unending. Class, style, talent, and an amazing entertainer. We love you Glen and thank you for the most wonderful music in the world!

  11. Estrbny4
    10 November 11, 5:29pm

    I saw Glen Campbells concert 4 1/2 years ago in Branson Mo. What a great performer. Andy Williams was in concert the same show. Glen gave the audience what they want a great concert. I was on the front row and Glen would come and stand near where I was so I could take pictures of him. I was the only person he shook hands with when he left the stage. Andy Williams diidnt even come past center stage. Glen Campbell. What talent and personalty.

  12. Debbie
    03 November 11, 10:45pm

    Glen I have enjoyed your music for over 40 years. you are the best. When I was 10 or 11 years old I thought you was the most handsome man alive and I had an awesome crush on you. You have such a beutiful voice and it is just has beutiful now as it was then. I will always be your fan. Iwish you all the best. You are still the greatest!!!

  13. 02 November 11, 6:18pm

    Glen Campbell has been a big part of the soundtrack of my life…And i’m pleased to know that this new album is out…I’ve been listening to the title song “Ghost On The Canvas” over and over…The sound of this track brings the best of Glen’s past together into one beautiful package…I hear echoes of past hits in there…Like the beeping at the beginning of the song…matching the tone of the strings on “Wichita Lineman”…The twangy guitar solo…And Glen’s voice is amazing on this song…Sounding strong and clear like it did when i first really got knocked out by Glen’s music…The song “Galveston” was the one that made me a fan for life…I’m so glad that this new music can be added to the vast legacy of Glen Campbell’s epic career.

  14. Retailcman
    02 November 11, 2:50pm

    Saw Glen today on the Ellen D show wow what a great gentleman and muscian. He is a real class act. I saw him years ago when my Mom and Dad took my sister and I to Nashville> He preformed at the Rhyman, Ill never forget that.
    Id love to see him on this tour.

    14 October 11, 9:22am

    Wichita Lineman was one of the greatest songs ever. Ever. I will buy this CD because Glen Campbell makes and has made some incredible music. What a great career and glad to see he’s still out there performing. I can say the best Glen Campbell thought is one night driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and I found an AM radio station that did a tribute to Glen. It was about an hour of his music. Lots of great memories from this great talent. As an old school radio guy I can remember playing his music.

    Keep on keeping on Glen!

  16. Aaron Campbell
    07 October 11, 9:29am

    Dear Mr. Campbell: Thank you for bringing your talents to the billions of people on this planet. With your music and voice you have made this world a better place. THE IMPRESSION YOU MADE HAS ECHOED IN THE PRESENCE OF YOUR SOUL IN THE MUSIC YOU HAVE GIVEN TO EVERYONE. THANK YOU AARON CAMPBELL

  17. 17 September 11, 5:24pm

    Dear Mr. Campbell,
    I’ve been meaning to say this for a long time. You are one of the world’s best interpreters of songs. Jimmy Webb is one of my favorite composers. The job that you have done on interpreting and delivering his tunes is absolutely amazing. Superb. And your music just seems to get better with time. Keep up the great work. Very best wishes for the future. Paul W. Sammarco, President, P&J Records, Endless Shores Music Publishing (ASCAP).

  18. Joey
    06 September 11, 11:02pm

    I saw you perform in Chicago 5 years ago, and you were simply wonderful! I’ve been a fan of yours since 1969! May God Bless You always, Glen!

  19. Ives100
    01 September 11, 2:04am

    Your songs got me through some tough personal times in the late 1960’s. Today, I have Wichita Lineman on my iPod. Vios con Dios,

  20. bob riley
    31 August 11, 10:05pm

    Mr campbell just want to thank you for a beautifull song [Harvest Time] from one of your albums.I found this on one of my lady!s records after she died in 08 and used it as the lead song in her memorial service. I cant begin to tell you how much this song meant to myself & others,God bless you sir.

  21. Olivia
    30 August 11, 1:27pm

    Glen … Wanted you to know that I remember passing you in the halls @ CBS TV City back in 1970, and you would always take the time to say Hi. I was a lowly dancer at the time, had only been away from home for a year or so, and you touched my heart. Although I never saw you again, you have inspired me through all different parts of my life especially with the Reunion cd, which I think is pure brilliance…I will treasure that my whole life. I am so thrilled to see you are making it through. I just celebrated 25 years as a friend of Bill’s, if you know what I mean. Always take great care of yourself. You are such a bright light. And thank you for each and every kind gesture and for your art, I treasure both.

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