Glen Campbell's Final L.A. Show to be held June 24th at the Hollywood Bowl
Legendary singer/guitarist Glen Campbell, a true American musical icon, gave his final Los Angeles concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday, June 24 as part of his Goodbye Tour – a celebration of his extraordinary five-decade-plus career and release of his acclaimed final studio album Ghost on the Canvas. Shortly after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease last June, Campbell decided to forge ahead with both the tour and the album, in the spirit of sharing both his music and the truth about his condition. Campbell just received the Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award and joined The Band Perry and Blake Shelton for a special performance on the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards® on Sunday, February 12, 2012. The first half of the concert  began with California-based roots rock band Dawes, joined by special guest Jackson Browne and additional special guests performing original songs as well as selections from Campbell’s repertoire that have been of special influence. The concert closed with Campbell performing his most memorable hits as well as selections from Ghost On The Canvas, which has been greeted with unprecedented critical acclaim from all corners.

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  1. 20 October 12, 5:51pm

    Glen, I saw you and your family at the Hollywood Bowl this past summer, along with Jackson Browne and multiple friends. Your family, your daughter, son, wife and their support really touched my heart. (Their band was really good, too.) When you sang, “Dreams of the Everyday Housewife” I found myself in tears, recalling my mother who gave up the good life for me. She passed away of dementia / Alzheimer’s illness in 2010, and I am still struggling to fill the void left by her. Glen, please, even as you age and your illness progresses, never feel like you are a burden to others. The truth is, you are a gift. Care taking is a long journey that teaches them about personal strength, love, team work, patience, advocacy, and all the skills they have inside. (The love and cohesive team work was obviously evident on stage.) The long journey to G-d will also teach you about grace, trust, letting go, loving G-d and your family, whom you will depend upon. It is a difficult journey, but on the Hollywood Bowl stage I saw your strength, courage, and love — the same characteristics that my mother so valiantly displayed, even as Alzheimer’s tried to chip away at her. The disease never got her soul and her heart, rest assured, it will never take away yours. Memory, yes, but not your love. Your family’s love for you will also never die, nor will your fans’ memory of the joy you brought to our hearts.

    It is painful to watch this disease take our loved ones away or cause their suffering and confusion, when they were once sharing their love and abilities with the world. Before I myself leave this earth, I would like to make an impact on the picture of care we have in the US for so many who are suffering. Many do not have children who will give care, nor are the institutions in which they are placed adequately loving and respectful of their dignity and special needs. I hope as a nation we will become compassionate and supportive of those who do God’s important work. In the meantime, I hope to return to school so that I will be better able to help in both prevention and support, until we can find a cure. May G-d bless your daughter, son, wife, and all your family in the important work they do. May you also be blessed with G-d at your side throughout your journey. Rest assured, the gift of music you have given the world will never leave our hearts. Thank you so much, Glen! Annette Guidry, Boise, ID

  2. Janet
    09 September 12, 9:31pm

    I just saw the Austin, Texas concert tonight with Glen and his precious children! It was a bittersweet evening that was filled with much laughter, singing, and tears!
    Glen, I remember meeting you at North Phoenix Baptist church 25 years ago we both have daughters the same age. I remember you would introduce yourself by saying ” I am Glen Campbell, I sing for a living.” So humble! It was all I could do not to hug you and jump up and down! It was so thrilling to meet you! I met your beautiful wife as well and saw your precious daughter. I am so thankful she has grown into such a beautiful, talented lady… not surprising!
    I listened to your music as a teenager and remember going to see True Grit at the theater. Being at the concert tonight brought me right back to that time! It was like I was sitting on the bed in my room listening to those records. I still have mine!
    I know this tour will be long, but I am so thankful for the amazing good-bye and I look forward to seeing you in eternity and listening to that silky, smooth voice in perfection!!
    God bless you and your precious family!
    Keep rocking your tour you are doing an wonderful job!
    Until the other side…Love you, Janet in Austin, texas

  3. James Adamson
    03 September 12, 4:27am

    Glen, The Honolulu show was nothing short of awesome. Great seeing your kids in the line up, all are very talented! Mahalo nui loa for coming to Honolulu, We hope you come back soon. You should make Hawaii a second home, your ohana now! God Bless.

  4. Ann Toomey
    08 August 12, 1:23pm

    thank you Glen for all your wonderful songs. I bought my first LP when i was in Libya in 1970 and since then have loved your music. Saw your twice in the Royal Festival Hall in London – one of the best evenings i have ever had.
    Good luck toyou and God bless you and your family. Every morning when you wake think of all the joy and pleasure you have given to so many people
    Thank you

  5. Chuck
    01 August 12, 9:42am

    Dear Glen…Thank you for sharing your music with us…I am so greatful i got to see you live twice in my life…Im a guitar player/singer and you were a big influence on me and even my son age 38 nows favorite song when he was only 5yrs old was Rhinestone Cowboy..You have touched millions and millions with your great playing and singing that never got to see you perform live but still hold your songs special to them like my son…Best of luck to you and your wonderful family and again many many Thanks!!

  6. Douglas_venable
    27 July 12, 2:31pm

    I’m sorry to see that you and your family are in a very trying time. We owe you and your loves one great respect and support. Thank you for all the entertainment and songs. God will help you in the coming days and years

  7. dismay
    22 July 12, 2:29pm

    I have just received Ghost on the Canvas, probably his best ever. The lyrics have such meaning for the end of a great career for a talented artist.

  8. Dianehdds
    22 July 12, 10:18am

    What a great show in Cary, NC last night! The whole audience was so grateful that it wasn’t cancelled due to the weather. Thanks for going on with it anyway….it was worth sitting in the rain the whole time. Can’t believe how strong your voice is and the harmonies between you and your kids are absolutely amazing. Thanks for all the wonderful music and memories!

  9. birthday girl
    19 July 12, 10:38pm

    Was sitting outside a restaurant tonight eating dinner (my birthday) and a big truck pulled up next to us so someone in the car could jump out and do some shopping. My 5 yr old son started flirting with a man in the backseat. The man in the backseat rolls his window down and starts making sounds so my son laughs. This goes on a little while and the kind man tells my husband “You have some beautiful children”. The shopper returns and the truck drives away. My husband says, “I think that was Glen Campbell.” Looked up recent photos and lo’ and behold IT WAS!! I LOVE many of his songs and two in particular have strong wonderful childhood memories. One of my first childhood memories is standing next to a jukebox in a cafeteria on an Air Force base in Germany listening to and loving “Rhinestone Cowboy”. Was one of my favorite songs.

    What an honor! WIsh I would have known earlier about the tour. Love his music and he seems to have a “beautiful family”. Wishing the Glen and the family well. God Bless!

  10. 18 July 12, 4:51pm

    I saw him in Austin in March. His voice was heavenly and while he took a break, his kids sang one of my most favorite song, “Hey LIttle One”. Tears ran down my cheeks just watching him perform. My husband went, but found it too hard to watch. His father died of Alzheimer a few years ago. And just really, really upset him.

  11. glens kids 1 fan
    15 July 12, 6:48pm

    The show in atlanta last night was great!! Glens kids, You rock in more ways than one!!! My mother had alzheimers disease so i understand how challenging this disease can be on love ones! but you guys and your dad stood up on that stage and put on one hell of a show!! I have never meet you guys but i am so proud of you !! Enjoy the rest of the tour !! I sure did!!

  12. Foxpics
    13 July 12, 3:28pm

    I just did watch the Ellen rerun with Glen Campbell and the tears ran down my cheeks. What a talented musician. Even with this horrible disease the music is in his blood and it was
    all there in his performance. God Bless Glen Campbell and his wonderful family.

  13. Duffy_612
    13 July 12, 12:17pm

    Just saw the Ellen rerun w Glen Campbell and the memories came back like it was just yesterday that I was 14~15 and had the biggest crush on him…I had his albums and singles and listened to them over and over again on my “record player”, we didn’t have stereos for ppl our age back then…lol He is an awesome performer and I really wish I’d had a chance to see him at some time in my life….Ellen looked as if she was ready to cry after his performance…I just aout did…Thank you Glen Campbell I loved Rhinestone Cowboy, Gentle on My Mind and all the rest. Go rest, relax and enjoy your life w your wife and family

  14. A fan
    26 June 12, 1:47am

    The opening set was indeed awful, but Dawes is a very talented band with real potential. I don’t know why they picked the musicians they did for the “tribute”–there were certainly much better choices of musicians and songs to feature. I expected better music out of Jackson Browne–he & Jenny were the only singers who seemed like they weren’t on something.
    Glen was fabulous and a real inspiration–it takes guts to perform like this every night. It was obvious from the banter between him & the band that he was being cued by his kids & (off) stage hands, but you’d never know it from watching him play. I wonder how long he’ll be able to do the tour; there is quite a difference between clips from earlier dates on the tour and last night @ the Hollywood Bowl.
    So glad I went. What a memorable evening.

  15. katnthehat
    25 June 12, 6:08pm

    I went last night and agree with all the comments about the opening act. It was a horrible. Glen, however, was fantastic. What an amazing man, with such amazing and supportive children. I was pretty numb when I left. Made jokes on the ParkNRide back to my hotel with the others about,…ahem…”cheer up sleepy jean…” but it was forced. Everyone appeared to be reflective. Thank-you, Glen, for giving everything!!!!

  16. Mark
    25 June 12, 12:27am

    Just returned from the Hollywood Bowl_ delightful. Did not care about the ‘tribute’ set. Jackson was good, as was Jenny; but Glen and his group made up for the others. Might have helped if they weren’t so off key and, well, drunk. Bless his kids for their help. Took me right back to his good time music_delightful. Glen kept thanking US…No Glen THANK YOU!

  17. 23 June 12, 9:34am

    We’re going to the Hollywood Bowl concert — but, we wish that it was only Glen singing — we could care less about all these other singers and groups — give us Glen for 100% of the concert time!!!

    • 24 June 12, 5:54pm

      I don’t think Glen does a 4-hour show. The Bowl will be a tribute set featuring all the other acts and then an intermission and then Glen’s full concert set.

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