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  1. Christine Earle-Mcleod
    30 October 11, 12:24am

    At Newcastle City Hall last night very emotional for me as I have followed Glen since I was 12 years old. I saw his 1st concert at the City hall in the early 70’s and all others inbetween there was no way I would of missed last night. It was nice to get the chance to hear more of his family play they have picked up his musical talent. take care Glen and thanks for the memories.
    Christine Earle-McLeod

  2. BadnoteBill
    22 October 11, 10:06am

    i was looking at the new tribute to buddy holly on amazon,& saw Glenn’s new album. So i clicked to hear samples. i was so impressed with all the songs. this the album that everyone who’s been making music wishes they could make. great mix of new music with the Campbell sound. great as usual vocals. wonderful melody’s.But i was sold at hearing -The Rest is Silence – Great Job Glenn, and all involved. Good Luck. in the future

  3. Cathy Ball
    23 September 11, 8:19am

    Looking forward to seeing Glen in Northampton on 24th October (front row seats again!), so sad he won’t be touring again. Have followed his career for so many years, the latest CD is fantastic!

  4. mary phelan
    16 September 11, 10:05am

    how to get the 6 dollar 50 cent tickets

    • mary phelan
      16 September 11, 10:24am

      i want to go to the nov.concert glen campbell is a great proformer. these tickets are hard to find. i dont no how to get these.

  5. Valerie Leach
    08 September 11, 10:53pm

    Going to see Glen Campbell at the Lowry Theatre in Manchester UK on the opening night of his Uk tour. Taking our 5 year old grandson Jack who will be singing along to all his songs, particularly ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’. Can’t believe that this will be our last chance to see him again. Thanks you for all the joy your music has given us throughout your career.

  6. Curlie531
    08 September 11, 10:39pm

    Best wishes to Glen. The first album I ever bought was “The Astounding 12-String Guitar of Glen Campbell”. After hearing Glen play I picked up the guitar (at age 7) and I’ve never put it down. He’s an American music legend.

  7. Surferbhoy
    03 September 11, 7:42pm

    I’d love to know who does what on the album tracks.

    • 1afveteran
      05 September 11, 1:15pm

      I would also like to know that as well. It’s a great album and Glen’s voice is so clear! I would also like to know the meaning of each song, like May 21st, 1969? Each song is inspired by something or someone, so what was it that inspired the writing of each song?

      • Clive
        27 October 11, 10:52am

        As the liner notes state, many songs were written FOR Glen….not by him. I think your question is very relevant so, with love for the man and his music, may I suggest you listen in private for as long as it takes. Open you heart, let your own feelings flow, and you will discover the meaning in each and every song and musical interlude. Good luck.

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