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  • Mimi Rubinelli

    Glen. I meen there I hope you get better soon that what I ment also I like writeing I wish it was person too let you know all about myself but get better I care for you like too other People as well. I am a Jeovah s Witness & happy too be one at that. Well all my Love too you & your Family. Mimi

  • Mimi Rubinelli

    Morning Glen. How are you today I do not want too pay money becouse I got 2 child too support like my Pets don’t work becouse I’m disable too I was born what I have with well I hope you get better I know you sulus goon I have always like you back then & now today take care. Mimi

  • Ken

    Have enjoyed your music most of my life and each time you add a new song to my list of favorites. Learned to play guitar by using your music. Really enjoy your latest album and find it very inspirational. You show that love of music can keep people together and you can follow your dreams.

  • xexon

    What can you say about this man?

    I’m sitting here listening to the new album and just blowed away, you know. At your age, you should be sitting at home in the rocking chair by the window. I’m so grateful you didn’t take the path of least resistance.

    God speed, brother.


  • Raltychk

    I’m absolutely in love with this CD and I’m hear to tell you, I’m Glen’s #1 fan without a doubt! I see a slew of grammys.

  • Kevin

    “Ghost on a Canvas” is Glen”s best Album ever;i will be wartching thde show in Manchester ,England.
    Cannot wait Glen.
    All the best.Kevin