Ghost On The Canvas (Official Video)

“Ghost On The Canvas,” is the first video from Glen Campbell’s new critically acclaimed album. The legendary musician is joined by three of his children – Ashley, Shannon and Cal – in the clip, which was directed by Kii Arens and Jason Trucco. The video also features very special guest Paul Westerberg, who penned “Ghost On The Canvas” for the record.



The video premiered on at on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd.

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  1. dale
    25 July 12, 2:37pm

    great comeback what a dynamite album dale

  2. Sgrossi569
    22 July 12, 10:18am

    Beautiful! Forgot how wonderful a voice Glen has. God Bless

  3. Michael Cerza
    12 June 12, 3:27pm

    Glen Campbell was always special in our family. My mom loved his album “Gentle On My Mind” and I became a fan all over again. As a collector of vintage stereo equipment, it is great to hear Glen on some of the great old 8 track tapes that I have been able to acquire. He is a very talented singer and musician. This new song is amazing for it incorporates so many of the special traits that made his songs beautiful. The strings along with his guitar and band never falls short of a beautiful song.
    I am so sad that this great talent will have to move on and deal with his illness, but one thing is certain, and that is this song is a wonderful tribute as to how talented he is. He will be in our prayers and I hope that God will bless him for all of the wonderful songs he has blessed this earth with!
    What a wonderful gift to give all of his fans – “GHOST ON THE CANVAS” is one of his greatest songs ever!

  4. Norm Dallago
    15 May 12, 7:00am

    Song is absolutely fantastic. So beautifull and moving.

  5. Dardar227
    31 March 12, 3:39am

    I’m so very sorry and saddened to just learn of Glen’s illness and his brave
    battle and even bigger one ahead. I’ve been a huge fan of Mr. Campbell for well
    over 40+ years. I was only about 8 years old when I first heard Glen performing
    “By The Time I Get To Phoenix” as a guest one night; I was sound asleep but the
    song was so beautiful somehow subconsciously I was awakened. The very next day I
    pleaded with my parents to buy me the single, which they did, loving the song as
    well. I think I wore the single out but I still have it. Later I’d be
    entertained for several years by his many other hits as well as my family and I
    enjoyed watching his TV shows and guest appearances. My dad was a guitar player
    and highly respected Glen’s playing and would often play along with him. I have
    only fond memories, love and enormous respect for Glen. I truly hope the best
    for him and he’s comforted and cared for in the best possible way. I sure would
    have loved seeing him and I’ve always wanted to but was never quite that
    fortunate. His music and legacy will always live on as one of music’s most
    gifted talents and personally hold a special place in my heart. My very, very
    best thoughts and prayers from a very appreciative fan! My life was enhanced
    having his music as a part of it.

  6. Dblodg1055
    14 March 12, 11:36am

    I really like this song. I was wondering if anyone knows who is on the canvas. It looks like Johnny Cash and Glen I really can not tell who the other 2 are If someone knows send me a email please thanks

    • Carrieann
      14 March 12, 7:34pm

      Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens and Glen

  7. Mary Weinkein
    10 March 12, 2:30pm

    I was a Glen fanatic by the time I was 3yrs old (1968). Played his records & knew every word. Pretty refined taste at that age I would like to think. “Ghost On The Canvas” is so amazing but it’s so bittersweet that I find myself in tears at times listening to it. I’ve turned my Laotian husband onto Glen’s music & he is definately enjoying it too. We have tickets for his show Apr. 29th in Wichita, Ks. I’m severely disablled at this point in my life & mostly housebound but I know to see Glen in concert I’ll surely not notice any pain at all! Glen my life will be complete seeing you on your tour. As you said in the cut of “Friends; YOU are a gift from the loving God” and I am so truly thankful & many others feel the same. Thank you so very very much sharing yourself & your family with all the nobody’s like me. God bless you.

  8. Chris Klos
    28 February 12, 12:04pm

    I have always liked Glen´s voice and music, but I must admit I´m “only” 41. So it is just unbelievable how long is his story. All the best and thank you.

  9. Skeep
    14 February 12, 3:15am

    Awesome single.

  10. Dale VanCleef
    13 February 12, 4:40pm

    Because of Glen Campbell, I learned how to play the guitar. I’ve been at it for 43 years now. I’ve never come close to what he does. But I owe a lifetime of joy to the man who made me want to play.

  11. michael
    12 February 12, 11:11am

    Thanks for sharing your God given talent with us all these years. We are truly blessed to have heard your songs.

  12. Rev. Carol J.
    12 February 12, 10:12am

    Glen, saw you today on Sunday Morning, enjoyed seeing you and your family. Will be praying for you, trusting the Lord to continue to do great and wonderful things in your life. Blessings!!!!

    • MARTHA
      22 February 12, 9:44pm

      AMEN, Pastor! You have such a wide range of beautiful music…it will last for a very, very long time! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. It is marvelous to see how music truly has energized you, as your beautiful wife stated in an interview. Blessings to you and your family!

  13. Hans Avia
    02 February 12, 5:12pm

    Dear Glen, I am from the Netherlands and I bought your first LP 35 years ago. I always loved your songs. I am a therapist working in the addiction care and I know about your problems. I do admire you for your quality! But in my opinion your best song in your carreer is ” a better place” I can play it again and again. It is very very impressing!!

  14. Michaeljmikula
    29 January 12, 9:26pm

    Mr. Campbell,
    Thank you for a memorable performance this evening at the Kent Stage.
    How gratifying it is to see and hear your musical legacy being carried on through your children.

    The set list was a great mix of so many favorites, and beautiful new favorites from Ghost On The Canvas.
    We couldn’t pop the CD into the player fast enough for the drive home.

    Congratulations on the much deserved honors at the Grammys next month

  15. Brian
    29 January 12, 4:53pm

    I saw Glen last night here in Ann Arbor….what a moving experience! Being a musician myself, it was humbling to be in the presence of a living legend, and a true blessing to see Glen live with his very talented family and friends! If you have a chance to see him, do it! Don’t miss it, cuz this may well be your last chance to see Glen perform the masterpieces of Jimmy Webb, John Hartford, Alan Toussaint, et al…

  16. Detroit Fan
    28 January 12, 11:29am

    I’m sure you’ll be greeted with a standing O tonight in Ann Arbor! I will have tears in my eyes I know. Just heard this song on WDET Detroit and it’s sounding great! Hope I can pick p the CD tonight

  17. Marmac2
    21 January 12, 7:37pm

    Glen, I wasn’t able to see you live until you finally came where I could get there but I have walked miles with my Ipod, just you and me! Seeing you live is one of the biggest highlights of my life….Thank you for a great concert….at Chumash in California….. I love you and so love this Album….My love to you and yor family Glen! God Bless!

  18. Lynn
    14 January 12, 9:08pm

    Hey Glen, always hoped to see you play live and I did. Your played and everyone was happy. Thanks for all the songs. Ghost on the canvas is really great. all my best to you and family.

  19. Steve
    10 January 12, 7:47am

    My dad and I used to watch you on the Glen Campbell goodtime hour and I loved it. I remember your songs when they came out and in 1967 I almost quit the guitar!! It really kept me going and I thank you for the great years of awesome music and great playing. Live life, love it, and keep the family close. You won’t be forgotton. God Bless

  20. Ksd
    08 January 12, 6:15pm

    please list the january 29 show in kent ohio to your tour list. that show is selling very slowly and i fear it will be cancelled. it is also not listed at concert shout or pollstar…hmmm????

  21. Walt
    08 January 12, 11:44am

    I saw you January 3 at The Ryman. It was so wonderful. I have always loved your music. Ghost on the Canvas is such a great, moving album.. Thank you so much for doing it. You are the best. God bless you Mr. Campbell.

  22. Lee Baxter
    07 January 12, 8:57pm

    Hi Mr Campbell. I have listened to your music since my father introduced me to you when I was about 12 years of age back in Queensland Australia. I cannot get Ghost on the Canvas out of my head since I heard it this morning what a great song and a great choice for you to have recorded it. It inspires me so much and it makes me feel very proud and at the same time very sad, but you are a very strong human being and a modest one at that, a brilliant singer and there is no word that exists to me that can describe your guitar picking. You are a Legend god bless.

  23. Rolloww
    06 January 12, 6:52am

    You are the man

  24. Debbie
    06 January 12, 4:48am

    Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Glen Campbell!

  25. Ginger from Nashville
    05 January 12, 9:00pm

    I saw you at the Ryman in Nashville on 1/3/12. Afterward, I immediately downloaded your new album and I have cried my eyes out for 2 days. “It’s Your Amazing Grace”… wow. I sang BGVs on “Greatest Love Of All” back in 1992, and count it as one of my highest honors. You are an anointed man of God who has lived life to its fullest — good & bad — and been an inspiration for us all. When I was a little girl, I used to sing “Honey Come Back” to my Daddy when he would leave for weeks on end. I can’t begin to express how much YOU have meant to me. Thank you, Glen, for it all….. May God continue to bless you through this season of your life. Much love….. Ginger from Nashville

  26. Ken
    04 January 12, 8:19pm

    I have listened to this disc a dozen times since it arrived. Brilliant, soulful work by a fantastic entertainer. Painful to know that it is your last studio work, Glen. Ghost on the Canvas is a fitting end to a body of work that has been simply wonderful. May God Bless and Keep You near Him always.

  27. Merethe
    04 January 12, 7:02am

    It would be a dream if you would come to Europe… Denmark or Germany….

    A devoted fan from Denmark…

  28. John Lombard
    26 December 11, 12:55pm

    Looking forward to the Milwaukee Show next month. Many of the people Glen worked with played here through the years as well. He’s one of the last from that era of Charismatic Entertainers whose songs will be around forever. John Lombard, Milwaukee,Wisconsin

  29. Teresa Jackson
    25 December 11, 8:11pm

    I love the new songs and the old and I really love Glen Campbell…his music always brings back good memories….what an artist!! Teresa Jackson-Kentucky

  30. Ghovde
    21 December 11, 10:11am

    We know what you really do Glen.. You are a lineman for the county. We all LOVE you! 🙂

  31. Ksd
    19 December 11, 9:41am

    Why is the show on Sunday Jan 29 at the Kent Stage, kent Ohio not listed here when I have tickets in hand? It would make sense that you would promote your own shows….

  32. Rglogg
    16 December 11, 3:11pm

    hi my name is rich loggins and i met you Glen at the lovs truck stop out side of maryville TN today 12/16/12 and you are so down to earth and when you sang like a Rhine stone coy boy for the teller it touched me, i must have seamed like a little gitty fan but you are and will always be in my prayers,thinks for taking a picture and shaking my hand if we never meet again this side of Heaven i will see you on the other side God bless you and your family Kim and Kids.

  33. Glick Sandy
    18 November 11, 7:22am

    Wow I just got 3rd row tickets to see him in January. I pray that we don’t get hit with a blizzard.

  34. Gene
    11 November 11, 8:07am

    Great video and song. I salute Glen for a great career. He has ups and downs in his life but is showing the best of his life now.

  35. 10 November 11, 8:01pm

    AMAZING!! Glen’s done an amazing job on GOTC as a full album. Sad that its billed as “final”, but you never know, maybe a single might come out providing he still can. Seeing him in concert, he can still sing and play, so here’s to hope!! Keep it up Glen, you’re doing FANTASTIC!! Hope to see you in Canada again soon 🙂

  36. 09 November 11, 6:49am

    Glenn Campbell has always been a musicial backdrop in my life. Everyone eventually must face their own mortality. Glenn can be justly proud in the way he is facing his. You have class, Glenn!

  37. Kevin Grahame
    08 November 11, 1:39pm

    My mother-in-law, Valerie Taylor and her friend Eva went to see Glen at Cliffs Pavilion in Southend-on-Sea on the 5th November and managed to meet Glen Cambell in private at the interval and his close friend, Stephen, took a video and photos of the meeting but my mother-in-law never left any contact details for Stephen to pass the photos onto. She has contacted the Cliffs Pavilion but they have no contact details for Glen or Stephen.

    My mother-in-law is blind and would really appreciate a copy of the photos to share her special moment with her family so I would be grateful if you could pass my details onto Glen Cambell and his close friend Stephen so they can forward any photos onto me.

    Best Regards

    Kevin Grahame

  38. Davie
    05 November 11, 8:33am

    Glen, Enjoy Scotland – breathe it, live it, love it for it is home. Love and best wishes for the tour and may be if I am lucky I will get to say hello.

  39. Chris Kadwil
    04 November 11, 2:55pm

    Hi Glen first saw you in 71 at the Palladium and were at the Royal Festival Hall 25th television special. Ghost on a Canvas is superb abd one of the best you have done . Looking forward to Southend tomorow.All the very best for the future and thank you for many great songs and shows!

  40. 04 November 11, 5:15am

    I truly do hope you read my post or at least hear of it. I am not a professional musician by any stretch, but I do own four guitars and have been playing for almost forty years now in no small part because of you.You were one of my favorite and most prominent influences in the love of the instrument. Thank you for the music Glen, thank you for sharing your gift with us all. God bless you.

  41. Tomc11
    03 November 11, 7:56pm

    For a man I sincerely admire and respect. I love your music and guitar playing. It always seems to come straight from the heart, I am sure it does. Your rendition of MacArthur Park is truly inspiring. Thank you.

  42. Proukat
    03 November 11, 2:41pm

    great video..with Paul Westerberg too!!

  43. Martha
    02 November 11, 9:59pm

    Martha…Saw Glen today on the Ellen show. He is one of the GREAT ones. The second song he performed was awesome. I will be buying the new CD for sure and hope to see him in concert.

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