Glen Campbell’s Catalogue: Studio and Live Releases


Original Recordings
Compilations and Repackages
Year Recording Title Label Year Recording Title Label
1962 Big Bluegrass Special Capitol 1975 Arkansas Capitol
1963 Too Late to Worry, Too Blue To Cry Capitol 1976 Glen Campbell’s 20 Golden Greats EMI
1964 The Astounding 12-String Guitar Capitol 1987 The Very Best of Glen Campbell Capitol
1965 The Big Bad Rock Guitar of Glen Campbell Capitol 1987 The Best of the Early Years Curb
1967 Burning Bridges Capitol 1990 Classics Collection Liberty
1967 Gentle on My Mind Capitol 1990 Greatest Country Hits Curb
1967 By the Time I Get to Phoenix Capitol 1991 Country Gold Liberty
1968 Hey, Little One Capitol 1991 All-Time Favorites Pair
1968 A New Place in the Sun Capitol 1991 All Time Favorite Hits Excelsior
1968 Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell Capitol 1992 All-Time Favorite Hits CEMA
1968 That Christmas Feeling Capitol 1992 The World of Glen Campbell/ Live Trace
1968 Wichita Lineman Capitol 1992 Christmas with Glen Campbell Capitol
1969 Galveston Capitol 1993 Live in London Bulldog
1969 True Grit Capitol 1993 Greatest Hits and Finest Performances Reader’s
1969 Glen Campbell: Live Capitol 1994 Glen Campbell Castle
1970 Try a Little Kindness Capitol 1994 Phoenix Drive Archive
1970 Oh Happy Day Capitol 1995 Ultimate Bransounds
1970 Norwood Capitol 1995 Greatest Hits Live Prime Cuts
1970 The Glen Campbell Goodtime Album Capitol 1995 Back to Back Hits Cema Special
1971 Glen Campbell’s Greatest Hits Capitol 1995 Essential, Vol. 3 Capitol
1971 The Last Time I Saw Her Capitol 1995 Essential, Vol. 2 Capitol
1971 Anne Murray / Glen Campbell Capitol 1995 Essential, Vol. 1 Capitol
1972 The Artistry of Glen Campbell Capitol RC 1995 Happy Holidays from Glen Campbell Cema
1972 Glen Travis Campbell Capitol 1995 Christmas Glen Campbell & Sonny James Cema
1973 I Knew Jesus (Before He Was a Star) Capitol 1997 Glen Campbell Collection (1962-1989) Razor & Tie
1973 I Remember Hank Williams Capitol 1997 Glen Campbell: Members Edition United Audio
1974 Houston (I’m Comin’ to See You) Capitol 1997 That Christmas Feeling Disky
1974 Reunion: The Songs Of Jimmy Webb Capitol 1998 Gentle on My Mind/Phoenix EMI
1975 Live in Japan Import 1998 Original Gold Disky
1975 Glen Picks and Ernie Sings Capitol 1998 Original Gold, Disk 1 Disky
1975 Rhinestone Cowboy Capitol 1998 Original Gold, Disk 2 Disky
1976 Bloodline Capitol 1998 Branson City Limits [live] Unison
1976 The Best of Glen Campbell Capitol 1999 Rhinestone Cowboy Cleopatra
1977 Southern Nights Capitol 1999 Golden Hits Live Intercontinent
1978 Live at the Royal Festival Hall Capitol 1999 Capitol Years: 1965-1977 EMI
1978 Basic Capitol 1999 Reunited With Jimmy Webb Raven
1979 Highwayman Capitol 1999 In Concert [live] Charly
1979 Somethin’ Bout You Baby I Like Capitol 2000 In Concert [live] Import
1981 It’s the World Gone Crazy Capitol 2000 Greatest Hits Live Legacy
1981 Glen Campbell Live (UK) RCA/Energy     ? His Greatest Hits in Concert Krueger Org.
1982 Old Home Town Atlantic 2000 20 Great Love Songs Disky
1984 Letter to Home Atlantic 2000 Love Songs Gold Label
1984 No More Night Word 2000 20 Greatest Hits Capitol
1985 It’s Just a Matter of Time Atlantic 2000 The Gold Collection Fine Tune
1987 Still Within the Sound of My Voice MCA 2000 Southern Nights: Greatest Hits Woodford
1988 Light Years MCA 2000 Super Hits Atlantic
1989 Favorite Hymns Canaan/Epic 2000 Glen Campbell Christmas EMI-Capitol
1990 Walkin’ in the Sun Liberty 2001 Reunion: The Songs of Jimmy Webb Capitol
1991 Unconditional Love Liberty 2001 Country Stars & Stripes Direct Source
1991 Show Me Your Way New Haven 2001 Star Power: Glen Campbell Direct Source
1992 Rock-A-Doodle Liberty 2001 Signature Series Direct Source
1992 Wings of Victory New Haven 2001 Wichita Lineman BMG
1993 Somebody Like That Liberty 2001 Rhinestone Cowboy, Vol. 2 Platinum Disc
1993 Home for the Holidays New Haven 2001 Glen Campbell, Vol. 1 Platinum Disc
1994 The Boy in Me New Haven 2001 Southern Nights, Vol. 1 Platinum Disc
1994 Glen Campbell Live! His Greatest Hits LaserLight 2001 All-Time Greatest Hits CEMA
1995 Christmas with Glen Campbell Laserlight     ? Love Songs EMI
1996 Jesus and Me: The Collection New Haven 2001 Best of Glen Campbell EMI
1997 My Hits and Love Songs   Disk 2 Capitol     ? Glen Campbell, Gentle On My Mind CEMA
1998 A Glen Campbell Christmas Unison/TNN     ? Glen Campbell, The Hit Albums     ?
2002 In Concert With the South Dakota Sym. GC Ent.     ? Glen Campbell, Simply the Best     ?
 2004  Love Is the Answer: 24 Songs of Faith, Hope and Love Universal South Glen Campbell, Country Classics     ?
Glen Campbell, 20 Greatest Hits     ?
Glen Campbell, His Hits in Concert     ?
Greatest Hits Live     ?
Glenn Campbell Gold (sic)     ?
The World of Glen Campbell Live     ?
I’ll Paint You a Song Pickwick Int.
The Glen Campbell Album Pickwick Int.
A Satisfied Mind Pickwick Int.


  1. Leeky
    30 April 14, 3:54pm

    God bless you Glen.

  2. Tom Johnson
    22 February 14, 5:01pm

    I first heard Glen when I was 18 playing guitar and a women asked me to play Gentle on My Mind by Glen. I didn’t know it so I had to learn it. From that time I have been a Glen Campbell fan. I’m 58 and had a stroke in October and now cant play guitar. My mind is screwy about things. No pain. So I can only sort of feel what Glen is going through. I will always owe him for his great music — thanks Glen. Love Tom

  3. SamuraiByrd
    18 February 14, 8:38pm

    To Glen, Friends and Family,

    Some important information about Alzheimer’s by using coconut oil. Have you heard of it? Here is a video. Please check it out and hope it can help him regain his health!http://www.cbn.com/tv/14720172

  4. northampton lineman
    09 February 14, 12:50pm

    Can you tell me who sang harmony with Glen on “Bowling Green?

  5. David Rosato
    05 February 14, 4:32am

    Hello Glen, I want to thank you for all your musical contributions. I don’t have the great depth of knowledge of your songs that other people have here, but have had the songs Southern Nights and Rhinestone Cowboy in my head the past couple of days and I remember those two big hits from my childhood. Mr. Campbell, I also want to tell you that your music was greatly loved by my father while he was here on Earth. I am aware of your battle Alzheimer’s and want to say God Bless you and your family. Thank you, David Rosato

  6. Scott
    09 January 14, 1:44pm

    and Can someone give me some idea how I can find and buy the song Shenandoah that Glenn did? I have looked for it on iTunes for hours, and in Google Music for hours, and found nothing. I know it exists, because I’ve listened to it and it is one of my all time favorite song. Can anyone help?!

    • Driftin Cowpoke
      18 January 14, 2:42am

      The song was originally released on a double album called The Artistry of Glen Campbell (1972). Sadly, there has been no CD release nor digital download of that album. The song however was released on “The Essential Glen Campbell Volume 1” (a double CD from 1995). This CD is sometimes available on ebay. If you send me an email on my gmail account I might be able to help out!

    • Tony Storey
      21 June 14, 12:21pm

      Originally recorded on an album called Glen Campbell sings America, only released in Japan. As far as I know, it is no longer available!

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  9. Paul Dooley
    07 October 13, 6:22am

    Hi Glen. I love your song “Colleen”, Can you tell me in what year you recorded this please?

  10. Angelisse Athan
    17 September 13, 6:18am

    Don’t forget “Wayward Son”, “Jesus and me” “Unto The Least of These”, “The Greatest Gift of All”!! On Gospel Series Legacy. Thank You, Jesus, for blessing Glen Campbell and keeping him in You!

  11. Tim
    04 September 13, 10:10pm

    Thank YOU so much for the music. When I was a kid my home was not a very happy place. My sister was driving me home from school when I heard Wichita Lineman and I told her I loved that song. A few days later when I got home she had bought the 45 and placed it in my room. I think I wore it out. I could always go to my room and put that 45 on my player and go somewhere “better”. I thank you for all the music and for your dedication to your family and art.

  12. Tracy
    14 July 13, 7:21pm

    Dear Glen & family~
    Just spent the entire afternoon listening to Wichita Lineman over and over and watching other youtube videos of you. Don’t know what it is about that song. I remember listening on Sunday afternoons with my dad as a kid in the 60’s and for some reason it strikes the most visceral chord in me and makes me sob like no other song on the planet. Glen’s other Jimmy Webb tunes are also in my top 10 list.

    I am so thankful to have spent my childhood listening and to be reminded again today of your incredible talent. You are retiring with grace and dignity. May God bless your entire family and give you abundant grace through your golden years.

    With kindest regards,

    Tracy Wilhite

  13. Eric
    23 June 13, 5:48pm

    I’m listening to Meet Glen Campbell” again for the umpteenth time, after having enjoyed his music for almost 50 years. What an amazing artist, and what an impact on my life. Thank you, and see you in the afterlife.

  14. Romemo
    16 June 13, 12:19pm

    I grew up listening the songs of Glen Campbell – What a great singer!!!
    My deepest gratitude for him.

  15. Mo
    20 January 13, 4:32pm

    Glen, I saw you at the Festival Hall in London with my son Geoff. You were inspiring as ever – the most musical voice I have ever heard!! Thanks for singing to me all those years….. Mo

  16. 19 January 13, 9:50am

    Mr. Campbell … I had the honor of working at Wallach’s Music City in Hollywood on the corner of Sunset and Vine in the late 70’s . I was told by the man I was working with that you took music lessons there … I assume he told me the truth … ( he was an honest man , Ruby Moss ) … when I heard that , I felt like I was walking on Holy Ground ! You have such an unbelievable history of playing with so many people , on countless albums … you are more than an icon ! Now that you are going through this situation with your health , I can only say that my prayers are going up next to yours and you will always be my musical mentor !
    Blessings to you !
    Sincerely Yours In Christ … Jimmy Lee Robbins

    15 December 12, 12:11pm

    Glen you are one talented guy. I love your work and the legacy of talent you have given. Please have a great holiday,and let all good things embrace!

  18. bob Lewis
    14 October 12, 7:45pm

    What a great guitar player singer and human being you are! I’ve played the guitar for 52 years myself and you’ve always been one of my heros. God Bless You Sir!!

  19. 26 September 12, 4:50am

    Just wondering what Glenn thought of his version of Bonaparte’s Retreat as I notice it’s not on any of his greatest hits collections?

  20. 26 August 12, 9:48am

    “If you do it perfect the first time, that’s the way they’ll want it every time” – Glen Campbell on CBS Sunday Morning Interview

  21. DJ
    28 July 12, 6:02pm

    Glen,You are a very special, talented, loving, family oriented, great singer, musician and a God loving Man. You look great too!! You were great in Goshen, In.

  22. Mrmteach
    14 July 12, 9:13pm

    Glen, you are truly part of the American history. The influence you had on the music industry is truly historic….. my favorite of all time is this little you did with cher…….I will never, ever forget it…..

  23. Mike
    05 May 12, 8:28am

    Glen, I have been a guitar player/electrician for almost 50 years. I hope you don’t mind that I have always thought you and Jimmy wrote Wichita Linemen for and about me..:-)
    I have enjoyed your artistry through all the years and wish you and yours the very best!

    Mike in Phoenix

  24. August Mozart
    08 April 12, 9:16pm

    Glen, I met your when I was 8 years old on flight from AZ to Ca in the early 70’s, you signed the back of my Delta postcard which I still have, thank for the great music and I’ll see you in Saratoga, Ca this June! August

  25. GuestKateHowells@brb.org.uk
    18 March 12, 10:49am

    the lasting cultural and sporting legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Arts Council England and Advantage West Midlands.

  26. Bill
    15 March 12, 7:56pm

    God Bless you, Glen, and thank-you for some wonderful music through the years!!!

  27. tiredofstupid
    07 March 12, 9:24am

    Djheld, really save your medical words and stick to the music and talent. reverse? you know this?

  28. Djheld
    07 March 12, 6:04am

    It has been posted in the medical journals over 10 years ago that GLUTEN is directly linked to Alzheimers. Glen needs to go Gluten free to reverse the brain damage.

  29. Longjohn
    05 March 12, 2:50pm

    I think Glen’s ROCK-A-DOODLE songs to be his very best…lots of genuine spirit in those (obscure) songs…

    I play them on KMUD-FM

    Long John
    TUBBY TUNES Radio Show
    Humboldt County

  30. Cynthia
    27 February 12, 12:36pm

    Would love a Calfornia Tour! I think my life would be complete if we could see Glen in person!
    Either a large concert, or a small venue in our little San Joaquin Valley town….nice outdoor summer night at our local winery. Low key, relaxed wonderful folks…..

    I’ll wait to hear from you! 🙂
    Cynthia & Gary

  31. Dee
    17 February 12, 10:57am
  32. Gbab819
    14 February 12, 3:00pm

    Is it possible to buy Glen’s “In Concert with the South Dakota Symphyony? I would love to have this DVD! I grew up with your songs and this DVD would be a highlight of my most treasured music.
    Thank you and God Bless Glen!

    • Mike D.
      14 February 12, 6:34pm

      Absolutely. It’s title is “Glen Campbell In Concert”, (2001). Netflix has it, or you can find it on-line for around $25. It’s our favorite DVD.

  33. Wrenfulton
    13 February 12, 9:05pm

    Glen, I call you Glen because I feel so close to you Because I grew up listening to you and have recently felt a connection to you because of your alzheimers and my Dads dementia.My name is Wren and my sister Tricia and I will be at your concert in Jackson MS on Feb. 26th. Your tribute was my favorite part of the 2012 Grammys. You were great!

  34. Frank
    13 February 12, 3:15pm

    Dear Mr. Campbell I also loved your work in the probably lesser known but great surf Instrumental bands (that never get mentioned) The Darts, The Defenders and The Deuce Coupes, timeless Classic Surf albums, Thank You.

  35. Wray
    12 February 12, 7:35pm


  36. 27 January 12, 12:53am

    Dear Glen, I’ve seen with my own eyes,, my Mom suffer the Alzheimer’s experience. It was heartbreaking. In the 60s when you had your Summer fill in show. Then to become part of prime time television. I was so moved by your music. Being a teenager at this time. You were on my list of musicians anentertainers that hopefully one day I would marry. Silly, yes. I’ve followed you thrugh your ups and downs.throughtout the years. But, never gave up in the music and messages that you, Jimmy Webb and John Hartford sent to the listeners. You have shown, with your honesty about your illness, true heroic acts. One day in my travels through life I would still hope to meet you. To thank you for the pleasure and theraputic soundtrack ofyour life.Your last CD is wonderufl. When I went to Walmart to by the CD. I’d makde the comment to the clerk that this was your final CD. He was flip, and said, “thant’s what they all say”. I hope it does not bother you and your family that I said, “With Glen it is not just saying it. He’s early stages of Alzhiemers.The guy was not sure what to respond with. That’s okay As he looked for the CD, he found one copy. He was amaed that they only had one copy. I was so thrilled to be the purchaser of what I consider to be fOne of your best, Glen. You are in my prayers along with your loving family. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE MUSIC. FYI, your music, along with many other performers of 50’s through today can be heard at a place called; http://www.rockandrollheaven.net/ Feature Mason Ramsey. To go directly to our beloved music online. Check out http://player.fstklsx.net/ Thank you for all the great memories, Glen. Sincerely, Jan Howard. Wisconsin Rapids, WI.

  37. RuthM
    16 January 12, 4:27pm

    Dear Glen Campbell,
    I just purchased my Ghost on the Canvas(Limited Deluxe Edition)! It has been many years since I have wriatten to you, but I felt a need to do so now. As much as I’d like to meet you, I’ve never had that opportunity, so here’s another “letter from someone you don’t even know.” I found the music on this album to be very good; Glen, your vioce is as clear and beautiful as always, and the “guitar picking” was wonderful.
    I did however have mixed emotions. You see, as a teenager in the late 60’s early 70’s I had a huge crush on you. I purchased all of your albums and never missed your Goodtime Hour TV show. I have always loved your voice,(and it didn’t hurt any that you were so darn cute.) I saw you in concert whenever you came to the Cleveland area, at 4 different venues: (Public Hall, downtown Cleveland; Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls; Music Carnival; and the Front Row, Mayfield Village, which is where I grew up!) I won free tickets to a pre-showing of True Grit and bought the soundtrack album. I even saw (and bought the soundtrack for) your second movie, Norwood, which is not often referred to in your bios. I also wrote you many letters and of course joined your fan club. At one concert (Blossom Music Center) my brother took telephoto pictures of you for me, I sent you a print with a letter asking for your autograph, and you actually signed and sent it back to me! One concert was at a theater-in-the-round (the Front Row), and I was fortunate to have a seat by the runway, and I got the chance to shake your hand when you came off the stage! And yet another night at the same venue, my girlfriend and I stood outside the stage exit, and I was able to get your autograph in person as you came out!
    Having told you all the above, there was another reason besides your good looks and beautiful voice that drew me to you. I saw you as a kind, decent man, and I thought you were a Christian. My first Glen Campbell concert you ended with the “Lord’s Prayer.” At other concerts you sang and played the bagpipes to “Amazing Grace.” Articles I read told of your upbringing and Christian background. You also recorded songs such as “Oh Happy Day,” and “I Knew Jesus, Before He was a Superstar.” My hope was to find a man of Christian faith like you to marry someday.
    I met a wonderful caring Christian man, we were married in 1982, and I sort of lost track of you. I wasn’t hearing your music being played on country radio anymore, and I didn’t purchase any further albums. However, my Aunt sent me a magazine article which told of your alcohol and drug abuse. I was devastated! When you grow up crushing on a star, you don’t stop caring about him as a person. I later heard that you had come to the Lord Jesus Christ, and of course I was thrilled and very thankful! I was able to purchase your 3 Christian music CDs. our beautiful recording of “Jesus and Me” brought tears to my eyes.
    Now, back to Ghost on the Canvas. My concern is that the words are somewhat ambiguous, and there is not the clear witness for Jesus that was present on your Christian CDs. Since it is supposed to be the “story of Glen Campbell’s life” and your farewell album, I was hoping for a last powerful Christian witness from you. Your letter to your fans makes no mention of the Lord or His work in your life, and your “Thank-yous” don’t mention God either. A couple of the songs mention heaven and/or allude to it by calling it “A Better Place.” But there is no Gospel there. No mention of the sacrifice Jesus made for all of us by dying on the cross and taking our sins away, and the salvation that is ours if we believe in Him.
    I was naturally very sorry to hear of your Alzheimer’s disease, and I was touched by the tribute given you at last year’s CMA’s. I wish you were coming to Denver (or anywhere in CO) on your farewell tour, but it doesn’t look like I’ll ever see you perform live again. I pray that Jesus will be with you and your family and that He will spare you much suffering. But mostly my prayer is that you and your family, and anyone else reading this, do accept Jesus’ sacrifice for all our sins. Then we will rejoice together in heaven one day.
    In Christ’s Love, Ruth

    • RuthM
      17 January 12, 10:43am

      From myself- Sorry about the typos; I didn’t see them until after this was posted, and I found no edit or way to go back and correct them!
      Should read: “It has been many years since I have written to you”
      and “Your beautiful recording of ‘Jesus and Me’ brought tears to my eyes. “

    • RuthM
      23 January 12, 4:32pm

      Please see new letter posted under “Tour.”

    • LukeBrimhall
      27 March 12, 7:40pm

      hey Ruth do you know of a way i could possibly write to Geln or somebody requesting him to sing a a song or play his bagpipes?

      • RuthM
        30 March 12, 11:50am

        Hi Luke. No, I’m afraid I don’t know how to get a message to Glen, other than right here on his website. A lot of people have posted comments directed to him,but I don’t suppose he really sees them. This “Goodbye Campaign” appears to be sponsered by Surfdog Records, which is the record company that produced his final studio album, “Ghost on the Canvas.” You might try contacting them directly?
        As far as him playing his bagpipes, I’m not sure he does that anymore at all. With dementia, it’s often the later, more current memory that goes first, while memories from childhood are still there. He learned to play guitar as a child, and that apparently is still ingrained in his mind. Also, he seems to be singing the same set of songs at each concert on his Goodbye Tour, according to numerous comments and reviews I’ve read. I’m guessing that also has to do with his Alzheimer’s. It’s probably just easier to keep things the same; you know he makes use of a teleprompter to help him remember the words, so that makes sense to do things in the same order.
        I agree with you though; it would be great if he would sing “Amazing Grace”, even if it was without the bagpipes, or “Jesus and Me,” which he stated was the story of his life. (Did you get a chance to check it out on Youtube?)

        • LukeBrimhall
          30 March 12, 10:15pm

          yes i did. that is where i first heard the song. my grandmother had Alzheimer’s, that is one reason i love listening to Glen. it brings back such great memories.

          • RuthM
            30 April 12, 1:16pm

            Hey Luke, Your Glen Campbell concert is coming up soon! Let me know how you like it. Hoping you’ll have a wonderful time. (You will!)

    • Scott
      09 March 14, 9:31am

      You have some neat stories of your encounters with Glen, but some of it seems kind of troubling… Almost an over-fascination with a public figure.
      The other thing that I find troubling is your critique of the man’s music in regards to his faith. It seems to trouble you that he didn’t use the same “codification” of faith based words that you look for to identify someone as a “true believer.”
      I ask the following questions, simply because you felt free to address another strangers “faith” or lack thereof, publicly…
      How many hungry people have you fed recently? How many naked people have you clothed? How many sinners, outside of your own family, have you spent time breaking bread with, building intimate relationships with recently?
      You see, people like you, look for all the code words, or behaviors. “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, or swear, or have sex outside of marriage, because I’ve given it all to Jesus & I want to be just like Him!” And all the while you folks and your judgment of others are as far from being like Christ as you can get. You see, you’ve failed to address the real issues of what it means to “follow Christ.” You live the life of a simple American Consumer, where the majority of your life is based on YOU, your comfort, your interests, your concerns, your hopes & dreams, and your fears… All while ignoring the simple “path” of Christ which wasn’t one spent in a church with everything geared towards your personal preferences. It was a life spent in the midst of societies outcasts, the hungry & needy. The wretched, naked & poor. It was a life of no earthly possessions and interests, because serving God wasn’t about if you drank beer or smoked or not. It was about giving yourself to God, by giving yourself to the outcast…
      So mostly, my prayer is that you your family, and anyone else reading this, do accept Jesus’ sacrifice for your sins. So that you don’t end up on the left side of the judgment with the goats (read Mt. 25). Then we will rejoice together in heaven one day with the vast sea of people that you walk by and ignore everyday, while you’re busy living your “moral” life, for yourself.

  38. Ded102
    12 January 12, 8:03pm

    Got to see glen and the band last night in Worcester Massachusetts. Great show! Great to see a music legend. His voice was great and that guitar was rocking. Today’s country music should tune in. By the way his 3 kids in the band are impressive.

  39. 03 January 12, 8:16am

    just heard a song from his new album on 90.5 Brookdale, New Jersey FM….. it was amazing. Had riffs from “Wichita Lineman” – I must know the title!

  40. San
    24 December 11, 9:38pm

    Where can we find your LP I Guess I Just Missed You? Thank you

  41. Loceycon
    22 December 11, 9:05pm

    Just watched Glen on the Conan O’brian show and it was inspirational as well as entertaining. I,m now a fan… Thank you..

  42. Taydelott1
    08 December 11, 6:41pm

    Mr Campbell may be the best ( my opinion ) guitar player ever. A skill that is not appreciated in the manner in which it should be. The tribute to him on the CMA’s, while heartwarming, mentioned nothing about his ability on anything with strings ( from a mandolin to a bass from 6 to12 strings). In an odd way they gave notice to those skills, by having Brad Paisley and Keith Urban play on that tribute (the two best axemen in country music). His back and forth with Roy Clark, Eric Clapton (search you tube), Buck Owens, and anyone else you can name are legendary (the glen campbell goodtime hour).

  43. Taydelott1
    02 December 11, 8:01pm

    why can i not find A PLACE IN THE SUN……Loved the album and understand that the title is a Stevie wonder song.

  44. Tomahawkcounty
    17 November 11, 2:47am

    Being the age of 50, I have been aware of Glen Campbell’s music and television career for decades – but only in a casual way. When I recently read that Mr. Campbell was a member of the infamous LA studio “Wrecking Crew” I took a much closer look and listen. Only the BEST were in that exclusive club who put their talents to hard use on thousands of the hit records we grew up with. Check it out on Wikipedia. Now I know that Glen Campbell is and always has been a badass axeman with a vocal ability that few ever will. God Bless Ya Mr. Campbell! I can only imagine what a tough hombre you have been all these decades in the most cutthroat business of all! You have made more records than I have ever OWNED! I will be spending the rest of my life trying to listen to all of them.

    • Ms Read
      08 December 11, 6:25pm

      There’s a book coming out in February 2012 called “The Wrecking Crew: The Inside Story of Rock and Roll’s Best-Kept Secret” by Kent Hartman. I’m a librarian so I get to read and review books before their release date. It’s really good, and makes me appreciate Glen Campbell’s contribution to pop music. I love listening to him sing.

  45. BaltimoreDee
    07 November 11, 6:28pm

    I agree: Wikipedia’s list is much more complete (although it is not a definitive list).

  46. Ron Toft
    11 September 11, 7:35pm

    I’ve got a cracking album entitled Glen Sings America containing tracks like Shenandoah, Scarlet Ribbons and Scarborough Fair. Have never seen it listed in any official discography. Would love to knowif it’s around in CD format or as a digital download.
    Ron Toft
    Winchester, UK
    PS Had the honour in the late 70s and early 80s of running the UK-based Glen Campbell Appreciation Society. Hope Glen’s retirement will be marked by the release of lots of difficul-to-get recordings. I am sure there is a market out there.

    • BaltimoreDee
      07 November 11, 6:33pm

      Thank you so much for mentioning Glen Sings America. I could not find a CD
      either, but was able to local an LP. I agree that there is a market for Glen Campbell’s difficult-to-get recordings. I’ve been able to find some hard-to-find albums on MusicStack.com as well as ebay. Good luck!

  47. Ettajane2
    07 September 11, 2:26pm

    Is there a recording of Glen Campbell’s live show like those in Tunica MS when his daughter was also on his show? That is the performance of Glen Campbell that I am searching for. To me, I saw the inexplicable talent in a way never seen before. I really wish I had one of those shows to watch again.

  48. Lreardon
    05 September 11, 7:58am

    A message to Mr. Campbell: Our hearts and prayers go out to you and your family. You have so much God given talent with which you have blessed us for so many years; a signature voice, a signature smile, a signature style, and an amazing ability to play the guitar. Follow the doctor’s orders, and pray to the Great Physician. We never know when He will reveal a cure. Keep singing as long as He is willing. By the way, Mr. Campbell, you are not a rhinestone; that is made by man. You are a diamond; one of God’s creations. At least that is how I see it. Thank you for all the wonderful music you gave us. Take care and keep going; giving it your all.
    That you are making this tour is great; it shows courage and determination to not give up, as does your signature smile. I just wish you had scheduled a performance in Texas, like in Dallas; I would love to see your show. Keep smiling that smile and singing those songs.
    God be with you always.

  49. Lreardon
    05 September 11, 7:20am

    I understand that Mr. Campbell playes back-up for a lot of singers before he started making his own records. I am interested in the albums he recorded as the main performer or as one of a duet. I apologize for not being clearer. I would like to add to my “Glen Campbell library”, and a list or a discography that filled-in the blanks would be most helpful. I use such lists as a shopping list of sorts. Can any one provide Mr. Campbell’s catalog of his albums and songs? Who would be able to restore the discography as it was on the former website? How can we get their attention to do so?

  50. roberts
    04 September 11, 1:14am

    Lreardon – No – the list is very incomplete. The wikipedia list is far more complete (Glen campbell discography search). This list is missing others. For example: Love is the answer is not listed, numerous compilations (although many are similar) are not listed here. On the former Glen Campbell site, the list was more complete … I am not sure what happened.

    As for a list of all songs, this is almost impossible to do. While a track list of his songs released on Glen Campbell albums would be possible, the fact is that, from 1955-70, he was on literally hundreds of albums. At the time, he was a member of the wrecking crew. Few bands recorded their own songs, and the studio musicians were the norm. Listing all of his songs would be virtually impossible.

  51. Lreardon
    03 September 11, 8:55am

    Also, other than “Meet Glen Campbell”, are all Mr. Campbell’s albums (compitlations and all) in the list above?

  52. Lreardon
    03 September 11, 8:51am

    Is there an available list of all the song titles Mr. Campbell recorded? If so, how can one get a copy?

  53. roberts
    30 August 11, 2:22pm

    What happned to Meet Glen Campbell? Why does that not count as an album?

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