A GRAMMY Tribute to the Legend

Glen Campbell will be performing at GRAMMYs, and will be joined by Blake Shelton and The Band Perry!!

What a special night! Glen is also among the 2012 Special Merit Awards as announced by The Recording Academy, for the Lifetime Achievement Award!



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  • Jusangie1

    What an amazing show, loved it, what a wonderful talent, he will be missed, but his kids are following in his footsteps…If you get a chance, see the show!!!

    • Mdof

      I went to see Glen at the Silver Springs,FL concert and he was just great, his daughter Ashley joined him on stage for a musical duet, she pics an amazing banjo. Just a great show. Glen will be certainly missed on his tours.

  • Raphael

    Saw the show in jackson,MS. Sunday night (thanks Charly*).Glen Campbell is no ghost, but very much a living,breathing personification of how it’s done.Pick,sing and don’t forget to grin.He also graciously credited his band and songwriter’s throughout his show (and his kids ‘band “Instant People” were talented and enjoyable). The show was in a word…great.There were a number of musicians (like me) there who like everyone in the packed house were moved by this musical experience.Spoke to him after the show * and he remembered something from long ago.I will never forget his music.Go see the show,support the cause, and pray for a cure.Thank you Glen.

    • RuthM

      I really would like to know how you were fortunate enough to speak to Glen in person?!

  • Betty Thompson07

    I attended the Glen Campbell Tour last night. My piano teacher and i were the only peas in all that rice (smile). Mr. Campbell you were great!! I enjoyed every minute of the concert. I have loved your music since 1970. That show was a treat of my lifetime.

    • Mdof123

      Thanks Glen for all the amazing songs through the years, I will always be a devoted fan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chstegall Chere Hitt Stegall

    I went to the Glenn Campbell Goodbye Tour tonight and it was awesome. Please don’t miss it if you have a chance to go. God Bless you Glenn.

  • Srunning

    Grammy tribute to Glen was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC…Band Perry and Blake Shelton paid a great tribute to a great musician and man

  • Dogfennellman

    im sorry Glen is not playing South Carolina…..really wanted to see him…his voice and tunes are one of a kind……take care Glen……

  • Scottkramerhr

    Glen is is plagued with Dementia (Memory Loss). Looking forward to seeing you this evening here in Phoenix Glen. Scott Kramer

  • sherrym

    I enjoyed the performance so much. Perry & Blake Shelton did such a great job. Glen, you wowed the crowd as always. It was wonderful! You hang in there. My Mom is battling Alzheimers. I want to thank you for all the wonderful music you have shared with us over the years!

  • sammy

    His Grammy performance was beautiful to with the Grammys being sad watching classic and new performers come together made you appreciate the greats we still have left.I Loved Glenn C since the 70s and last nights Southern Nights just brought back memories of happier times in my life.

  • Andyavl737

    Grammy performance was awsome! I have always loved Glen Cambell live.

  • Mary

    the day I saw Glen Cambell was at the Great Barrington fair grounds in Massachuttes where he preformed. I can remember him signing my records.
    I can’t believe he now has Parkisons.

    • Lurker


    • Rockinghorse1160


  • Mike D.

    Best Grammy show ever. And for Glen Campbell fans, you couldn’t ask for more. The Band Perry…”Gentle On My Mind” and Blake Shelton…”Southern Nights” with Glen’s kids behind them, and THE MAN doing “Rhinestone Cowboy” to a standing audience.


  • Anonymous

    Just bought tickets for Glen in Michigan.

  • Dijntt591

    He sound so strong

  • http://twitter.com/joemomma84 joe momma

    I am SO excited to see Glen tonight on the Gramy’s. I hope there will be a DVD of his last tour for those of us who aren’t able to see him one last time live.

  • Roadsongs

    A true Troubadour ! You deserve honor, Glen ! God bless !

  • Deborah Silver

    When I was 13 years old my older brother, who was really a rock music fan, adored your guitar playing, and so , with one stereo in the house, by the time I was 14 , 1969, I knew every song of yours by heart, went to see your show in person, and had a terrible crush on you, along with my best friend Karen.( She still calls me Witchita and I call her Galveston) .

    One nite I babysat for a couple who, miraculously, had a gold record of yours on their wall. They told me he was your producer and good friend (this is in Northridge, CA), showed me the number in the address book where they were going, and after they left, I looked under “C” and there you were, phone number and all. I only called three times, but heard your voice. Sorry.
    It Is such a silly yet wonderful memory, and, at the time your songs and you made a big impression on my life, the words were mature and romantic and different than the folk music I usually listened to. I had to keep it secret as my friends were not at all into country music. But I don’t think of Jimmy Webb as a country music writer. He is simply a brilliant song writer . Period. And you are simply a brilliant musician, period. I don’t know why most people( the public) don’t realize how incredible you are as a guitarist. Does it mater at this point? No….

    All those songs on all those albums were and still are gorgeous, and so are you. Time has done its thing, we have all risen, fallen, risen again…..I am very inspired by your tour, your integrity at this pass of your life and your acceptance of the whole big package. It’s who you are. Graced.

    Well, I don’t have your number anymore, and I am sure you don’t answer these notes, although if you did it would be the final touch on a great story….but if you don’t, I thank you for being you with all that that is.

    • RuthM

      I can so relate to your story! Please read my comments/notes posted under Tour and Discography. Glen Campbell’s “image” is what I was “in love” with, and sadly that image was tarnished and shattered, as he strayed from his Christian upbringing and God. (I’m referring to the alcohol, drugs, failed marriages and affairs.) I was devastated, because growing up crushing on Glen, I still care about him as a person. But joyously, thru the work of God the Holy Spirit, Glen’s life has turned around again, and I rejoice with him that he has come back to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

  • Mike from Carolina

    Thanks Glen, for inspiring me to play guitar and sing for the last thirty years. Since it is apparent that I will never come close to experiencing your level of success, I have decided to honor my mentors by teaching others how to play guitar. I’ve always been so impressed by the level of your talent and playing ability. Galveston, Country Boy and all the others are just as fresh as when you introduced them. Thanks so much, and enjoy your Grammy evening.

  • kig

    I went to see Glen in NY -what a great show, what talented children!! love the new album, listening to it right now, and thank you Cal for buying us that preshow drink, what a thrill when I realized who you were :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/PamelaEdwards.WelcomeToMyWorld Pamela Edwards

    I would love to be able to come see Glen in Austin but I have no one to take me and I only live 45 miles away. Maybe the only way I will get to see Glen is up in heaven.

  • Suejumak

    I had the pleasure of seeing Glen perform for the first time when he appeared in Plymouth, Devon, England, on 1st November 2011. Whilst I have always enjoyed his music over the years, this was the only time I had seen him live and it will sadly be the last. I left the performance disappointed, that I had not made more of an effort to see this brilliant musician earlier in his career. As, I am now in my 60′s, I can only thank Glen and his wonderful family for giving me a memory to stay with me for the rest of my life.
    God bless you Glen! You have given so much pleasure to so many people and it was an honour to be allowed to get a chance to say a final thank you.

  • Jstc

    I hope Glenn adds a few more appearances in California before this tour is over. I REALLY want to hear him live.

  • nancy

    Dear Sirs:
    My husband and I have been fans of Glen since early 70′s we have seen his shows in the Poconos and Jim Thorpe theaters as well as other places he appeared in Pa. over the years. We have gratfully enjoyed his talent and music for many years and were very sad to hear the news of the good bye tour and the reason why he is leaving his life long love. Five years ago my husband was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease, it progressed rapidly and Dec. 2011, he underwent brain surgery to help the disease. We are gong to be at the upcoming show in Jim Thorpe, Pa. in April. I just wanted to tell you how inspired my husband is, as he can relate to the debilitaion of a disease, and the courage it takes to fight it every day. We look forward to your show and we will pray for you, that God will provide his strength, grace and healing as you face this trial.
    Know you are not alone, God is always at hand. We look forward to your show.
    Stephen and Nancy Batarick

  • KeithR718

    I had the honor to see Glen Campbell last week on tour in Joliet ,Il. Glen sounded better then ever ,I shouted ,We love you Glen, and he responded, I love you too,,,He stille sounds great and plays the guitar better then the best of them out there today,,,,,even met with his 2 sons on the street after the show and told them how great their Dad is and their band ,Instant People is on the rise,,,,,,,get out and see this living legend in the next few months, God Bless Glen and his family and everyone!!!!!! Keith and Karen from Chicagoland

  • Jeff

    Thanks Mr. Campbell for you contribution to music. Your voice is a blessing and you selflessly shared it with us. Godspeed…

  • vicky johnson

    this is great that they are giving tribute to one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

  • Map0506

    Its about time!!!!!

  • Abishag2458

    I agree….he deserves more honor than he got at the CMA awards…..loved him since I was 8 and still love him…..

  • Tony

    It may be at the family’s request that the show cut away.More or less to cloud his condition.I don’t know,just thinking here.I am such a fan of Glen Campbell and the thought of his prdictable destiny is so sad.But I so admire his courage.

  • http://www.galleytech.com Galley

    It’s a travesty that “Ghost On The Canvas” didn’t get an Album of the Year nomination. This almost makes up for it.

  • lb

    Hope they do not cut the show when Glen was on TV like the CMA’s did – we want more of Glen on TV!

  • Wendy Brookes

    I hope there’s more honour given with this award, than in the CMA one!

  • Wendy Brookes

    I hope there’s more honour given with this award, than in the CMA one!

  • Robert McGonigal

    … I Do Pray That They Do Not.. Cut The Show To Commercial As Glen Steps Up On Stage!! That Was Uncalled For This Man Is A Legend And No Matter What He Should Not Have Been Treated That Way.. Love You Glen, From My Family To Yours.. All The Best.. Fr; Rob.. (Toronto, Ont, Canada!!) BTW.. We Were At The CNE BandShell When You Appeared!! YOUR FANTASTIC STILL!!

  • Robert McGonigal

    … I Do Pray That They Do Not.. Cut The Show To Commercial As Glen Steps Up On Stage!! That Was Uncalled For This Man Is A Legend And No Matter What He Should Not Have Been Treated That Way.. Love You Glen, From My Family To Yours.. All The Best.. Fr; Rob.. (Toronto, Ont, Canada!!) BTW.. We Were At The CNE BandShell When You Appeared!! YOUR FANTASTIC STILL!!