“A Better Place” Video Premieres Today

“A Better Place,” the second video from Glen Campbell’s critically acclaimed album “Ghost On The Canvas” premieres online today at AOL Music, Spinner and The Boot. This special farewell video features a guest appearance from Joshua Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), and is directed by Kii Arens and Jason Trucco.

This farewell video features Campbell looking back at his life and career. He also sends a personal message to his wife, Kimberley, a former Radio City Music Hall dancer that the Rhinestone Cowboy met on a blind date in 1981. “My love goes out to Kim, my amazing grace. You’ve been by my side through these changing times, and it means the world to me.”

You can now watch the video directly below.

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  3. mrsrgene
    22 April 13, 4:30am

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2013!!!!!
    We are so lucky to have you in our musical world. The first song I remember hearing on the radio is when “Galveston” was first played. We lived in Springfield, IL at the time. You’re a fatastic musician and an even better person. I’m so glad I was able to see you perform in Floomington, IL in January 2012. Best wishes for a Happy Birthday.

  4. cabinlady
    13 April 13, 1:38pm

    Music & performance is still awesome no matter what age he is!

  5. Hoops
    19 December 12, 11:22am

    Dear Glen, one of the first records I ever received as a boy was a single called “Southern Nights”. I have been listening and singing ever since. From your performance in True Grit to the Album “Show Me Your Way”, and now whatever lies ahead, know that you have made a difference in my life and my prayers are with you and family. Thank you for everything.

  6. Dr. Bomke
    27 November 12, 2:59pm

    Dear Mr. Campbell,
    I know you’re on stage tonight. Your key to life. Don’t worry, my Grandfather was 96 years old. Believe me, there will be more stories to tell. Enjoy the good place meanwhile.

    11/27/2012 sent from Leipzig, Germany, midnight. Klaus

  7. Another "small town" Arkansan
    18 November 12, 8:36pm

    What a great show you treated everyone to in Texarkana last night! I loved every minute of it. Thanks for the years of wonderful music that you have given to me and all who love your music!

  8. Donna in Boston
    01 November 12, 10:32am

    Just saw you in Boston a few weeks ago. I went with a bunch of 50ish (60ish) girlfriends. We loved it and we love you up here in Boston – don’t forget that! The world’s been good to me too – thanks for reminding me so I can say my thanks to you know Who…

  9. 08 September 12, 1:53am

    Hi Glen You are an inspiration. I share your love of Jesus. It was on TBN when I first heard you play “Jesus and Me” in The Glass Cathederal” I now do a daily play of “The Greatest Gift of All”. There is a special place for those who believe and especially those that boast in Jesus. I pray that our mighty God lets us meet in “That Better Place”.

  10. 26 August 12, 8:02am

    Great Story on CBS Sunday today. I had the honor of working with Mr. Campbell several times when he performed at the Grand Palace in Branson, MO. I can honestly say of the many stars I worked with he was a diamond in a mound of “jewels”. Even though we were simple behind the scenes staff he always treated us like fellow human beings. In a time when the morals of the music industry was changing it was nice to have such a wonderful role model for my daughter who also worked there, became, and remains a huge fan of Mr. Campbell. He is and always will be a genuine human being in a world filled with such fakeness. For this and so very much more, I am most thankful to have had the wonderful blessing of time with you and to say Thank you for being true to who you are, Love your latest song, the reminder is much needed. May God bless you in whatever direction your heart takes you on this journey we call life.

  11. Marlan Glock
    26 August 12, 7:33am

    My Mother and I used to watch your show together. Her eyes lit up when you came on and you helped fill a void in the loss of her only son, my brother, David. Thank you for sharing your talent, smile and music. You’ll never know how you touched our lives and made it better. I pray for a cure for you everyday. Keep trying and never give up.

  12. Penner
    19 August 12, 9:41pm

    Come up & see us in Canada EDMONTON, ALBERTA first!

  13. Matt in Mo
    28 July 12, 4:08pm

    Great concert last night in Springfield, MO!! Take care and God bless you and your amazing family. Long live the Rhinestone Cowboy.

  14. Flitzer1964
    28 July 12, 4:55am

    Please Glen Campbell, contact Gary Null! He has helped thousands of people overcome many chronic diseases/conditions. He has many years of rock hard scientific evidence and many testimonials. I am sure everyone would like to see you perform for the years to come!

    Don’t fade away with “The ghost on the canvas” keep on travelling down the road!

    Tony from Oz

  15. Greg Harper
    27 July 12, 11:26pm

    Thank you, Mr. Campbell….I had the wonderful honor to see you live at the Fox Theater in Atlanta in 1982…sat on the 4th row…did not play my guitar for at least a month….how could anyone ever be better or do it like you did??? I hope your family shares these words with you..from a poor boy who grew up on the south side of Atlanta, GA in the 1960’s…I used to sneak into my brother’s room and play your records, and sing along with you…later in the early 70’s, I taught myself to play, and listened to your records, and watched you on TV….thank you for your wonderful music, voice, and for all you did back in the 60’s with The Wrecking Crew….you are the best ever…Much Love to you and your family….hope to shake your hand in Heaven some day, and play my guitar and sing a song just for YOU!!! Always, Greg Harper

  16. john
    26 July 12, 1:05pm

    I love this song but I dont like the cd its on too weird for me

  17. Larnakeane
    22 July 12, 12:17pm

    What a beautifully poignant song, Glen. I think that you have a very special Spirit, and that these words are more than lyrics. God Bless you and your family.

  18. Josie Laskaris
    19 July 12, 6:36am

    you been my idol since i was 16 years old, take care rhinestone cowboy , josie d.

  19. Teresa
    18 July 12, 3:12pm

    Hi Glen, I remember watching you on your summer replacement show “Glen Campbell’s Goodtime Hour”. You were so handsome and your voice was beautiful. You are in my prayers. Teresa

  20. Alidajo
    18 July 12, 2:38pm

    I’ve been a fan since Glen recorded “Gentle on My Mind”. He always has been an honest performer and a terrific musician. It’s been a treat to see him live. I’ll miss his LA show due to scheduling. Terribly disappointing.

  21. A Fan for Decades
    18 July 12, 12:26pm

    Glen, Thank you for all the positive you’ve contributed to the world. May this breaking news lead you to continue happily, in the way of your choosing, in your better place — http://in.reuters.com/article/2012/07/18/alzheimers-envivo-idINL2E8IHGI420120718.

  22. 18 July 12, 10:46am

    I read Glen Campbell’s biography 7 times when I was 10 years old and Glen was the inspiration for me to learn how to play the guitar. Music has brought joy and love to our family I don’t even want to think about what life would be without the guitar or music in my life. Thanks Glen, love your songs, always will. Whatever brings you comfort each day is my one wish for you and your family. Be comfortable and content. Thanks for the music you gave the world.

  23. geneva
    16 July 12, 10:25am

    Dear Glen, I always will enjoy your wonderful music, songs, instrument playing as long as I live. I am 81 years young. You are such an inspiration to everyone, especially to the younger generations. You have the truly American spirit personified by your talent and determination to use your God-given talents as long as you are able. I hope and pray that more Americans will do the same, instead of listening to the refrains espoused by government leaders, telling folks that only the government handouts and entitlements are the way to a better life. which is Baloney!!! It is so much better to work for yourself and families, using the God-given talents and determination that are your own, just like you did! God Bless you and your family! You are truly special and an American Hero…in my Book!!! Geneva T. Woolsey

  24. Jmontana
    10 July 12, 1:07pm

    It was an honor to see Glen and his family perform in Galveston. We treasure having this opportunity. We so enjoyed meeting Ry, Ashley and Shannon. They were so gracious. This was a magical evening. Thank you, Glen for everything. We love you and are praying for you and your family!!!

  25. dwine
    10 July 12, 7:20am

    I would like to thank Mr. Campbell for renewing my dimming faith. The show in Galveston was much more than music for my ears. My heart and soul were touched in a way that can’t be explained. I left the Grande Sunday evening feeling as though I was no longer lost.

  26. Connieb517
    09 July 12, 11:16am

    so sad, but so happy he knows the Lord. such talent

  27. E. Leone
    08 July 12, 11:27pm

    It was truthful,sad song of his lfe’s adventures good and bad.
    But near the end it seems he found the Lord. More power to him!

  28. Msronczy
    28 June 12, 8:23pm

    The very first concert I ever saw was Glen Campbell in Jackson, MS, circa 1966. So so SO happy to have seen him tonight for the Highland Park, IL stop of his farewell tour. Thank you for “A Better Place.” What a fabulous, honest performance! Sorry it was so hot, Glen — and no, it wasn’t just you!

  29. Moonwomanjams
    26 June 12, 10:53pm

    I regret missing the concert. It is like the song I just heard. Sometimes the past or one’s own life gets in the way. But, hope compels us to move on. Thank you for all of your joy and music.

  30. Suzie O.
    23 June 12, 5:37pm

    Saw Glen and his kids in concert on Friday night in Santa Rosa..he was great! What a treat..and I did not know he had such TALENTED and supportive kids! Good job, Glen! You raised then right!
    Suzie O.

  31. 18 June 12, 8:19pm

    I have followed Glen Since i was 7 years old PLaying his songs over and over <Allways been my hero,,, JUst love Glen,, thats all… LOLLO im a straight man,, just he has always bneen someone i looked up too… i finally had the pressure of meeting Glen and kim.. at Glens concert in chandler ariz… at a church.. i set next too his wife LOLO thru the concert i told her I just love Glen,, ans so so so on ..crazy.!!!
    then out of blue Glen enterdueses his wife KIm.. campbell AH i was sittying next too her….. my faced turned red !!!! she asked me too go back stage and meet her husband… it was perfect… Glen at last!! it only took.. 35 years too meet him LOLOL…. After meeting Glen Kim asked me if i would like tooo come to therir place for TORA ON the fallowing saturday.. i think it was…….. their became a friend ship for life……. timothycollingham@yahoo.com 760-808-7993 this is my new number Love too her about the new tora classes and how the family is. with all my love tim c.

  32. 15 June 12, 1:00pm

    […] Campbell‘s final planned video, for his recent song “A Better Place,” premiered online Wednesdayat AOL Music, Spinner and The Boot.  The clip features the singer/guitarist — who plans to […]

  33. Judy Mullis
    14 June 12, 11:17am

    I have followed Glen’s career since I was in High School. He is my favorite performer of all times, and I have a chance to see him one last time in Cary, NC on July 21st! I am so excited! I pray for him and his family all the time!

  34. 14 June 12, 7:03am

    […] the 2011 Glen Campbell album, “Ghost On the Canvas.” Julian Raymond co-wrote “A Better Place” with Glen Campbell and produced “Ghost On the […]

  35. john mullaney
    13 June 12, 9:41pm

    I love Glen Campbell so much! I was given one of the best birthday presents ever this past January by seeing Glen preform in N.Y.C. Unbelievable that’s all I could say!!!! I couldn’t take my eyes off him the whole time. I love the song, A better place, kind of sums up mine, and I guess so many other peoples lives. My prayers are with him & his family always……..

  36. 13 June 12, 9:39am

    Very beautiful video. As much as none of us want Glen to stop, we all know he has to, and this video is a great way to go. He seemed to really enjoy himself while doing this. That book looked pretty cool also. Any plans on releasing a similar version for the public?

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